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  1. @pishion No, the rules haven't changed. It's still the same game, except that you'll be 3 people playing with one Boss instead of 2 playing with five monsters. @Biza The fourth place get One Photon Drop from Dark Falz One Photon Drop from Olga Flow One Photon Drop from Harmony of Despair Lots of fun eventually Now the tricky part will be to get 2x 3 peoples on the same schedule ! But I love challenge
  2. @JanenbaDMS Yes you can change character. You can also pick other weapons (from the allowed list).
  3. That crazy cat got a 5 on the 8-sided face dice. So JanenbaDMS returns in the competition ! Reminder : @Fyrewolf5, @R-78 and @pishion will play for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place : you will have to beat up one boss @Biza, @mudkipzjm and @JanenbaDMS will play around a mini-boss for the 4th place Get hyped guys ! It's not about the reward, it's about showing off that you are the best Zu when it comes to handling a Chameleon Scythe (or whatever is your joke weapon) !
  4. Daylight Scar Evil Curst Shouren Two kamui TypeKn/Claw
  5. Last games of the first part : TripleR : 1pt Fyrewolf5 : 6pt Salm : 1pt JanenbaDMS : 3pt So this leave us with a last round to do and a lottery. The last round will see a battle between : Fyrewolf5, R-78 and Pishion who all got 6 points. At stake : the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Also the following will have a showdown : Biza, mudkipzjm and ???. At stake, the 4th place and a lot of fun A lottery will allow one in the following list to be the ??? and to participate to the showdown : TripleR, Salm, JanenbaDMS and radezz. The lottery will be a stupid 8-sided dice thrown by a cat ; depending on the result you will be choose or not : 1 to 3 : radezz 4 to 6 : JanenbaDMS 7 : Salm 8 : TripleR
  6. @Vonic It already exists for drop style indeed and for /npc But would that really be useful for banks ? I mean, people, or at least most of them, use both banks and since the command is instantaneous... it is not a hassle. I rather not say anything about lobby music, since am never on the lobby anyway and I don't play pso background music either so. @thelionorion I'd rather have more people willing to run challenge in that case ^^ @MadOrNah As far as I know, they're still thinking about what to do with those New years cards =/ gotta wait I guess, perhaps for easter !
  7. Pinata mini-event ends the 26/03/2017, make sure to get your fun before the end of it ! (you can also get your fun after the event, but there will not be any rewards for doing so ^^)


  8. No not yet, people still have until the end of this week to participate. So the ranking I gave you is not final.
  9. Last week for Pinata mini-event ! Get hyped and contact me at any time to play it =)
    Everyone is accepted, from Pouilly to Girtablulu !
    (Zu not allowed)

  10. All the player that will get an even score will have to beat the pulp off an additional special monster =) So yeah, as the scores are (I mean it is not over), this case concerns : pishion and R-78 mudkipzjm and Biza
  11. Come and participate to the Pinata mini-event ! Lots of nice rewards for the 4 winners ! 

  12. Results for the next games : JanenbaDMS : 3pt Biza : 5pt R-78 : 6pt mudkipzjm : 5pt Thank you guys for participating =) you were great !
  13. Come and participate to the Pinata mini-event ! Lots of nice rewards for the 4 winners ! 


    1. JanenbaDMS


      I am down for this today.  Free for the next 7 hours or so.  Let me know once you find me a playmate.  Now I just gotta go figure out what char/weapons I'm going to use :3

    2. Misombre


      The list is big, don't worry you'll find =D

      I'll pm you as soon as I got a playmate for ya

    3. Biza


      im on and free xD srry didnt notice about this 

  14. Sure things, you have a point and I don't care "that" much, after all, I also like daggers a lot. What bother me is that Ultima server tend to produce new stuff usable by every class way too often ; and when it is both usable by all and better than the specialized stuff, well it's kinda sad. It just seems a bit redundant and unnecessary. Now I realize it would be silly to want something better because that's just a vicious circle : so my feeling is that Bloody Tornado should not be stronger than BKB or should not be available to any class. It kinda lose its magic being available to all. tl;dr : nerf bloody tornado
  15. @El Socko Yes sorry, was not completely awake... I edited my post accordingly. But still, the other points stands. Also, as a matter of personal preference, I rather strike 2, 2, 2 than 2, 1, 3 if I happen to have enough ATA to land specials in the middle. But here I agree that it doesn't really matter.