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  1. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Yea, can we get hint on ten years blade?
  2. Happy Hours Alert!

    Lmao the one day I work late too
  3. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Greenill - Episode 2 - Ultimate - Mericus - Red Scorpio (regular)
  4. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Ultima Engine? What is it? Ohh the mag. I got excited for a minute
  5. I found a 1/22000 chance Agito 1975 off my skyly. Sucks to be me. But the stats are really nice. 0/0/40/50/40. Was wondering why do these stats disappear when turning it into Orotiagito? Is there a way to preserve the stats?
  6. Valkyrie should have its range adjusted. Things as long as a 10 foot pole and Swings right through boxes and enemies hitting only air.
  7. S >D-Photon Core


    1. nnorton44


      Sent ya a PM :cr-love-you:

  8. S >D-Photon Core


  9. Buy Yas9k with hit

  10. Trade BBS + Heart Key for Chromatic Orb

  11. Seriously, we need clarification on this. Almost Sunday. Only 1 drop so far?
  12. How Many PGF we have!!

    There's still the brute force method for those who are fortunate enough to have the time. Because of work, I'm at exactly 110 solo runs. You could probably double that when you are armed to the teeth. Counting the ones i've done with others, and with previous events, i'm at about 300 to 400 runs total. Not nearly as much as others, but enough to know that there's a problem. That's why I agree with hidden. The growth on this server will be stunted and only the select lucky rich will conjugate.
  13. How Many PGF we have!!

    Also, consider those who have the odds in their favor are simply those that already have dark weapons and are geared to the teeth. It's like the real world economy. The rich get richer because they can pull more runs per hour than the "less fortunate".
  14. Forgotten accounts

    Hello! I have returned after 2 years. Ha. I forgot one character account. Also, I'm missing some things in my bank, at least I don't remember if I traded it away or not. "Heaven Punisher". Ha. Or...it could be on my other character's account I don't remember! I don't remember my userID or password OR email that I signed up with. I do have the name of the character and I THINK the guild number. 42159494 And mysterium was the character's name! Thanks for any help!