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  1. Bye Everyone ^^

    Take care, have a good one hope to see you around again. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  2. Item Donations.

    (Money order, Western union) English OK , due that the server expense are way to mush for my pocket and no one is making donations i will set up a system of Item Donations. all Donations are strictly for the payments and expenses of the Server. This is how it works. users who donate will receive Donation tickets , 1 dollar = 1 Donation ticket. you can exchange your items ticket for items. Donation tickets can be accumulate with no expiration time. In order to exchange your tickets you must send me a PM All donations are strictly to use on server. this way we can cotinue having a good server. The list of Items will be added it very soon. Thanks for helping us in making this a best place to enjoy. If you don't have paypal and you want to donate, we can find the way . send me a PM Spanish De acuerdo debido a que los gastos del server son difícil de pagar por mi solo se a tomado la decisión de poner items a intercambio por donaciones. esto funciona así , cuando donen recibirás un Donation tickets 1 dolar (USA) equivale a 1 Donation ticket , podrás intercambiar tus tickets por items , los Donation ticket serán acumulables sin fecha de expirar para su uso. El momento que quieras intercambiar tus tickets por algun item solo manda me un PM. Todas las donaciones son estrictamente para los gastos del servidor La lista de items sera agregada muy pronto. si no tiene paypal y quieren donar, podemos encontrar la manera de hacerlo. manden me un PM
  3. Yeah another troll item XD Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  4. Noob/Hp was never ment to work as a glitched item. Only as a troll item that deducted Hp from the character. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  5. Best Master sword. Worst .. not getting a single event item xD
  6. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Not really. Not "all" are on all ID's.
  7. Noob HP

    Glitch needed to be fixed, and turning in to another item was One of the solutions. The other was to actually fix the bug but would take a lot more of time. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  8. Triforce Event 2017

    Let's wait till someone actually find a new item so he can post the pics.
  9. Hahaha awesome add-on to the keyboard sold separately Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  10. Where we came from?

    Well I don't know why ,, but thi topic should be along time . tell us where you came from XD!! Im from Mexico Baja California ,, City : Mexicali. And you ??
  11. Forum it's not sending Emails, We are working on it. Thanks.

  12. ENB for PSOBB Ultima

    Thanks for sharing it. Im sure there will be users who will like it
  13. Lottery Time Attack

    Ok I have something in this matter that i will like to talk with you. Contact me in a PM. Thanks.
  14. Login Issues

    Good to hear you got it working. I was gonna suggest exactly that to use a different VPN. Quick question if you don't use a VPN at all. You can login fine ? Or haven't tried it.? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  15. Lottery Time Attack

    This still active? need update the members.
  16. Finally we decided to offer a VoIP (voice chat) service to the players. our VoIP voice chat server is running with the most stable and best service that is currently out there. Mumble! was a pain in the ass to set it up properly (blame ZeroICE api XD lol). any way you guys wont have any problem at all to connect to the server. you only need mumble software that can be obtain from http://mumble.sourceforge.net/ download windows client. once you download just configure your speakers/mic. then add our server to your list of server. you will need the IP/domain address of the server and the port number. IP : ultimapsobb.org port: 64738 if you guys have problems doing any of the above steps. here's a how to guide with pictures. just follow that guide as reference. http://www.mumble.com/support/how-to-connect-to-a-mumble-server.php. HOW TO ENABLE Mumble OVERLAY IN PSOBB Well after some research of the overlay of Mumble i find out that the game need to call directX9 to use the overlay function of Mumble. Since the overlay is one of the great things about Mumble i really wanted to have this thing working with PSO. so after chating with Lee he gave me a great idea. To use the ENB series effects that who users created while ago. Then ENB calls Directx9, but i dont like the ENB effects. So what i did is to have the ENB on but with non special effects whatsoever. any way cut to the chase. 1. you must enable the overlay in the settings of Mumble. 2. you will need to download this file and extract the content to the root folder of PSO. psooverlay.rar -> Mirror . -> Mirror2 3. you need to add the exe of PSO to the whitelist of Mumble. (see picture) Finally if you did all the above steps you will see the overlay in the game. Overlay will show the members who are in the same room that you are in mumble and will highlight the user who is talking. as you can see in the top right hand corner, thats who i have configure my overlay. Enjoy Español Finalmente hemos decidido ofrecer VolP (chat de voz) para ustedes. nuestro servidor VolP chat de voz corre en el mejor y mas estable servicio que hay actualmente. Mumble! fue un dolor de trasero para configurarlo apropiadamente. De cualquier manera no tendran ningun problema para conectar al servidor, solamente necesitan el cliente de mumble el cual pueden conseguir click en el link ---> http://mumble.sourceforge.net/ Descargar el cliente para windows. Una vez descargado solo configuren su microfono y sus auriculares. Entonces solo agrega nuestro servidor a tu lista de servidores. Necesitaras nuestra dirrecion IP/Dominio del servidor y numero de puerto. IP : ultimapsobb.org Puerto: 64738 Si tiene problemas con alguno de los pasos, aqui una guia con imagenes, toma la guia como referencia. http://www.mumble.com/support/how-to-connect-to-a-mumble-server.php. Como hablitar el overlay de Mumble en PSOBB Buenos despues de una investigaciondel over lay de Mumble, encontre que el juego necesita el directX9 para la funcion overlay, desde que overlay es la mejor funcion de MUMBLE, yo quiero que esto funcione con el PSOBB, asi que despues de un chat con Lee me dio una gran idea, de usar el effecto EMB series que fue creado hace un tiempo, entonces el EMB llama al directX9 pero no me gustan los effectos del EMB. Asi que lo que hice es poner el EMB series pero sin los effectos. Bueno al grano. 1.Debes habilitar el overlay en mumble 2.Necesitas descargar estos archivos y extraerlos en la carpeta raiz de pso. psooverlay.rar -> Mirror . -> Mirror2 3.Necesitas agregar el exe de pso en mumble en tu listablanca. (mira la imagen) Finalmente si seguistes los pasos anteriores veras el overlay en el juego, el overlay mostrara los miembros que estan en el mismo cuarto. Disfruntelo.
  17. Ultima VoIP service.

    Yeah ppl didn't really use mumble so we moved to discord Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  18. Welcome to Ultima , and welcome back to the fantastic world of PSO. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  19. Troll Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  20. I remember tofu once started working on this before, no idea if he accomplish any progress. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  21. No hay una manera official para lograr esto. El juego siempre corre a 30fps. Talvez modificado El cliente, pero no se si alguien ya haya intentado esta modificacion.
  22. so summer event part-2 or what?

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    2. drdingus


      whatever part two is sign me up! just noooo more epsilons <3

    3. Terrybriggs711


       Adding hit event = part2?

    4. Ana G.5

      Ana G.5

      Hylian event?


  23. Serverus Mini Event

    If need help you say so.
  24. Win a PS4 PRO or a Xbox One X, plus arcade stick