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  1. Trading pds for dts, 7 pds for 1 dt

    1. kajex


      You're alive!

    2. HandlebarsFakis
    3. Sylph777


      Hi Faki, long time no see bro. Can i ask your help for something related to pso2 ?

  2.  hiii what do you need ? :3


  3. Need more moderators, there is never anyone moderating
  4. Do you like Super Nintendo? Ever wanted to play with a friend, but lived too far away ? I'm starting a small community of people to use the netplay function of ZSNESW, if you are interested in joining just post you are interested here. here is a list of some great games (based on sales numbers) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_Super_Nintendo_Entertainment_System_video_games also i will occasionally have some tournaments with real money prizes in random games within the community.
  5. bother a gm to drop for you for free!
  6. Good luck with the job!
  7. i love how you said, "i'm a smart feminist" like most feminist are stupid hahahaha
  8. I'm sure he won't larva need to actually give a fuck about us, excuse my french
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