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  1. I was gonna post this one for my submission [emoji1787][emoji2962] Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  2. Good to know, its really rare that our servers block someone ip.
  3. TRIFORCE EVENT 2020 The 8th Triforce Event of Ultima has just begun! During years we been trying to bring balance in to Ultima server, we had have goods runs and bad ones for sure. but we have prevail and here we are, with a event that its all about balance. Triforce Event it holds a special place to me. It's probably my favorite event of the year, when this event was hosted for the first time, it was a success and and with the Master Sword been one of first custom items. Once more I ask you... ARE YOU the Hero that Ultima needs? The Hero who will bring balance to Ultima? The Hero who will bring Light to Darkness? THANKS EVERYONE AND ENJOY Returning Items Swords Master Sword Boomerang Magic Hammer Great Fairy Sword Bug-Catching Net Power Glove Stealth Sword Guns Bomb-Chu Sacred Bow Canes Fire Rod Zelda Magazine Units Centurion/Arms Centurion/Luck Centurion/Power Centurion/Resist Godric/Ability Shields Hylian Shield Ganondorf Shield Update: The Rabarta boost on this shield has been changed from 40% to 65%! Thanks to @serverus for event banner Thanks to @Larva for event and storyline Ganondorf Shield skin and picture by @Usagi-chan Event will end on October, 12th of 2020 Good Luck everyone!
  4. So happy to see this post. It's great to see members who love the community, and specially when you share to the community your thoughts. It's no secret that this past months Ultima dont have a high population in the ship, but I believe that the current players are the ones that actually love Ultima. We try to keep the server and community alive, and I still believe the community we have here is probably the best part of Ultima. Keep enjoying the game and keep making friends!, we will keep this crazy community alive together! thanks for the words
  5. Maybe adding link to the modifications of the servers, such commands.? also the Ultima Items Weapons? https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/10353-psobb-ultima-itemweaponarmorshieldunit-effects-ie/ There was also a Topic that had information of what items drop on the events and when the events to be expected, already search and cant find it
  6. Lately I keep reading about the Rianov-5 it's because now it's all year drop by Olga. It's the special that bad ? Really?? Jajaja not this again 😂😂🤣🤣
  7. Only pros plays here !!
  8. As@PSOAddict says. Many users will be more than happy to help you. And pretty sure you will be slaying all bosses in no time [emoji298][emoji856][emoji856] Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  9. No mammeeesss!! Que recuerdo! Pongalaaa. Esa se puso en los años que jugaba machin! Who has to have control to the music in lobby poll again?
  10. There is a lot of information out there for what you are trying, but first step you need the AFS Texture manager, Photoshop plugin , maybe the vmt softares (this one probably not needed now with the new version of the Texture Manager) anyhow there is also a lot of skins and plugins out there already made by other members, maybe you want to try that before.
  11. Blood Sword one drop confirmed so far or the table haven't been updated?
  12. Maybe one day this gets to be in use
  13. Like the new Signature my friend.! 🥅:onion117:

    1. Trigunman


      Hey man, thanks, how are you?  Yea, I joined the merry (clown XD ) men of Triforce some months ago.  While my plans for PSO2 along with joining some of the Tri-hards there with the ARKS have fell through thanks to the utter stupidity of M$'s release of the game, I'm not going anywhere.(the recent reports I've read are that PSO2 release has been an utter damned dumpster fire, until M$ decides to fix it or Sega pulls their head out of their rear and releases it on Steam) So no worries, I still have 4 lvl 143s to get to lvl 200, haha!

      It's funny you mention my Zelda themed siggy Larva, I've currently got the Zelda bug after watching game play of the recent Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening reissue for the NIntendo Switch.  I'm seriously considering getting a Switch just for that game, I still have it (Zelda DX) along with my Gameboy Advance SPs, but the reissue is amazingly well done and looks just as fun as I remember it on the Gameboy! (that and the Switch has some really good stuff coming out on it!)

      I trust you and the family are safe and doing well Larva?  :onion-head11:

