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  1. If I choose songs from the first list only, I can't submit my vote. Says that I need to fill the 2nd part field. Also, FFVII Crisis Core - The Price of Freedom is repeated two times
  2. I'm still alive, thank you 🤗

    1. Ricardof14


      Dahora hahahahahahaha

    2. Kotta


      Happy "late" burthdey, wa wa hoo boya :D


    3. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      e cheio de estilo!

  3. I swear I did the correct math and I failed :"L
  4. There are many rumours saying spam bots are scaring new people from playing on Ultima.
    But this is not true.



    1. RocketTots


      Thank you for bringing up this issue. For too long the abuse of spambots has gone unaddressed in this community and it's about time we change that.

  5. I'm going to donate 2x Photon Spheres that can be splitted into 45 PDs per player.
  6. When I finished reading this epic post my mind was like this when deciding which reaction I should give: Really If I could give more than one reaction I would gladly do it 👏 I agree with everything you said and summarized pretty well about which direction this Event should have taken in order to avoid a major failure. (Sadly I can't react anymore today 😕) I think @Saber +7 should at the very least make a conclusion/perspective post about the event itself instead of hiding under the skirts of staff closing it abruptly.
  7. Best gameplay ever


    1. Kotta


      I have never ever played any Game Boy video game In multiplayer mode :onion60:

    2. Yannv


      You can do it by using an emulator modded with Kailera Client
      This is a Super Nintendo, not a Game Boy game btw

  8. I'm sure if it was a team submitting a beautiful gameplay composed by 4x HUcast using Dark Flow the entire run he would think twice about not giving prizes. But it was just a "DM spam" run, which was the optimal choice given the short deadline and the fact everyone were more worried about farming Centurion/Battles rather than getting only 15 DTs from his event (or nothing in this case). I was supposed to also submit a game with a few friends, but we commited the mistake of accepting Wilson itself on our party and many disagreements happened, so we ended giving up before moving to CCC or ROW. Many times he didn't listen us, ignored our requests to extend the deadline and if we didn't record the gameplay as he believes that is the only way to play the damn game, he wouldn't play. Anyways I'm not sure if anyone did that already (and I'm not reading all of that shitstorm that this topic became into again) but I just wanted to congratulate the team who destroyed all the current records for Cal's Clock Challenge and Realms of War (idk if there was a record for Chrismas Fiasco 1 before). Although most of the people who voted for the hardest set of quests ever didn't bother to even attempt playing the event, that French community accepted the challenge, sweated a lot, sacrified their time in order to bring us some entertainment. They more than deserve consolation prizes and appraisals from the community. 👏👏👏 @R-78 @3Psy @Noopy @JupiterDeMars Bravo!! Now for Saber+7...
  9. Happy birthday my fellow horse 🐎


    no wait

    I mean

    cloooown 🤡CENSORED 🤡

    okay I'll watch my lanuage now

    HBD c-word papi 🙆‍♂️

    (You are not a horse, sorry)
    Horses are way cooler


    1. Lipelis


      Bootyfull sax, bootyfull 3D, bootyfull horse, thanks Yann!

    2. bobshlibidich


      Happy birthday cheval

  10. bunda edit: bunda bunda bunda
  11. Just wanted to suggest that IN CASE competitor teams are not able to finish Realms of War (which is a really hard quets by itself, let alone the fact you can't start with PB), then instead, you count the everyone's team performance at this quest by the number of spawns killed when time reaches zero, which is given by a NPC right at the quest counter. Now if teams are able to finish them given the new items added to the server, you can probably ignore this idea.
  12. WelcomeUnsteadyAstarte-max-1mb.gif

    Run to achieve your dreams

    Run to stay healthy

    Don't give up

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. bobshlibidich


      You can't run away from your crimes forever.

    3. jezbuz


      Run fast

      Run fast to achieve your dreams fast

      Run fast to stay healthy fast

      Don't give up fast

      Gotta go fast

    4. Kotta


      Now I wish time could go faster.

      So many things would end faster that way ;]

  13. I mean, this event is a competition, not a charity donation to the "poor" people who need gear. Playing on test server is a fair choice since every team will have equivalent gear. The results will only depend on good team work and planning.
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