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  1. It would be cool if there was a command to toggle the auto regen of health and or TP. Just a way to have fun and not run in circles all the time
  2. Tots teacher, I am finished my home work from last week. I am almost down with the perfected DM skill set. I have got good enough to pull off 1 to 2 DM shots in a row. It will get faster when I finally find a battle unit. It still takes times to switch weapons through the equip menu, but when I do, I promise to take out frozen shooter (ranger’s best weapon) and freeze shot every enemy in the room one at a time, especially the ones my team mates are currently targeting/almost killed.
  3. O I saw that flower to the side
  4. Is it possible to dmc with hell? Now that I’m CCCing, if all 4 rangers have type hell shots...does the devil may cry more with strictly the special?
  5. Hydromystic

    Roct Rewards

    Maybe they mean they can finish ROCT, just that they never got a weapon reward. As for me, I’ve received two 75 hit Yashas and a 15 hit Yas 9k.
  6. Hydromystic

    Roct Rewards

    I remember when 0980666 got one as well. And I know several others that have the 85. 😫 Very lucky people on a server with barely 100 people!
  7. Hydromystic

    Roct Rewards

    Bumping to see if anyone can declare they have found an 85 hit Yas or Samba. I have not.
  8. Make some really badass custom weapons that drop all year round but have incredibly difficult odds like one in a million.
  9. should do a dps comparison, cause I swear it mows down Olga first form faster than even DM. Heck, I swear max Arrest needlen does the same (out dps DM enemy groups)
  10. When no one was there to help run me through solo ROCT several hundred times, I am so glad to have @tereianne at my side. Although you don’t talk much, you are the best fomarl ever! Shout out also to @Cherry even though they are a racasael @fentanyl although you are a shithead with a bad name, you are my shithead and we could always use your freeze traps anyway! @divinora you have the ugliest symbol chats but are essential to my solo ROCTS! (Like a mascot) Thanks for everything guys!
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