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  1. Larva

    Christmas Event 2019

    Edited the banner image url. The blurry image really annoyed me
  2. Damnn that's a really good luck, never actually seen before in that span of time two PGF. Congrats !!
  3. probably must ppl will tell you that there's already too many triforce items.
  4. I was having some beer with the family .. jump in the forum posted that as a joke and then close the forum Iike a normal people, keep going with the beer and family. Woke up and got a message that my post made you jump over their couch and start the riot. If I would wanted to do anything I'll just do it with out your permission. Just like right now I reply to your comment like 6 hours ago.. and I just open the fourm again because my life is not glued to the screen of my phone or computer.
  5. Time for change and stop been a cry baby 😭.. it was a damn joke!!! I'm not going anywhere so you better think where you want to go in your life.
  6. Aughhh seam like you just looking for anything to start a argument... Even jokes..... And thanks for the middle finger it really shows the best our of you. ✌️ It wasss a jooookkkkeee...
  7. This errros must of the times its something on the end of the user side. First thing we suggest is to chekc your AV and firewall. Try to avoid using the computer internet over WiFi instead hard wire. Make sure all drivers are up to date. Also make sure there no torrent or something causing major internet usage at the moment of playing the game . Please provide computer info.
  8. 155 anniversary Event !! Sta rate will be reduce since we have like 100 already drop R-78 post edit: please do not reply to this post in this topic, use the Event topic instead
  9. Added some text to the OP. Novemeber is my birthday, and my weedding anniversary and now this novermber i got married by church and at this moment im out of the country due to the wedding, I couldn't participate or do anything for this event this time, but we will try to best once i get back to work in the server and fix what we can do. have a happy anniversary event everyone.!!
  10. Larva

    Halloween Event 2019

    Event has Ended, Thanks for participate hope you all guys enjoy it.
  11. Larva

    fanart FALCON's FanArt

    We can see how your drawing gets better and better man!! Love this one with all the details. Congrats!
  12. Larva

    Halloween Event 2019

    Halloween Time!! Enjoy
  13. the email verification should be working now. give it a try.
  14. Thanks for the report , working on it
  15. You forgot the Rabarta boost 60% Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  16. I like the cursed one
  17. TRIFORCE EVENT 2019 During Seven years the powerd of Goddess hasn been protected by our heroes. This time Darkness has become stronger than ever. The Dark Lord seeking to obtain the Ultimate Power to destroy all, to bringing etharnal darkness to Ragol turning it in to the Dark World. In this Era of Chaos the Ultima's Hero shall raise and protect our server, fight the dark army and bring light to Ragol once again. Only those who show true bravery and courage will overcome the darkness, Will you be the hunter to bring light into the darkness of Ragol and emerge victorious? The 7th Triforce Event of Ultima has just begun! Returning Items Swords Master Sword Legendary weapon of The Hero. This sword will bring light into the darkness. Boomerang Enemies might be stunned to see you wielding a child's toy Magic Hammer You got the Magic Hammer! You can drive the wooden stakes down into the ground! You can use it to pound on other things too! Great Fairy Sword With black roses etched into it, the Great Fairy's Sword is the most powerful of all blades. Bug-Catching Net You borrowed the Bug Catching Net! There may be some other things you can catch with it, too. Power Glove "I love the Power Glove! It's so Bad!" Stealth Sword An antique sword with photon camouflage made in a strange lab on Pioneer 1. - Kill Silently - Guns Bomb-Chu These mouse-shaped bombs will scurry along until it hits an opponent and explodes. They won't blow up you or your friends! Sacred Bow This holy bow, a favorite of the Hero, was blessed by the 3 Goddesses to smite their enemies. Canes Fire Rod You found the Fire Rod! This rod commands the red fire! But watch your Magic Meter! Zelda Magazine It's dangerous to go alone. Take this. Units Centurion/Arms +35 ATA Centurion/Luck +60 LCK Centurion/Power +75 ATP Centurion/Resist +15 RES Godric/Ability -50 All Shields Hylian Shield A magic shield that has accompanied The Hero on many adventures and helped him repeatedly to save the land of Ragol. And for this year's Triforce Event of Ultima, introducing a new item..... The GANONDORF SHIELD ~ Many thanks to @Usagi-chan for the awesome skin! Hint: it drops in different areas of Episode II on several IDs. Big thanks to @FALC0N for helping Ultima with event banners for exactly one year now! Thanks to @serverus for the spanish translation. Thanks to @Noob Saibot for the portuguese translation. Thanks to @R-78 for building up the topic and. Good Luck everyone!
  18. Actuallty just change the resolution in the options of the launcher and youll be fine
  19. Larva


    The price for the HIT will be increase to 60pds for 30hit. Date for the event to be announced. Thanks
  20. guildcard? how many chracter you currently have?
  21. We are not really that "toxic" we are just bit mentally weird. A Community that keep talking trash about us whenever they have the chance, it's kinda toxic. I mean really we have never mess with them, we dont really go around (reddit) and talk about them. And you can see a lot from them towards us. We are about to get 11 years online so we have gone trough a lot, maybe that's something to take into consideration regarding the community too.
  22. Why we have to copy other servers.? When I did all this of buffed monsters, buffed classes and also changed the experience table (if anyone forgot that's a thing here too). At that time I did it because it's the way I wanted to approach the server. It's a idea and a path i wanted to follow. A server thats it's difficult to play, different from but not absurd. The idea still preveil to me, many don't see it like that , and the donation system wasent even a thing in that time. I didn't make any of this changes for the "pay to win" deal. Anyways , I'm not gonna go an try to be someone else idea. Specially a server that proclmain to be vanilla when it's clearly a lie.
  23. I don't remember changing the stats for Sonic team armor at all. This stat are the defaults one from Sega. So make up our minds you want vanilla stuff but want me to change the vanilla stats of STA? [emoji849] Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  24. Larva

    happy late birthday !! hope was a great day.

    1. Colt


      It was great! Thank you for your well wishes, and a great server!

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