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  1. I figured that any extreme changes would be difficult, hence the minor-ish changes. Not trying to re-invent the wheel, just hoping that this idea can get some traction and we can have one of the coolest weapons in the game be actually useable.
  2. It's been two years, why not post this again... New weapon idea: Unlocked L&K38 Combat - Psycho Combat. Made by using L&K38 and a Psycho Black Crystal (or other modifier, take your pick). Would be reskinned in a black/red style. The idea is to have it locked to two specific classes, the HUcaseal and RAcaseal. Both of these classes tend to come up short when compared to their male counterparts in damage, so this suggestion is aimed at giving them a weapon with greater range to compensate. There's been a lot of suggestion that this would be ridiculously power
  3. This, honestly, was a really silly idea. The one drawback of a HUcast was that it couldn't attack at long range, and not only did it get that option, but it got it with an already powerful weapon. People are obviously going to vote for the strongest option, because if you offered 95% of the server a sword that killed everything in the current room in one shot, they'd take it. Rangers should have the advantage of range - it's in their name.
  4. I think you quoted the wrong post, but assuming you meant the changelog, yeah, it's not something that would have to be updated often. Admittedly, I'd personally like it to include new items, and when items do get changed, whoever did the change updates it so it's not a massive clusterfunk of people trying to find out what changed. When SS was changed, there was a huge chat in our discord as people went to test what classes it could still be used on, whether the stats had changed, whether the range had changed. And even then, the gun was different to what was intended, being accidentally
  5. He was talking about the Serene Swan. L&K is already combo locked, why would he reduce the speed and combo lock it?
  6. I posted a suggestion a while back about having a lead admin position, and whilst it got a lot of support, it ultimately didn't go anywhere. A lot of the current GMs I haven't seen for a long time - if at all. It'd be good to get some new blood in. I'd apply myself, but there doesn't seem to be any way to apply.
  7. Additionally, hire a community admin. This person should co-ordinate with all the staff members and be the main mouthpiece for official info.
  8. Apparently not. You don't care that people do testing, that people care about balance, you just want dumb overpowered shit for reasons like "it's manly" or "it's pimpin'". You don't care how the weapons would affect the game, you can't even do basic research to see whether weapons do have the things that you're claiming they do. You're literally the kind of person who shouldn't be listened to.
  9. Last Swan doesn't have rifle range. It has handgun range.
  10. A stickied public changelog would be nice. Saith mentioned to me a while back that the Angel Harp had been buffed, but there was nothing around to actually suggest to a wider audience that it had been. Additionally, with the SS nerf, it'd be good to see what has been changed without players having to find it all out themselves.
  11. I feel like you're not really listening to me. To clarify - I want the L&K unlocked, as it's a super cool weapon. However, it also needs to be unlocked in a reasonable way that doesn't make it the be-all and end-all of weapons on the server. There's enough of a problem balancing twelve bullets from the Serene Swan - L&K does fifteen. Giving it to RAcaseal and HUcaseal is a medium position on the topic, and even then, it could be overpowered for HUcassy. You mention diversity in weapons, and that's kinda what this topic is about. As Lipelis posted on the front page, if SS becomes t
  12. Hey Larva whilst we're on the topic, would you consider the idea itself? I did a picture too.
  13. Have you actually tested it out yourself, on a max level HUcast? I have. It's ridiculous. It cuts through things like they're made of wet tissue paper. Literally nothing is a challenge, because literally nothing gets the chance to shoot back. Do you know what I did? Lemme quote it - I took a long time testing and considering how best to get the weapon added to the game in an unlocked fashion that wouldn't have the community pissed off like it currently is over the Swan. You class lock it, you nerf it, you make it difficult to get, then maybe it can be added and made a part of someone'
  14. I mean, if we're quoting Saith, we should quote him directly. @Emewn @griffeni I've spoken to him a lot on the topic.
  15. I'd point out a post on page one of this thread got edited due to language, and that was considerably worse than mud's post, which was deleted.
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