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  1. All broken links were fixed.
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    2. Lipelis
    3. jezbuz


      Boiolas assemble, time to morph into the Spamzord. Our goal today is to terrorize new players.

      Join the party and bring your optimus @Heather Prime

    4. Heather Prime

      Heather Prime

      what,  i had no sonic teamarmor  not yet


  2. A prototype of PSO for Sega Dreamcast has been discovered, dated almost one month before the final release on Japan (November 21, 2000), and it seems to have a ton of differences compared to the final version. The date of the prototype is from November 1st. Might be worth checking out the wiki that has been just published!! Personally I can't wait to watch the stream fully and document all of the differences before reading the wiki 🍿😁 Source: https://hiddenpalace.org/News/Phantasy_Star_Online_prototype BTW the download of the image file is also available on the Wiki, if you want to try for yourself on an emulator or if you have a Dreamcast with GDEMU.
  3. (Nothing to see here)

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    2. jezbuz


      (Nothing to see here either)

    3. Lipelis


      Wassup doggy dog, don't come at me like that

    4. Yannv


      @Kotta kinda redundant because the one from Game Boy is actually the first :o

  4. I miss my truck friends 


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    2. jezbuz


      @RocketTots told me that they identifies as a crane now. You better ask their pronouns now

    3. RocketTots


      plane-crane.gif my preferred pronouns are "beep beep/vroom vroom"

    4. jezbuz


      What a stronk arm. You must be lifting nonstop, bro

  5. I need attention, let me fill the status updates with a pointless comment :""L

  6. Yannv

    Summer Event 2022

    Kinda proud this still exists 😁 my last legacy.
  7. ahoy had honey mustard today, feel stuffed

    1. jezbuz


      Not yet honey mustard. Belly hurts

    2. RocketTots
  8. Still going fast?

    1. RocketTots


      No, just sitting down right now artworks-000686610448-h0g9jm-t500x500.jp

    2. jezbuz


      These days, he's only fast at eating hot pockets

    3. Yannv


      ⚙️ Meme Bean ⚙️ on Twitter: "Tails in the Sonic Movie (2019)  https://t.co/X7x9SJvfF1" / Twitter


      :o Since when Tails became Sanic? so that means SONIC+TAILS=SATONIC?

  9. It is indeed one of the best quests ever made for PSO (that and Realms of War, which I believe that served as an inspiration for Cal's Clock Challenge). I think it is a pity that ROW doesn't have a similar reward system implemented on it.
  10. or perhaps we can relate again, actually happy v-day bf @jezbuz


    1. jezbuz


      I'm down! Happy bf day mine cute gigantic lizard

    2. mudkipzjm





  11. @jezbuz
    u rdy to be defeated again??!? I just launched to the stars this weirdo vegan alligator that eats brocolliii


    1. jezbuz


      Bro, u mad bro? I chew electric wires to assert dominance over broccoli creatures and to seduce ladies and bring them to the top of the of the tall3et building there is. And you launch alligators that are so weak from only eating broccoli to the stars?! Pffffff


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