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  1. look

    if y'all lads don't wish the lawd and savory @McLaughlin86 a happy borthday imma dump on your porch and steal y'alls clout

    aint got NO JUICE


  2. need leveled up?

    I appreciate your willingness to help but I think there's a few people more suited to help. Also, level doesn't have much bearing here. I've seen level 200s output way less damage than someone level 100. It's all about gear, my dude.
  3. ty all for the birthday wishes uwu

    1. Wayne Jones
    2. Starlord


      No, thank you...... for being born.

  4. Yes, this also make it so people can't send odd amounts of DTs (i.e. .69, .01). i know it's a fun joke to send that much once in awhile but there's not much having the ability to do that also could have have the hotkeys to change the lobbyevents back? we still have the ones for cam and hud, doesn't make sense not to include lobby event
  5. Honestly, at this point, I'd say just make it not count against your current reputation. It doesn't need to have a negative impact to let someone know what they're saying is rude/dumb.
  6. Woah

    Same old PSO, just new items.
  7. B>Guilty light with 50+ hit

  8. also forest offensive rewards bug and roct time/player limit
  9. Game doesn't open :o

    I'd shoot a PM to @Solyor something.
  10. Game doesn't open :o

    The game really doesn't like it when it changes resolutions, I'd also make sure the game is fully updated and etc.
  11. Game doesn't open :o

    If you're running win10, make sure it isn't in full screen. I forget if soly's fixed it or not but I think fullscreen crashes the game.
  12. I'm thinking about making a cryptic status/topic to get people's attention :cr-floating:

    what do you think @jezbuz@Noob Saibot

    1. jezbuz


      Do it, but only in spanish :onion-head18:

    2. Starlord


      You got mine already. Please proceed.

    3. Noob Saibot

      Noob Saibot

      All that you need is a big taco and laugh as jajajaja.

  13. Easter Event Player Made Drop Table 2019

    Shard wasn't introduced until last year. You're probably thinking of Psycho Booster Crystal, which does drop from morphos.
  14. Bugged 10 Year Blade skin

    For the past couples days now (since 4/20, i think), the Ten Year Blades' skin has been bugged. No idea if it's just more or if it effects everyone.
  15. jajajaja

    1. jezbuz


      Rsrsrsrsrsrs kakakakaka

  16. I know things like this exist in the forum in some form, but this is more of a "absolute end-gear" situation for the 3 classes. I might need help with force since my experience with that class is limited but here we go. If I missed anything, let me know. If anyone has any ideas to make this appear in a more organized fashion, feel free to tell me. Hunter: Dark Flow Pyscho Ravens (for male) charge raygun/handgun-type weapon, can be substituted with Lindcray for HUnewearl. Lavis Blades/Girasole - for lowering health Berserk Mechs of some sort Diska of Braveman Vjaya Excalibur/100 souls Tsumikiri J-Sword (stats optional) Twin Blaze (for casts) Arrest Raygun/J-cutter S-rank Zalure Gun (besides HUnewearl) Hell Handgun/Asteron Striker Ultima Reaper TypeMe/Mech charge and Demon (demon optional on cast) Tellusis/Soniti mag (triple invinc proc if you use DF) S-Reds(HUcast), Macho Blades (HUmar, HUcaseal) for solo play Smartlink Ranger: Dark Meteor Iron Faust (Casts) Psycho Ravens (for males) Mille Faucilles (for females) Arrest Needle Frozen Shooter Snow Queen Charge and Demon Yasminkov 9000M Heaven Striker S-rank Zalure Weapon (besides RAmarl) Hell Ranged weapon (Yas 7, Le Cog, Etc.) Demon and Hell TypeSH/Shot Ultima Reaper Macho Blades(casts) Force (Melee): Slicer of Fanatic Glide Divine Striker of Chao/Tyrel's Parasol/Rico's Parasol Banana Cannon Lindcray Samba's Fiesta Bringer Rifle Rambling May (FOmarl) Sacred Bow Ultima Reaper Hundred Souls Ten Year Blades w/ Charge/Berserk/Spirit Smartlink Force (Teching) Psycho Bridge (Ra techs) Dark Bridge (Grants, Zalure) Glide Divine v.00 (Si techs) Glide Divine (debuffs) Magical Piece (Gi Techs) Tyrel's Parasol/Rico's Parasol (Buffs, resta,anti) Lindcray (resta/anti) Qusar Staff (barta, gizonde) Hylian Shield, Alis Resolve, Virus Shield: Vol Opt Samurai Armor (Ra techs) Ignition Cloak (Foie techs) Rabarta Merge Armor/Units: Sonicteam Armor Red Ring Centurion/Battle V502 Again, this is just optimal gear, so I'm just listing the best thing you can have for your class of choice. No arguing please, I don't want this locked, lol.
  17. Easter Event Player Made Drop Table 2019

    The one last year was kind of a mess to read, thanks for making a cleaner version.
  18. auction still going on

  19. T> 0/0/100/100|80 Guld Milla for Dual Bird of similar stats.

  20. pso is a cool game tbh

    1. Starlord


      Not if you have mental problems. Then it becomes bad

    2. Noob Saibot

      Noob Saibot

      a tbh game is pso cool 

  21. People still hate on Ultima because of the weapons and EVP boost (can understand the later, it's pretty dumb), but I dunno I have the most fun here. While I disagree with many things, I don't really see myself playing anywhere else consistently.
  22. Ultima's Time Attack Records

    Towards the Future - PB - 2p - 11'00 remaining MudkipzJM - Hunewearl Jezbuz - HUcast bad run, will be improved soon™
  23. I wouldn't shoutout ladymegid since they're a known pedophile.
  24. Optimal Gear for the 3 Classes

    It's the highest ATP mechs available to RAmarl/RAcaseal. It's good when enemy EVP is too high to land combos with yas special(ill gill, del depth, olga flow, etc), or when you don't have a force casting buffs/debuffs all the time.