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  1. Had lunch with honey mustard. HMMMMMMMMMM.....



    1. Ricardof14


      Ja "comeu"? eh bom Yann?

  2. Happy Chistmas to you too!
  3. I just made a gift card for Xmas. What do you think of it @jezbuz @RocketTots @SanicTeam?



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    2. SanicTeam


      thnaks! i love it! Merry Christmas 2 u 2!

    3. ultrajerky
    4. jezbuz


      Thanks. That piece of art should be on Louvre museum. Happy late CHstimas

  4. Might be possible, but such disconnect issue didn't happen with me on Ephinea, for example. As a team, we are told to drop items we don't need, such as techs, materials, weapons etc. next to the door for other players to pick. So if the problem were the room borders, we would have serious problems with disconnections there. As @R-78 mentioned, on Normal Mode, what happens when you get/drop items between room borders, you get a little freeze, but not a disconnection error. Anyways yeah, we can give it a try again here, now I have a really good internet so I'm sure desync won't be an issue an
  5. While we are here talking about Naka's Cards, last time I checked, Challenge Mode on Ultima was semi-broken, glitchy and unbalanced. How do I know that? I did plenty of cmode on other servers and in fact there are still things here that definitely needs to be improved. Here is a list of the problems I encountered so far: Dropping items from your inventory or getting items dropped from other players can potentially crash/disconnect you. Weapons and techniques are definitely not balanced, and it touches borderline impossible especially on stages 5, 6 (Mines Area) and 9 (Ruins and
  6. I remember there is a quest on Episode 4 named "LOGiN presents 勇場のマッチレース" or something similar that will boot the players out of the quest automatically if the requirements are not met (4 players must join or something)? (i.e. you can't solo it). Perhaps you can re-use this piece of code on every quest to automatically check if players are using Individual Drops + multiple log combo and /lobby them if they attempt to start a quest? Anyways I believe that disabling drops for 2nd, 3rd and 4th players with same IP is an easier solution, so you don't have to completely get rid of Ind
  7. Isn't it kind of nostalgic when you stop to realize Ultima is already 12 years old!? It is a teenager practically! So many stories to tell, so many friends we met, lots of good moments but of course there were a few bad ones, but in the end what matters is that it is still alive. I've seen many people come and leave PSO for good, but "a good son will never forget their family". Hopefully there will be many and many years to come by :)


    1. R-78


      Indeed, our little boi grew a lot.

  8. Woah, that is really impressive, finally a happy end for those poor Fausts (Luffy approves) Hopefully Ultima Bringer's does something fun either BTW nice job at this banner @FALC0N
  9. 124392196_3649437698478712_6887365464435

    1. Kotta


      Still waiting for It to reach TV channels :u


    2. RocketTots


      Is this a screen shot from @jezbuz onlyfans?

    3. jezbuz


      Yes, please subscribe my onlyfans. I need money to buy shoes to go fast

  10. Don't come at me like that doggy


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    2. RocketTots
    3. Kotta


      Dat clown pub was chosen by fate to live a sad clown life, @RocketTots :onion-head25:

    4. C01D1



  11. Everybody's Super Sonic Racing
    Try to keep your feet right on the ground
    When you're Super Sonic Racing
    There's no time to look around
    We're just Super Sonic Racing
    Runnin' to the point of no return
    Everybody's Super Sonic Racing
    Come on, let the fires burn


    1. jezbuz



  12. improved graphics remastered 4k


    1. Kotta


      Gotta be honest:
      This looks better than
      Sonic Forces ;o

    2. jezbuz


      So realistic. I can't barely distinguish reality from computer animated videos these days.

  13. Gomu Gomu No


    1. Kotta


      Rubber no Luffy! >:O

    2. jezbuz


      Nice pic. Does he goes fast tho?

  14. Amazing improvement over your latest record. CG.
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