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  1. It would be cool if there was a command to toggle the auto regen of health and or TP. Just a way to have fun and not run in circles all the time
  2. Tots teacher, I am finished my home work from last week. I am almost down with the perfected DM skill set. I have got good enough to pull off 1 to 2 DM shots in a row. It will get faster when I finally find a battle unit. It still takes times to switch weapons through the equip menu, but when I do, I promise to take out frozen shooter (ranger’s best weapon) and freeze shot every enemy in the room one at a time, especially the ones my team mates are currently targeting/almost killed.
  3. Make some really badass custom weapons that drop all year round but have incredibly difficult odds like one in a million.
  4. Correct me if i’m wrong, but I could have sworn that morphos used to drop stellar shard a couple years back. Maybe when the Shards were first introduced.
  5. It be nice to have 2. Real talk: the drop rate is probably based on Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. As such, metahurestically speaking, the quantum annealing is the global minimum as opposed to the extremum. This is the unconstrained binary optimization, repeating, of course.
  6. But I am but a simple common man! Please Pgf drop for me! I do not understand...
  7. Lol yea even doing Zalure sometimes completely heals an entire group of monsters lmao, funny sometimes I don’t even bother debuffing when I’m dual boxing.
  8. PGF drop from Olga on Skyly Ultimate Ep.2
  9. I feel you. Hunting since 2015 and still no PGF...Olga continues to be sadistic.
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