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  1. The "tip" thing was pure irony ^^ like, "is that too hard to pick between two options". But seems like my bad sense of humor was not able to reach you. Also, I don't say am not using the "Manually" or that it's useless. Not at all. Of course weapons needs to be sorted since "automatic" do a bad job here. But before using the manually one, I always first use the automatic one. That was just my point, at the end I use both pretty much equally.
  2. Wow, personally, I use the "Automatically" much more often than "Manually". It's nice to have your things directly ordered especially when you change stuff from character and everything gets messy. Therefore, that's the kind of change I would not like to see... too much work on it just for switching a position. Better leave it as it is, people are already used to it anyway and it's not like it's a long list. Tip : If your "down arrow" key becomes too hard to press, buy a new keyboard. Even if you have a laptop, there is usb keyboards nowadays.
  3. Any difficulty any episode any monster - Amore Rose The Amore Rose Infernal Machine : put 99 amore rose together in the machine, you randomly get a Photon Sphere, a Chromatic Orb, a Blue-Black Stone or 200 mesetas !
  4. Thanks to Ultima Staff for bringing very good events. The more time pass, the better it seems to be ! Thanks to Ultima community too, without you, the staff would be unemployed... and we don't want that, do we ?
  5. Do trust people ; if someone was to be wrong at some point, you can be sure there would have been a player complaining of finding the regular drop or something. We've tested and approved that, follow the path that we gently opened for ya. Also, has anyone any idea of what Photon Booster will be used for ? I feel like I missed something... Blue-Black Stone for the new weapons, Magic Rock Heart Key for the valentine stuff, but now what's new about that Photon Booster ? (if not to spare some PDs when we use it with Panzer Faust and cie)
  6. B>Spirit garment OR Brightness Circle

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation... or not :P

    1. Shiva


      I think I got one brightness circle for u :3

      somewhere D:

    2. Misombre



      That would be... extra cool .V.

    3. Shiva


      Im Home in about 3h

      ill pm u

  7. Episode 2 Ultimate Skyly Heavenly/TP on Ill Gill ç__ç
  8. Skyly very hard booma Armore Rose... Skyly ultimate ep2 Mil Lily Amore Rose :|
  9. @yanvbraz What's funny, is that when some people actually try to do exactly what you're saying "mini event where you gotta beat a quest, do something original for a change, etc." they usually dismiss it this way : I don't have time for this (right well we can't do much about it) I can't do it, this is too hard (they didn't even try it once usually, or failed once and didn't tried again) I don't have any chance to win, people are too good / this guy will beat me for sure (and that's the kind of spirit which leads to having only one contestant in the event T_T) This is too complex / I don't understand (but never ask questions so that they could understand) I don't care about events, I just want to have a DW, show off, and leave pso forever (no comment)
  10. I've come, I've checked your profile, I've learned nothing.

    1. Lemon


      Lol I went to go see what was in my 'about me' that you could've learned... and It'd been edited by someone Dx

  11. PGF seems so cheap when you see this madness 



    1. Starlord


      Someone should get the guys here (forum price polic) to go and complaint about those prices in all those games. We need an actual change in all games economies. Jokes aside, good education video on how to get rich off games.

  12. You can also run the quest "World of Illusion" (WOI). Each time you finish a room, you got a 50 % chance to have a photon drop as reward.
  13. @Trigunman Nah nah nah, I mean the actual "Flowen's Sword". The one who doesn't get the AUW <insert a date here> at the end. Looking at the stats, it's actually better than any of the "Flowen's Sword AUW <something>", except of course the "Flowen's Sword (AUW-3084)" which got higher ATP, ATA and spirit. "Flowen's Sword" got 272-342 ATP and 28 ATA while "Flowen's Sword AUW 3084" got 283-305 ATP and 19 ATA. Even AUW 3079 only got 25 ATA and AUW 3073 only got 265-330 ATP. Edit : have a quick look here and you'll understand http://universps.online.fr/pso/bb/arme/listeArme.php5#sword
  14. Also is it possible to add a special to Flowen's Sword ?
  15. S > PD (6:1 DT)