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Tower of Dreams


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The Tower of Dreams, legendary tower which is said to control the dreams of every living being, has been invaded by an army of monsters.
They are trying to exterminate humanity by making everyone get into an eternal nightmare as soon as they sleep.
Eliminate the evil and free humanity from the Endless Nightmares.



Tower of Dreams



Regular Monsters

  8x      Ul Gibbon
  7x      Zol Gibbon
17x      Gee

10x      Merillia
10x      Meriltas

  4x      Sinow Berill
  3x      Sinow Spigell

  4x      Dolmolm
  3x      Dolmdarl

60x      Recobox
75x      Ill Gill
65x      Delbiter
86x      Del Lily

59x      Gibbles
82x      Gi gue

39x      Mericarol
38x      Mericus
36x      Merikle

67x      Epsilon
  1x      Olga Flow

Elite Monsters (Ultimate only)

  7x      Ill Kill
  2x      Heavy Delbiter
  4x      Death Lily

  5x      Omega Gibbles
  3x      Killer class Gi gue

12x      Gatling Mericarol
  5x      Sniper Mericus
  1x      Ultimate Merikle

13x      Epsilon ver.4



TP material x6 (Ultimate only)
TP material x2 (4P only)
DISK Vol.1 "Wedding March" (4P only)
DISK Vol.2 "Day Light" (Ultimate only)
DISK Vol.3 "Burning Rangers" (4P only)
DISK Vol.4 "Open Your Heart" (4P only)
DISK Vol.5 "Live & Learn" (4P only)
DISK Vol.6 "NiGHTS" (Ultimate only)
DISK Vol.7 "Ending Theme (Piano ver.)" (Ultimate only)
DISK Vol.8 "Heart to Heart"
DISK Vol.9 "Strange Blue"
DISK Vol.10 "Reunion System"
DISK Vol.11 "Pinnacles"
DISK Vol.12 "Fight inside the Spaceship"

Varista +25 (Ultimate only)
Photon Drop
10,000 / 20,000 / 40,000 / 325,000 Meseta







- Added multiple scripted particle effects in various areas
- Added quest information on every Floors, Monsters and Dreams
- Removed action_disable from Dream messages to prevent players from getting stuck in game by opening the menu.

Pioneer II
- Restored telepipe locations to match player spawn locations
- Main teleporter no longer closed after quest clear

F2 - Remparts of Dilemma
- Added Epsilon x1
- Added Life and Death Dilemma

F5 - Gravity Center
- Added Gravity Core

F8 - Ramp of Madness
- Inverted waves 8 and 12
- Added Merikle x1
- Added Epsilon x1

F9 - Quarter of Lightnings
- Added Merikle x1
- Moved Gibbles x1
- Removed Gi Gue x1

F10 - Heavenly Pinnacle
- Totally reworked

Outside the Tower (Central Control Area)
- Added secret Gee nests area
- Added NPC dialogues after quest clear
- Added hidden Varista/handgun

Dream of the Eternal Night (Seaside night)
- Added extra area and scripted camera

Dream of the True Hero (Seabed)
- ???

Dream of the Unfailing Friendship
- Added dream



- Fixed effect positions
- Relocated rewards
- Changed floor pannels distance
- Fixed some dreams information


- Fixed script collision radius to prevent desynchronisation issues
- Added 2x Epsilon ver.4
- Reduced 5 final Epsilon ver.4 laser time from 20.0 to 16.7 seconds
- Added slow status


- Added scripts to prevent players from using multiple resistance units to reach 100 EFR against Epsilons ver.4


- Nerfed Epsilons ver.4 Rafoie damage
- Added status effect to those Rafoies
- Removed scripts that prevent players from getting 100 EFR from units
- Sniper Mericus reloading decreased from 7 to 4 seconds
- No longer possible to use a Cure/Freeze to bypass the lasers in Tomb of Ice
- Edited VR link info
- Fixed Pioneer teleporter gate which was still locking at quest clear


- Fixed typos (gaz, impresive) - thanks @Harvest
- Fixed messages going out of zone for some clients (?)
- Fixed script collision which was changing camera settings on Rain of the Eternal Night plateform


- All waves delays changed from 0 to 1 frame
- Fixed reward messages punctuation mistakes (space after last word)


- Fixed typos (Delbiter's owls, Mericarol spir, Merikle strentghs) thanks @Fyrewolf5

- Fixed typos/words (massime, specy, life being, unbuff, in average, felt light, courage simulation) thanks @Ravioli

- Moved player sets to face the North when returning to Tower after quest clear

- Inverted Dreams of the Forgotten Souls and Eternal Night locations so the East terminal displays "Jungle East"


- Ultimate Merikle EVP nerfed from 1600 to 1500

- Added scripts to prevent the use of Demon's special against Elite monsters (except Epsilon ver.4) many thanks to @Ender for all the help with scripting that


- Added floor name messages


- Fixed bug: 5F would randomly pop up when returning to Tower from another area

- Fixed messages color name, white was sometimes unreadable


- Fixed mistake: Lightnings


- Moved final VR Link so it cannot block the final Epsilon V4's drop


- Fixed Rempart => Rampart thanks @Ender

- Edited elite Delbiters info name, size, stats and description thanks @Ender


- Fixed a bug that made the second Giant Delbiter small back during its death animation





4 players highly recommended

(average 4P run time : 60~90 minutes)


Quest progress: 100.00%

Release date: July 19th, 2019

This is my last quest of 2015-2020.

Edited by R-78
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5 minutes ago, mudkipzjm said:

Looks ptsd inducing  fun!

Can't wait to try it out!


Can't wait to get hit by megid 300 times

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If your Intelligence Defense Systems quest is any indication of this quest...

It will be brutal, devious and utterly frustrating...  But with some great rewards, I'm looking forward to it R-78.  :onion108:

Edited by Trigunman
Thanks to R-78 for the proper name of her other quest!
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I almost missed this topic, due to the massive spam happening on forums right now *facepalm*

This is looking very promising. Can't wait to be able to play this quest! :onion-head41:

What's up with that yellow smoke right before the roof floor? Is that some kind of poison 👀?

Also first time I see someone editing CCA maps that heavily (specially that Mountain), kudos on that 


Edited by Noob Saibot
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