  14. Hello to all players and members of Ultima server. Ultima's staff is looking to fill a position. The position is related to media promoter and publisher. For more details send me a PM here with your social medias profiles and any experience in the position. Whoever decide to apply must have experience in content creation, social media engagement and advertise .Been able to work in different platforms. for more details send me a PM, giving details in the above experience and how with a brief brainstorm in why you could be the one for this position. Thanks.
  15. Your a whole life in front of you man. Your super young. Just aim for something and keep fighting for it. Don't focus on the negative, turn it around and use it to get better. Good luck and never stop chasing what makes you happy.
  16. That would be just awesome! having a the advantge to be able to take the switch a portable stable PSO just mind blowing!
  17. Easter Event has started! Event drops Centurion/Luck - 60 LCK Centurion/Body - 75 DFP Centurion/HP - 125 HP Godric's Cloak - Fomar exclusive armor which boosts Gibarta Gifoie Rabarta and all stats Sue's Coat - Strong armor for female hunters which boosts the range of Shifta Deband Resta and ATP Kroe's Sweater - Strong armor for females which boosts ATA Samurai Armor - Strong armor which boosts LCK and RA techniques Soul Booster - Use this item on Excalibur to make Hundred Souls Girasole - Can be combined with Chromatic Orb to make Inferno Girasole Virus Shield: Vol Opt - Shield that boosts GI techniques and ATA Fury of the Beast - Powerful daggers with charge special for all classes Kiss of Death - Slicer with hell special for all classes Water Gun - Rifle for all classes, a special can be added for 10 donation tickets Proof of Sonic Team* Harmonic Resonance Core* Stellar Shard* Egg Rappy drops Each Easter Egg can contain any lower difficulty listed item Normal Easter Eggs Sonic Knuckle Huge Battle Fan Wok of Akiko's Shop Rocket Punch Drill Launcher Rabbit Wand Marina's Bag Panther's Claw Amore Rose Abuelita/Battle Chocolate Hard Easter Eggs Lollipop Parts of Egg Blaster Very Hard Easter Eggs Centurion/Mind Ashura Mag Cell Ultimate Easter Eggs Izmaela Game Magazine Commander Blade Heavenly/Technique PB/Increase Item Ticket Easter combinations *Proof of Sonic Team combinations Spread Needle => Arrest Needle Dark Bridge => Psycho Bridge *Harmonic Resonance Core combinations Samba Maracas => Samba's Fiesta Egg Blaster => Egg Blaster MK2 Tension Blaster => Morolian Blaster *Stellar Shard combinations Twinkle Star => Quasar Staff Guilty Light => Outlaw Star Mille Marteaux => Mille Faucilles Brightness Circle => Neutron Skin Let the Egg hunt begin! Thanks to @FALC0N for the banner. Discussion Topic
  18. Larva

    Easter Event 2020

    Colorful rappys are here, In this moment of chaos in the world, we hope this event bring some rest and peace to your mind and body and soul. Enjoy the event, and remember to stay at home and take care your love ones. Happy Ultima Easter.!!r- Thanks to all the staff members who made all this possible! @R-78 @Soly @serverus !!
  19. Larva

    Valentine's Event 2020

    Haven't love if you haven't go through pain. [emoji2962] Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  20. Valentine's Event 20XX is now Active! Didn't find any present to give to your darling? It's not too late! Valentine's Event is back with all its lovely items! It is time to hunt some gifts for your lover! (It is also time to hunt for singles) Returning Items Last Swan : combine this with Master Raven to make Dual Bird. Master Raven : combine this with a Psycho Black Crystal to make Psycho Raven. Rambling May : a unique weapon for women that hits twice per shot. Rianov 303SNR series : numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Bamboo Spear : pretty sure you will like the sound of this bamboo spear. Butterfly Net : how many butterflies can you catch? Zero I guess. Great Bouquet : make sure to give your sweetheart a nice one! Amore Rose : show everyone to what extend you love your partner. Dress Plate : this armor for men is usable at level 1 and its 70 EDK will make sure megids become a distant memory for you. Heavenly/TP : +100 TP Genpei : a shield which look depends on your section ID. Magic Rock Heart Key : no longer waste 50 PDs with Paganini to get those. Photon Booster : yeah, Paganini is a scammer. Blue Black Stone : make one of the Ultima exclusive combinations* Love Rappy's Beak : use this on any non rare lvl 50 mag to make a lovely pet: Love Rappy Charged photon blast trigger: Invincibility 10% HP trigger: Invincibility Boss area trigger: Invincibility Solo mode death trigger: Reverser Activation Rate: 50% Blue Black Stone Combinations Bloody Art => Blood Tornado Type: Dagger ATP: 550 - 600 ATA: 70 Grind: 33 Special: Demon Usable by all classes Crush Bullet => Crush Cannon Type: Shot ATP: 100 - 200 ATA: 50 EVP: -30 Grind: 25 Special: Gush Usable by all classes Dragon Slayer => Sil Dragon Slayer Type: Sword ATP: 600 - 650 ATA: 70 EVP: -15 Grind: 35 Special: Blizzard Usable by all classes Main Event Drops SLICER OF VENGEANCE Type: Slicer ATP: 470 - 525 MST: 20 ATA: 30 EVP: 25 Special: Charge Usable by all classes GLIDE DIVINE V.00 Type: Rod ATP: 185 - 550 MST: 55 ATA: 34 DFP: 80 EVP: 100 RES: 15 EDK, EIC, ETH, EDK, ELT Special attack: Anti level 3 Special use: can restore TP and reduce HP to 1 when equipped for 10 consecutive minutes Foie: +200% power Barta: +100% power Zonde: +100% power Combo unlocked Usable by all Forces RICO'S PARASOL Type: Partisan ATP: 250 - 300 ATA: 40 Special: Charge Shifta: +100% range Deband: +100% range Resta: +100% range Usable by all male characters LINDCRAY Type: Rifle ATP: 800 - 1200 MST: 35 ATA: 75 DFP: 20 Special: Spirit Resta: +100% range Anti: +100% range Usable by all Forces and Hunewearl Good luck! Event will end on March 17th, 2020. Credits to @FALC0N for the banner. Credit for the topic content to @R-78
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