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  1. XBOX One controller issue/PSO questions

    Hey there. Welcome to the forums. I've no experience of PSO2, so I'll try to answer as best I can. The right analogue stick, to my knowledge, does nothing. It's a bit of a pain. If you have the default pad bindings, hitting down on your left stick should move you backwards, or towards the camera. If left and right actually turn you without moving, that's something I have no experience with, and would recommend the default setup. The default pad does (for some reason) have B and X flipped, so you'd need to reset those. "Dodging" in PSO is basically timing the backwards move to move out of range momentarily whilst the enemy attacks. It requires a bit of timing (and someone who can explain this better) but what essentially happens is: Enemy telegraphs attack > tap back > enemy misses > tap forwards > kick the shit out of them. That all takes place within a second or so. Give me a shout if you need any more help =)
  2. Few more questions, basically to make up my mind between a FOmarl or a FOnewearl Is Lindcray better for a FOmarl? I seem to recall that it was, but I can't remember why. Also, is a Psycho Bridge worth it? How obvious is the health drain?
  3. More quick questions! 1. Why can't I seem to unlock more of the standard offline quests? I've done everything up to Gran Squall, but the others aren't unlocked. I've defeated the Sil Dragon, but the Principal wasn't there when I went to brag about it. 2. I'm aiming to get some DTs to support the server, but can't decide what to get. What's good for someone who's mostly undergeared? I have Sange & Yasha, which I'm enjoying. Probably looking to get units, maybe. 2.5 Is it better to trade with players or ask an admin to cash in the DTs? Many thanks again!
  4. Many thanks! PSO always pulls me back in, no matter when or where. I always have fun, solo or in a community. I'm aiming to make some friends, so hopefully will see you around =)
  5. Returning player here after a few years break. Memory is shot, so here goes. 1. Is the server vanilla? I've run across a lot of rare mobs already, so was just curious! 2. Do people want/need a semi-support player? I like playing FOnewearl as a heal/buff/set-everything-on-fire class, and wouldn't mind getting into groups to help out. 3. What sort of quests/runs should I be doing? I've done some of the TTF stuff, but not much otherwise. 4. Is there anything you'd tell a newbie/returning player? Thanks in advance!
  6. I'd definitely be on board with the two-bank-tellers thing. It makes life a lot easier, just being able to talk to different people to get different banks.
  7. Hi!

    Heya. I'm Amzer. I'm back to PSO after a year or so away from a certain other server that shall not be named, but shall certainly be mismanaged into the ground. I used to play PSO on GC and XBox back in the day. I'll currently be maining three(!) toons, Rico, my HUnewearl, Emily, my RAcaceal and Slaughter, my FOnewearl. Feel free to join me for anything, I'll be doing lots of stuff! A big, BIG thank you to everyone who has already helped me out on the server. the community here is amazing, and I can't wait to be a part of it for a long time.