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  1. Folks trying to be cool at the shoutbox be like


    1. Kotta


      Was that a GTA reference? :onion-head65:

  2. I know I know. But I took all of these quotes in a ironic way (please read the context), since I see a lot of people trying to justify the exodus from our playerbase with some of the reasons above. As you, I also don't believe only one person, a team or custom items would cause people leaving Ultima.
  3. Ok, you asked me to quote you so "I can't change peoples words", here it is:
  4. It might not be against rules, but it is kind of common sense that one of the parts should at least try to be respectful. Otherwise this topic will become just another drama novel going to limbo just as many other countless topics. Except that you know he have some clear mental issues, high level of autism and uses heavy drugs; remember him saying that multiple times. So I don't agree that the words from someone with autism, Alzheimer or some other kind of mental issues have the same weight as words from someone 100% sane. Telling someone in such conditions to go commit a
  5. I guess I'll be the one with an unpopular opinion but at this point in time, I don't really care, I don't really like what the Ultima environment has become in the last year or so, and that makes me glad I quit being an active player for good. I know I'll be bashed by my thoughts but the recent posts, dramas and shit that happened on shoutbox stinks like some childish drama, and most of you should be ashamed for wasting so much time offending a staff member in shoutbox (regardless if he was being a nice person or not). That's not how people request things to change for better, at least not in
  6. I suggest you to rename 20XX to 2021, that way people won't be confused and realize this topic belongs to the current year.
  7. That event took so long to start that I was almost thinking an Ultima's Brazilian Carnival Event 2021 would be happening instead
  8. Hey, that was just a picture of mine using a Flame Garment armor
  9. The event will start when GM @Lipelis tells Larva to fire it up
  10. Yannv

    I would like to wish you a really happy bird...




    I mean, happy turtle day





    Hey, what do you have against birdies? 


    Hmmm 😐🤔








    Ok ignore this


    WTF, are you blind sir!?



    WOW, my face red bull now 😡😡😡





    Then go to room TSUNADE pass 55  u will find the Lord



    of the Rings



    k eough of this




    jk don't ban me



    I wish you have a really happy and fun birthday today 😃 I prepared this cake to my favorite turtle as an incentive for you to GONNA GO FAST and make your child turtles proud. Hope you are smiling the same way as 'The Creature' on this cake.





    I believe turtles can go fast if they wish

















    1. R-78


      Give me a minute, need to do something first.




      WAIT no no no I didnt mean to do that, please disregard this spoiler


      I mean, disregard the spoiler that contains this one...



      Are you dumb? Why do you open me, I have nothing to do with this.


      Disregard the fact that I reported you for offending the offendant.



      it was a jokeeeeee



      Yannv has been permanently banned for the 10th time.


      Yannv has been permanently banned for the 9th time.


      Thank you for remembering my hidden birthday which no one sees because of all the other turtles born on february 17th :(









    2. jdhenry124


      This thread crashed my computer. Thanks

  11. R-78

    Valentine Event banner is ready. I hope you like it.


  12. Very interesting. Your ADEPT+Cent/Ability plan gives about the same DFP (you gotta see this @ink)(154 away from max) compared to 2xCent/Ability plan (which is 147 from max), with the advantages of better resistances+reduced TP consumption. I will replace it sooner or later, as soons as I have "free time" =P Cent/Ability+ADEPT Pros - Resistance/All +6 - Slight TP reduction Cons - MST won't be maxed if using Merges (negligible as you mentioned, because custom shields already covers most of the important Tech-boosts) - Needs a custom made mag (which is
  13. 146093808_3840466172642977_1438668552983


    1. Kotta


      Get a new phone :onion-head09::onion-head65:

    2. jezbuz


      Nice photo we took some years ago!

  14. I myself am planning to upgrade a Lollipop, from 0 to 85% Hit, since I can duplicate enough of NYCs for that purpose. Why, you ask? Because it will taste and smell better to monsters when I slap it in their faces. Seriously tho, although I don't really play the game anymore, I still visit forums and I'm really impressed to see that 85% Hit is the new normal of endgame for players x)
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