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  1. Give away all my dts to whoever needs it.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Misombre


      Christmas ? I don't know what that is. But I'll be sure to be happy and have a great life, please follow the lead :Ð

    3. CannaBeast


      why misombre? are you not coming back ? :(

    4. Misombre


      @CannaBeast Oh I'll be back to make one or two last events in which I'll give all my stuff away. I am now on another server so it's not a "I quit pso", just move on something new.

  2. I assume that I am misecrombre ? Ð: If so, I can tell you that I didn't left for economy reasons. Ultima is a great server and I still like it / play once in a while. It's just that I am a bit tired of pso in general, and I have seen it all here on Ultima. So I have almost no interest left here (except when a cool new weapon is made ^^" I just like to collect). Also, this all "event drop only" does not fit at all with my lifestyle. And I strongly suspect that it is the case for a lot of people, since well... we have life don't we ? If one big change were to happen here on Ultima
  3. Ouuhh some new collectibles to add to my dusty bank, nice =)
  4. Please don't vote for Dark Falz, he was my deer friend a long time ago, but he very soon discovered that I was no good for him, so we had to break up. We'll probably meat again in another room Ð:
  5. @anthonyplays Well you did pretty good yourself considering that you used a ranger in ep4 =) cannot beat a force at this I guess This is the end of the WoL 4 event. So winners are Kamlang and Anthonyplays! Good job guys =Ð
  6. @Shiga321 There is like... 20 minutes left
  7. @Ragol99 @rashan0121 @Shoutgu Today's the last day for the event. You can still submit until midnight, which is for me in 12 hours from now =)
  8. @Ragol99 Yes this does meet the requirement, please go ahead =)
  9. Happy birthday!!!

    1. Misombre


      I never got to get born though Ð:

  10. Participate and you might win some really good prizes!


  11. First submission from anthonyplays ! So as I previously said, in two weeks from now the event ends. So event ends on the 30th of October, make sure to send me your video before the due time :Ð
  12. Hey Misombre! check your PMs, I submitted a run for the DELTA event :)

    1. Misombre


      Don't worry am looking at it =)

  13. @rashan0121 Yes you can. I don't have a date right now since nobody submitted yet. The event will end two weeks after first submission.
  14. Have fun in the real world ! You'll still dream of PSO once in a while anyway hehe, this game just sticks to you like some old gobelin goo; cannot get rid of it.
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