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  1. @Lone Ranger When you are on this page: placeholder You can click (or tap if you're on your phone) on almost every element of the profile, and when you do, you'll be able to edit the profile (photo profile, name, age, gender, background profile). Since it is a "public profile shared with everyone" it will indeed edit the site itself. So every change you make can be seen by any visitor. Anyway, don't hesitate "trying things". You can't really"break" anything and even if you do, no one will be mad at you for that ^^ so I encourage you to just click wherever you want and mess up what you can, if you can It's a non-profit website at the moment, so even if something is down or I have to remove the whole website, there will be no damage (if not my ego ah ah, and still ^^)
  2. Don't hesitate to tell me if something doesn't seem to be clear or does not work. Even though I thoroughly tested everything I could, not having a single bug would be quite formidable if not impossible. Extra hint until I improve the interface : You can click on the name, photo, age and background image to edit them. It can take up to 10 secondes before it appears (unless you actualize yourself the page)
  3. Hi guys, long time no see, that's because I've been working on a whole lot of projects, sadly not mines. So what do you think I'd do when I get two weeks off ? Playing PSO would be an acceptable answer. I did not I just build up some random idea (that was supposed to take me one week, but well, I'm weak so...) and I thought I'd let you see the v1 The principle is simple: everyone share the same profile and news feed. No need to have an account, you can edit everything on the fly and it will eventually wear off after a while (usually when someone else change the data or bury/condemn your messages) It's here => placeholder (En Français parce que je sais qu'il y en a quelques uns => placeholder If you have any remarks, bugs or suggestions, let me know !
  4. Give away all my dts to whoever needs it.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Misombre


      Christmas ? I don't know what that is. But I'll be sure to be happy and have a great life, please follow the lead :Ð

    3. CannaBeast


      why misombre? are you not coming back ? :(

    4. Misombre


      @CannaBeast Oh I'll be back to make one or two last events in which I'll give all my stuff away. I am now on another server so it's not a "I quit pso", just move on something new.

  5. I assume that I am misecrombre ? Ð: If so, I can tell you that I didn't left for economy reasons. Ultima is a great server and I still like it / play once in a while. It's just that I am a bit tired of pso in general, and I have seen it all here on Ultima. So I have almost no interest left here (except when a cool new weapon is made ^^" I just like to collect). Also, this all "event drop only" does not fit at all with my lifestyle. And I strongly suspect that it is the case for a lot of people, since well... we have life don't we ? If one big change were to happen here on Ultima, it would be to put all interesting items all year around. I mean, you can still put all those "Magazine" and other toys for event. But even so, I'd let them drop with insane % (since that would barely made them more useful anyway). Of course it would fixed economy on the long term, but who care about that, it would just cut a lot of pressure on the players and make the game more enjoyable overall. Events to me should be about ambiance, a global festy vibe, perhaps some better drop rate on some particular items, or mixing up drop in the table, or something a bit original ! It is sad to say, but adding new items which are barely balanced / useful is not something original to do. It is a complicated process that become even harder when the server grows and get even more new items.
  6. Ouuhh some new collectibles to add to my dusty bank, nice =)
  7. Please don't vote for Dark Falz, he was my deer friend a long time ago, but he very soon discovered that I was no good for him, so we had to break up. We'll probably meat again in another room Ð:
  8. @anthonyplays Well you did pretty good yourself considering that you used a ranger in ep4 =) cannot beat a force at this I guess This is the end of the WoL 4 event. So winners are Kamlang and Anthonyplays! Good job guys =Ð
  9. @Shiga321 There is like... 20 minutes left
  10. @Ragol99 @rashan0121 @Shoutgu Today's the last day for the event. You can still submit until midnight, which is for me in 12 hours from now =)
  11. @Ragol99 Yes this does meet the requirement, please go ahead =)
  12. Happy birthday!!!

    1. Misombre


      I never got to get born though Ð:

  13. Participate and you might win some really good prizes!


  14. First submission from anthonyplays ! So as I previously said, in two weeks from now the event ends. So event ends on the 30th of October, make sure to send me your video before the due time :Ð
  15. Hey Misombre! check your PMs, I submitted a run for the DELTA event :)

    1. Misombre


      Don't worry am looking at it =)

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