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  1. @Larva If you crawl carefully this topic you will find a lot of good screenshots I can assure you. Only issue is that there is 129 pages to sort out xD Also, you can check on this thread : Do not forget to open the spoilers. This is where I encased most of the screenshots.
  2. @Auroboro Since TripleR got 6 upvotes and I got 1, I guess you got the answer to your question. Also, "community upvote" is a silly little thing that is quite random and not reliable, for what it matters... anyway best use your own judgement that rest on some hazardous clicks I guess
  3. Very nice idea ! You kinda beat me off the bat for the pgf reward since I was waiting for the end of easter event to launch mine ^^" but well, I'll do it later anyway I always loved challenge mode, so I shall do my best to participate and probably force Yskialuw to be my partner on this one.
  4. Opening : After decades of improvement, Ultima has turned into a fully automated server with countless features to improve players confort. It has already been a long time since a GM or even a developer had to perform any updates at all ; all was running smoothly and new players kept coming at a fairly regular path. Character's story : This new player, "Gillchic no4967856", is dragged into PSO for the first time. He's not exactly sure of what he's supposed to do and why, but he soon get his hunter licence and begin to slaughter some boomas in forest. He doesn't really like it, but feel like he has to; somehow. The other hunters on the lobby don't look like him, so he begins to think that he really must be lucky to have such a unique body. What bother him the most is that he never get to understand what they say, even if sometime it feels like they're talking to him. Everything change the day after Gillchic no4967856 finally beats the "Caves" and start playing in the "Mines"... Plot : After being confronted to the other "Gillchics" that haunt the "Mines" of Ragol, Gillchic no4967856 comes to realize that he doesn't belong to those "hunters" and start to understand why he never really felt confortable killing monsters. He analyzed again and again, hunters, monsters, killing and deduced the natural order of this universe out of this : he was meant to kill hunters, for he was a monster. He also realized that he was too weak to achieve this goal. Therefore he had to grind as much as possible... A week of grinding and hunters slaughtering has passed. "Gillchic no4967856" had now became a powerful Girtabaranz lv199 mounted on a Delbi éclair; in his back, two "Mericus heads" are hovering. He has long found the secret to change his own nature, to enter into any player's room, to kill players even without "battle mode", even on pioneer ! And also... to prevent players from coming back to life after getting killed. Outcome : Players are leaving Ultima one by one, it has become utterly unlivable. Every time Gillchic enter a room, the remaining players disconnect automatically to avoid confronting him. Soon, Gillchic become very lonely and stops appearing. He understood his mistake, and decide to repair what he's done. Working silently in the shadows, he builds new stuff for the hunters, births new monsters and create a new area to play in. Of course, he became the boss of this new area and while he reduced his own power because he would be impossible to beat him otherwise, he can still enjoy killing some hunters once in a while, when they're not yet ready to confront him =) Happy ending : Gillchic no4967856 is now recognized as the first BGM (Bot Game Master), he often creates new content and host events for everyone to enjoy. Sad ending : A developer track down the humongous quantity of bugs that allowed Gillchic no4967856 to exist and after countless hours of work, he manages to reset the server to its original state. Unfortunately, the developer dies from overworking and people are starting to make drama (for a change) because he should have not reset the server and fixed the bugs.
  5. Name confusing ? Really ? Man, I don't even know one percent of peoples characters and you guys probably don't know mines too. What is this conversation even supposed to do ? It's not like a character is your ID or you will be able to be up to no good because you have a different name in game. No one knows you anyway =/ At the end, the only important thing to not confuse people is the forum account I think. That's why we're supposed to have only one account per person by the way. Either you change or not your characters in game, it's like deleting and recreating characters. People do that all the time, who would one even bother remembering all the names ? Really, changing name in the dressing room would have one and only impact : not getting bored of having the same name on a character when our tastes change.
