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  1. Just to preface that none of this is aimed at insulting you Larva, I know you put a lot of effort into the game and Ultima wouldn't be here without you. I've been in a few communities before where the owner has, for whatever reason, become more inactive than they used to. In some cases, the owner has appointed someone to basically oversee all the normal runnings of it because nobody can play a game for years and not get burnt out on it. Most of the reason I brought up the Lead Admin idea was because of a suggestion I put in a while back (which I felt was reasonable if it was balanced properly - I offered to help with the balancing) which gained a bit of traction, but was ultimately ignored, and further up this thread where R-78 said she hadn't gotten responses to some event ideas she'd suggested. It's more of a suggestion to help the server run smoothly - give the lead admin powers to change all the game stuff, and to hire some mods to assist in all of this. Some of the more dedicated players could definitely help out, seeing as some of the staff disappear for months at a time.
  2. New Suggestion - Lead Admin role. Someone basically just under Larva who can do all the owner stuff without actually being the owner. They can sort stuff like events, mini-events, new items, hiring new mods, etc. This would mean the server could continue to improve without every decision being run by Larva. This would need to be someone trustworthy and active, and my vote would be @R-78
  3. Okay but, why? Why are ideas that will bring life to the server being vetoed when the community is small enough as it is? I seriously doubt it's because it'd be "too OP", because - newsflash - there are already a shitton of things in the game that are OP. And I'm going to add (because I have precisely one drum and I'm going to bang it) that I'm still pissed that my L&K idea posted a few pages back has basically been dropped because one person thinks it's overpowered. As if a HUcast can't dismantle an Epsilon in seconds anyway, as if the 80 hit demon weapons aren't going to kill it as soon as its opens it's shields. Having new items and old events (and hell, new events) is only going to help fight the stagnation that the server seems to be slipping into. Here's my suggestion to improve the server - get a few people together who can make events and want to add things to the game, and let them make stuff more interesting.
  4. Ep4 Greenil Shamby Ult - Shard
  5. Seeing as it's been a bit over a month, wondering if there's been any discussion on the L&K idea as it had a bit of traction.
  6. Just skimming over the response, I'd make a point that as much as I'm touting extra range as a positive, it's really minimal in most cases. Saying the MF has a range boost over PR is true, but at a range boost of 15, the HUcast in question could take a couple steps forward and be in range. Most of the time, the mob itself is happy to take those steps for you. Half of most fights is keeping the enemy far enough away from you that it's not punching you into the ground whilst you're trying to kill it (examples - Sinows of all types, the apes in EPII, Del-everything, and on Ultimate most enemies move fast enough to close distance worryingly quickly). The other points you're bringing up again are things like Sweetheart, Safety Heart, and Rambling May - gaain, I've brought up that it'd be nice to have options that do not denote female characters as cute and lovey-dovey. Additionally, being forced into wearing certain armours and barriers to make your weapons useable seems somewhat unfair, as a HUcast can slap on a STA and a RR and just wander off into the sunset. As for teamwork, a few friends have been looking into trying to get a group for regular CCC runs to get some gear. One of the harder quests, as it's on a tight time limit, and someone said that the best setup is probably going to be three RAcasts and a RAmarl, all with Dark Meteors, and the RAmarl only got into the group because they need S/D. For less intense quests such as... well, almost anything else, but say, RoCT or WoI, composition isn't as important as people knowing spawn locations. Take a force along for S/D and heals, and then just fill the party with the highest damage dealers - HU- and RA-casts. Soloing is different, but even then a strong class can kill enemies much faster, and simple dodging can negate a lot of damage. At the end of the day, nobody can look at PSO and say it's balanced. I'm just trying to put forward a fun suggestion that might change up the meta a little bit... or at the very least, make two classes a bit more popular because they get a "cool" weapon.
  7. Yeah, my testing is nowhere near perfect, which is why I tried to have it compared to Psycho Ravens in the most balanced way possible. My server is bare-bones, so I don't actually have PRs there to test with, hence it ended up being against a dark-type enemy. If I was to compare them at the ceiling, I'd do it with like, 81 S/D, 100% attribs, etc, then compare to PRs for the same. Be pretty interesting to see. It's why I'd be happy to help test and balance the weapon on this server as opposed to try to cobble something together from across servers. RAcassy has access to MFs as well, which have the autoaim that gives a bit of a lazy boost to it. I think the special range on those are about 130 compared to the L&Ks 170, but a disadvantage of the L&K38 is that if the target even twitches, it'll miss the damn thing. The aiming on it is really difficult compared to several weapons, and it has a longer recovery time than mechguns too. It's very difficult for me to get a proper DPS on them due to this. And one thing I forgot to mention in the main post - one bonus of the L&K38 is that it's not a mechgun. I feel that it's the only type of weapon I seem to use nowadays, if it's not PRs, it's MFs, Last Swan, Yasminkov 9ks, TypeME/Mechs, or even the Samba Maracas/Fiesta. Everything's a mechgun, unless it's a Dark weapon. I'd love some variety that isn't intentionally hamstringing my play.
