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  1. Major Website / Maintenance - Sep/23/2022 We are working in the website/forums. a software upgrade its been long overdue and we reach to point where we need to push this upgrade we haven't need to upgrade or server since 2016 , that was the last major update. after giving some thinking i decided to go with a major release upgrade and will take the forums down for some hours. i will initiate the upgrade at midnight PST. And if everything go according the process should take about 6 hours. ill be posting updates in our Discord Server in case you want know whats going on. According to screenftech the machine uptime its been 1196D 12H 45M thats quite a good time eh ! screenfetch .;ldkO0000Okdl;. .;d00xl:^''''''^:ok00d;. OS: openSUSE 42.3 .d00l' 'o00d. Kernel: x86_64 Linux 4.4.114-42-default .d0Kd' Okxol:;,. :O0d. Uptime: 1196d 12h 45m .OKKKK0kOKKKKKKKKKKOxo:, lKO. Packages: 2989 ,0KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK0P^,,,^dx: ;00, Shell: bash 4.3.48 .OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKk'.oOPPb.'0k. cKO. CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1231 v3 @ 8x 3.8GHz [39.0°C] :KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK: kKx..dd lKd 'OK: GPU: Pilot dKKKKKKKKKKKOx0KKKd ^0KKKO' kKKc dKd RAM: 2219MiB / 15776MiB dKKKKKKKKKKKK;.;oOKx,..^..;kKKK0. dKd :KKKKKKKKKKKK0o;...^cdxxOK0O/^^' .0K: kKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK0x;,,......,;od lKk '0KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK00KKOo^ c00' 'kKKKOxddxkOO00000Okxoc;'' .dKk' l0Ko. .c00l' 'l0Kk:. .;xK0l' 'lkK0xl:;,,,,;:ldO0kl' '^:ldxkkkkxdl:^'
  2. Event Has Started
  3. Hi, you can find the must accurate drops using the drop tables of the server. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/droptable/drop-tables/ there you can search wherever you want
  4. Can anyone share the game experience with PSO on steam deck? since it's using Wine from linux, something linux distribution run it just fine but others run the game very laggy. i know steamOS is based in debian/ubuntu distro but with some tweaks. would be nice to hear from someone how it actually runs in this new "handle console"
  5. equipme the weapon that you are unsealing and type /killcount , that will give you the number of monsters already killed.
  6. You mean for unsealing weapons? or just a total killed monsters with the character?
  7. Wow long time no see you here man! Welcome Back

    1. serverus


      apoco conoces a radezz? xd


    2. radezz


      Hey Larva and Serverus :3 Yeah its been a while. I miss you guys and playing here, but I gotta keep focusing on work to buy my own home! Its nice to see you guys still remember me ❤️ Hope you are doing well. Maybe in the future when I got more time, I'll come back and play with you again!

  8. @Mimi y ya lograste que sea lvl 200? mi TasTar sigue en menos de 200 LOL
  9. Ultima vez que te conectaste a jugar ? que dice el loco del @serverus Ultima vez que te conectaste a jugar ? que dice el loco del @serverus
  10. this kind of trade it's not allowed. Topic Close.
  11. Larva

    Summer Event 2022

    Enjoy the event Happy summer everyone.
  12. Congratulations for the tattoo man!!




  13. Totally accurate 100%. I got it in the second ran I did. Thanks man for the info.
  14. I assume this got resolved by soly? If not send me a PM
  15. Send me a PM with the details of your donation. the Donatoin app has been updated today hopefully the issues is resolve.
  16. Damnn man, eso fue hace como 13 anios, deja lo consulto con el severus por que va estar dificil. si recuerdo muy bien la de crisis core, pero muy creo tener una idea de cual fue.
  17. 89?? Damnn that's a lot of STA, with the amount of users playing this days. 1 of every 2 users got a STA. Congrats.
  18. Larva

    Christmas Event 2021

    Merry Xmas all. Enjoy the event
  19. are you running multiple clients at the same time? any other tool for pso works just fine?
  20. we will set the exp rate to x5 during the weekend, so new players can catch up for the xmas event
  21. 13th Anniversary Event Ultima is turning thirteen years!! hey that's almost the half of my life, and older then must of my child's. I'm very thankful to all our members and to all the staff who voluntary invest time of their life to give all of us a place to enjoy PSO. Certainly we aren't the must visited server, but Ultima has always stand out as a great community. A place were users can have a great time and make friends. To me that's always been the must important part of Ultima. And for that we been online thirteen years. Thanks you All for been here!!! Hope you all enjoy the event!!! --Larva Ultima's 13th Anniversary event has started! Frozen Faust and Arrest Faust updates Both weapons can now hit multiple targets (8 max) just like Iron Faust does. In addition: the weapons are more effective at projectile impact point: they hit the main target twice, which means more damage and more chances to Freeze or Paralyze your main target! Combine Frozen Booster with Panzer Faust +9 to make Frozen Faust Combine Arrest Booster with Panzer Faust +9 to make Arrest Faust Note that Hucast cannot equip those weapons. There is a hidden 202 ATA requirement. Other event items SonicTeam Armor 500 DEF 500 EVP 80 All resistances All classes Required level: 200 Asteron Striker Handgun 300 - 380 ATP 60 ATA Autolock Hell Special Ultima's engine Use on a mag Level 50+ to obtain Ultima Mag. D-Photon Core Use on a Kama Level 100+ to obtain Gael Giel. Mr. Naka's Business Card Exchange 3 of them for an S-rank Weapon with the special of your choice. Ask any GM once event is over. Add a Christmas Present to get a custom name on it. Sonic Magazine Wand 5 ATP 25 ATA Hand of Justice Handgun 400 - 400 ATP 65 ATA 25 Grind Demon Special Tyrfing Twin Sword 700 - 740 ATP 80 ATA 13 Grind Geist Special Sword of Ultima Combine it with Psycho Black Crystal to obtain Ten Years Blade Ultima Bringer's Keep in mind that those items are prone to possible balance changes in the future. Thanks to @C01D1for the banner! Good Luck Everyone!
  22. Larva

    Halloween Event 2021

    No idea how that happened. I think because the topic was created days ago and today was just unhidden. ... Maybe??...
  23. Larva

    Halloween Event 2021

    Event has started. Good luck everyone.
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