  6. @TripleR I heard that Dragon Frame has a whooooping 8 EFR though D: And all characters can equip it~ (well, joke aside, not many armor have EFR to begin with, that's more a shield matter)
  7. @Fyrewolf5 I am not criticizing the content already made; I don't quite have that right. Am barely giving advice for the future, either would have done it or not. Take it lightly. You can make a claw good. Now why would you not give something that much ATP ? Of course, test must be done, I said 2000, could be 1200, could be 1800, etc. It is true that we have a lot of combinaisons, very true and, you know what, it is not bad. I even think it is a good practice for all the reason I cited in my previous post. But of course, not everything should be a combinaison. Please read between the lines correctly, I didn't said : IT MUST BE LIKE THAT AND DO NOT DO SOMETHING ELSE. I said that sometime it'd be better to have a combo than a brand new weapon coming out of nowhere. I do not call +20 / +25 decent when it comes to grind. Also I was referring to all those weapon that literally have no grind at all. Lindcray, SoV, etc. Of course, am not saying that every damn weapon should have grind... please do not be extreme when interpreting other people thoughts. Actually that's funny ^^ I first wrote "berzerk" because of that, but then, just because of the name "loan shark", I replaced it by charge (and also because I was implicitly, ironically, referring to Fury of the Beast). Also, it was some damn "EXAMPLE" Saith ^^, please read words for what they are, not for what you want them to be, I never meant them to be "suggestions". I just read the "rip off" thing about elemental ring, well I didn't knew there were such items on other servers. To be honest, the name is kinda crappy, I didn't take the time to think something nice, but at least you understand the purpose of this item straight ahead ^^" Now, that's my way of dealing with "balancing", if you find it too OP, then put a bigger malus on it. About your 1. you are probably right. But you could also be a bit wrong. Having no concrete example at hand, I will not open a debate on this. My point was just that we always have stuff that tends to the "good/positive", and of course we would not use "negative/bad" stuff. So a compromise between both seems something to try. @TripleR Glad you like it, though it was examples and I didn't took the time to actually think them properly. Yes I thought it as an upgrade of Steal Suit, I think it is fun that an armor can make you almost invisible, but the current stat of this armor does not make it decent enough to wear.
  8. @Junsui Reaching level 200 on this server is... am sorry to say that but your list would be very long and kinda pointless at this stage. You'd almost have a shorter list if you were listing people who are NOT level 200 That's a good idea for S-Rank Weapon though =) Perhaps *dream* that would encourage some people to play more challenge *dream dream*
  9. I'll leave that here for future item creation, please use (at least partially), @kajex or anyone making new items on this server, those are my advices for 2017 and more: Try as much as possible to make "double-edged" items For each bonus "over the top" or that may make the item very appreciated/op, set a considerable malus to compensate Basic Example 1 : Fury of the Loan Shark : 750 ATP, 95 ATA, Charge, -120 DFP, -350 HP (if this doesn't turn out like n00b/hp ç__ç) Shitty Example 2 : Last Zanba : 550 ATP, 55 ATA, Gush, +1000 HP, +100 DFP, -50 LCK Weird Example 3 : Cloak of Invisibility : 0 DFP, 750 EVP, +10 ATA, 20 EDK, -200 MST Useless Example 4 : Elemental Ring : 100 EFR, ETH, EIC, 50 ELT, 0 EDK +250 HP, -300 EVP (I don't know how many (negative + positive) stats it is possible to set for one item alone, so this might be tricky to balance) Do not make any new "charge" weapons Please, pretty please, let us use our uncountable grinders ! By example, if you wanna make a 500 ATP weapon, you can leave it at 300 base and 100 grinders. This would avoid finding weapon already "finished". We would have to grind it first to have the full potential. Need to do something with all those grinders rotting in our banks. It is kinda baddass to have a +xxx weapon compared to having a clean one. There is a kind of pleasure about "crafting", "upgrading" in a game... in my opinion It has been proven that grinders are taken in account into the sphering, so there is no downside to this proposition (if not hunting grinders) Try as much as possible to make combinable items when it's possible and wise: To avoid some vanilla weapon to just disappear completely from players inventory (aka: it will become so weak/useless/outdated that it will not be hunted or used anymore) Because most of the time, you're ain't creating something really new (skin and special wise). Take Ultima Reaper by example, that one is a fail in this matter, should have been an evolution of Soul Banish in my humble opinion. Now, what do people do when they find a Soul Banish ? Hum ? Well, I'll tell you what I do, I keep one with big hit in my bank for collection. But that's what it will remain forever : collection. Because this will allow people to hunt at least one part of the combinaison all year around, while still making events enjoyable because you'll then be able to upgrade it =) If you're considering to make a new : Claw : man, if this doesn't have 1000+ ATP and 70+ ATA, don't even think about doing it Fist : man if this doesn't have 2000+ ATP at least and 70-80+ ATA, abstain yourself Katana : Make an upgrade of Raikiri with more ATP and ATA and also more malus, refer to 1. Example : 450 ATP (and 250 grinders to a max of 950 ATP), 150 ATA, -50 to all stats or -150 DFP/EVP Cane/Wand/Rod : do something awesome with that, but to be fair, I have no idea at the moment Mechgun : don't do it Launcher : don't do it Thanks for your patience in this matter. Perhaps not everything makes sense, but this is my global feeling and am pretty sure that at least half of it are "good advices"