  8. New weapon idea: Unlocked L&K38 Combat - Psycho Combat. Made by using L&K38 and a Psycho Black Crystal (or other modifier, take your pick). Would be reskinned in a black/red style. The idea is to have it locked to two specific classes, the HUcaseal and RAcaseal. Both of these classes tend to come up short when compared to their male counterparts in damage, so this suggestion is aimed at giving them a weapon with greater range to compensate. There's been a lot of suggestion that this would be ridiculously powerful, and has been tested before, but I did some testing of my own. With zero ATP, a max-atp HUcassy, no Shifta, and 0% attribute, an unlocked L&K38 does about 175 per strong hit. This means 875 per button push, and a full combo does about 2625 damage. For comparison, a HUcast with the same modifiers using a Psycho Raven will do 536 per strong attack, making it 1608 per button push, and 4824 per full combo. This was tested on an Arlan in ultimate, and I don't know if/how buffed the mobs are here as opposed to what I used. I'm also suggesting this because the L&K38 combat is an awesome looking weapon that is criminally underused due to being locked. Additionally, it's a badass weapon that would be great for female characters, as some of their go-to weapons are covered in hearts and/or love connotations, which is a relic of 20 years ago. I'm more than happy to help out with balance testing on the server, if needs be.
  9. Have you only been killing it with red weapons? Because if so, no shit it dropped with a red wep final hit.
  10. Okay, so, I feel a little bad about just disliking and carrying on, so I'm going to pick this post apart a little. Do you have data for this? Unless you've seen and logged every PGF drop, this can't be verified, which spreads misinformation. We've had confirmed drops from (I think) every ID - but results will be skewed by what the more popular IDs are. I'd hazard a guess that Pinkals have gotten less PGF this event, simply because there's less of them to begin with. Saying Pinkal drop chance is lower would be wrong. Apart from anything, having the drop rate be higher or lower on one ID would be a monumentally dumb decision, because if it was ever found out, the community would be livid that they'd wasted their time on characters with a lower drop chance without even knowing. I mean, I'll admit there are a number of things we don't know about the PSO code, but it's relatively easy to extrapolate what some parts might or might not do. Even with just the basic stuff I've looked at in terms of drops suggests that it's literally just a drop chance. I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say here. I don't think there's much about a 20 year old game that people would think to be unbelievable, considering the games we have nowadays. As for the second part, are you suggesting that server is sentient in that it decides who gets drops, or that we're psychic and can influence drops by wanting it really hard? I'm... not going to go into that. Ignoring the somewhat obnoxious wording of the first sentence, I can't imagine that people have hidden a "secret way of getting item drops" into the game. Apart from it being stupidly complex for any game, so many people have tinkered with the game over the years that it'd have come to light. Even entertaining the notion that doing specific things gets you a higher drop chance, how would the mods and admins here code that? Congrats on the epiphany, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Did you ever watch Avatar: The Last Airbender? There's an episode in there with a fortune teller, who tells one dude he'll meet the love of his life when he's wearing red shoes. So he always wears red shoes. And, surprise surprise, he meets his love when he's wearing red shoes. In Pokemon, people used to say that holding Down + B when catching Pokemon would increase the capture rate. It didn't, but people captured Pokemon whilst holding it down. Correlation does not equal causation. You're basing this on an incredibly small sample size. We'd be starting on the basis of one drop (yours) and the word of your friend, who... well, I'm not giving that any credibility. How do we test it? Even if you got more drops using red weapons, there's no way to have a control group to compare results to. There's no way to get a sample size big enough to produce accurate results. We'd need tens of thousands of runs. All in all, I can safely say that the drop rate is highly unlikely to be influenced by weapon type, run time, class, time on the server, age of character, how many backflips your character did in the Olga fight, or anything else.
  11. I don't think PSO even has the code to be able to do this. PGF (and any rare) has the drop chance, and that's it. It's just luck, and people's natural need to rationalise that makes ideas like this. Apart from anything, it's a 20 year old game that's been picked apart by modders and coders for a long time. Someone would have noticed and said something by now. It's random. Luck is luck.
  12. Girasole - Skyly, Gran Sorcerer - Spaceship - Ult
  13. Hey there. Welcome to the forums. I've no experience of PSO2, so I'll try to answer as best I can. The right analogue stick, to my knowledge, does nothing. It's a bit of a pain. If you have the default pad bindings, hitting down on your left stick should move you backwards, or towards the camera. If left and right actually turn you without moving, that's something I have no experience with, and would recommend the default setup. The default pad does (for some reason) have B and X flipped, so you'd need to reset those. "Dodging" in PSO is basically timing the backwards move to move out of range momentarily whilst the enemy attacks. It requires a bit of timing (and someone who can explain this better) but what essentially happens is: Enemy telegraphs attack > tap back > enemy misses > tap forwards > kick the shit out of them. That all takes place within a second or so. Give me a shout if you need any more help =)
  14. Few more questions, basically to make up my mind between a FOmarl or a FOnewearl Is Lindcray better for a FOmarl? I seem to recall that it was, but I can't remember why. Also, is a Psycho Bridge worth it? How obvious is the health drain?
  15. More quick questions! 1. Why can't I seem to unlock more of the standard offline quests? I've done everything up to Gran Squall, but the others aren't unlocked. I've defeated the Sil Dragon, but the Principal wasn't there when I went to brag about it. 2. I'm aiming to get some DTs to support the server, but can't decide what to get. What's good for someone who's mostly undergeared? I have Sange & Yasha, which I'm enjoying. Probably looking to get units, maybe. 2.5 Is it better to trade with players or ask an admin to cash in the DTs? Many thanks again!
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