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  1. @Junsui It seems like you're trying to make a whole new game. Not that am against new ideas or "improvements", but you can't really change the fondamental of pso (like adding a guard/roll/dodge). At the end I think the people here want to play to pso, not some kind of mutated version of pso. If you change too much the gameplay of pso, well it's not pso anymore. Of course, you can still have fun and change the whole game mechanic if you have the time to do so, and even open your very own server with all those drastic changes but... that's for another topic then =)
  2. E>PGF, BC, 100Souls, SJS, ZANBA, BKB and more !


  3. It was a regular Pan Arms boss. I got timed-out by this lucky half-breed. I still wonder how I managed to run out of time in very hard :|
  4. Very hard :{ I also updated my first post for Ultimate - hunewearl
  5. Wow, that's not human...
  6. Mysteries of the void A little "ice action" for those wolf Wolfs praying for me Guess what's there This room looks like a lot of fun... It felt like some passage in FF VII suddenly Pioneer was a bit "reshaped" to say the least Is that... @Lemon ? @R-78 Thought that traps were no good, so he decided to use something more efficient This got me killed instantly with full HP... Do not step on it D: Finally found the "big guy" Finally ended the quest
  7. 10 waves with Racaseal in Ultimate... to be honest, hunter, ranger and force should be three different categories in this kind of event. The gap is huge.
  8. Here is a first submission. I'll try to get better but in the meanwhile please accept it.
  9. LHB & WE available until July 23 for DELTA


  10. Alright folks, so at the moment people sent me runs in those categories : Last Heart Breaker - Ultimate Weather Effect - Ultimate + No heal Weather Effect - Ultimate + No heal + Vanilla + 3 Limiters For those quests & rules, I will wait until July 23 and announce the winners. So this is the time limit for the first DELTA concerning the 3 "quests & rules" above. Weather Effect : The timer stops after you kill the second Epsilon Last Heart Breaker : The timer stops after you take the warp to CCA I repeat : the time limit is July 23, send me your videos of LHB or WE and get a chance to participate in the lottery !
  11. How long is this truth ?


  12. @DashXavier 110 % is the max you can get in attack speed on Ultima and it can only be achieved with Centurion/battle; if this answers your questions. Also, I don't think you understand how things work : the only way to raise your attack speed on pso is through battle units or special armors (such as the Odoshi kind). There is also some combinaison (like Gratia & Yasminkovs) that allow you to get more speed. You also got some very rare example like Sacred Duster which is a weapon that set your attack speed to 30%. Attack speed is not cumulative, only the best bonus will be applied. So this cap of 40% you're talking about can only be achieved by Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidu (a hunter armor), Heavenly/Battle and v101 as far as I know. Then it jumps to 110% with centurion/battle.
  13. Get a PGF and some good prizes at the DELTA (lottery/time attack event) : 


  14. @DashXavier Indeed, you can also Pick them up on the ground if it's a weapon (all the units such as god/hp can be ignored right away) Check if they have very high stats Throw them right away if not Sell them to me if yes