  10. I have found Son Hopkins... And it was not beautiful to see...
  11. @TripleR Yep I guess ^^ but this is because you're playing Hucaseal while I play Hunewearl So you got freeze traps for crowd control, and I got zalure. With zalure, I still deal damage to that poor Epsilon ; though I agree it is faster with BT in this situation, that is, if there is not a ton of Epsilons and that you can get close enough to use BT. On Gi Gue, you can literally kill with one combo (sometime, if aligned correctly, I manage to kill two Gi Gue with one combo lol) of type mechgun. Now, many monsters are literally "anti-hunters" : sinow, mericarol's series, Zu, Gi Gue, etc. Well, more accurately, "anti close quarter combat'. Because they move around a lot and will not let you perform a combo if too close. That's how the game globally is, in favored of ranged weapons (and actually lol, this is pretty accurate because in real life range is the shit and you ain't killing anything faster with a knife). About Girtablulu, I know what you mean, and you are right. But, assuming you can tank some elemental damage, it is just faster to kill it straight ahead than to paralyze it and then kill it. With STA + demon's mechgun or SoF, it's a easy job =)
  12. Saith's trap activated *_* ¤thought it would take longer¤ The finishing blow ^^ yeah right. Well as a weak huney I can deal the finishing blow on a Ill Gill with barely 50 damages (from the mechgun) ; and never had any issue finishing off a monster with mechgun. That's how powerful demon's is. That's how OP mechguns are. Now, just based on my own experience - which is kinda limited so take it lightly - I find it easier to kill any monster with a TypeMe/Mechgun demon's than with a BKB or a BT. Why that ? Most of time, I'd say because monsters will interrupt you during your combo when using close range weapon like BKB or BT. Extreme example : Girtablulu. Well, unless you paralyze it before, there is no way you'd be able to kill it with BT or BKB (unless some people are shooting the Girtablulu and preventing it to interrupt you) as fast as you'd do with the mechgun. Also, monsters are not alone, so as soon as you get close with BT, you can get surrounded easily and interrupted. Now I don't deny that in some situation, you can perfectly use BT very efficiency and even be faster than with mechgun. Like a "single isolated target".
  13. @TripleR I am not. Crush Cannon is a ranged multitarget weapon, blood tornado is not Crush Cannon special will help casts, blood tornado special is reduced on casts (and who cares about human and new human ? hum ? if you wanna be strong, play a cast damnit) Also, TypeMe/mechgun demon's still overpower Blood Tornado in my opinion (range + 9 hits combo vs better ATA but 6 hits combo on close quarter combat) and now Forces have Samba Maracas so... the way I see it, not many people will use Blood Tornado regularly. To be honest, Blood Tornado, as good as it is and as much as I like it, was a bad "good idea" =/
  14. @Soly But will Aselia take over tethealla at some point for Ultima ?
  15. Would it be possible to have a command that would turn on a timer ? In the case, of course, that a quest doesn't already have a timer. Would be nice to do some time attack on quests or runs that doesn't have a timer. It could be something super "light", like just a countdown for the player using the command, not something room wide (because it could cause some issue I guess if people join after the countdown start) and no way to turn it down once it's on.