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  1. s> stellar shard (15dts)

    s> glide divine v.00 x2 (15pds each)

    s> post (10dts) 

    Edited by cloor
  2. cloor

    Christmas Event 2018

    Now you're just some memory that I use to know... RIP Xmas Event
  3. B> arms 0/50/0/50/50 

  4. gaming doobstep ^^

  5. cloor

    10 Anniversary Ultima

    Ultimate Ep2 Redria Barba Ray - Naka Business Card confirmed
  6. b> decently HIT UR paying in dts/pds. inbox me what you have and what price you looking for mas y menos :rf-02:

  7. S> Hundred Souls 25native 60hit looking for 60dts or best offer 

  8. How about an app for the forums? Would make things easier instead of having to go through a web browser everytime.
  9. How do you get warning points? And is it worth it? :rf-13::rf-02:

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. Zabby


      Coming from someone who has three warning points, definitely worth it. Join us

    3. McLaughlin86
    4. yeyy



      Edited by yeyy
  10. Well for one, always screen shot your good gears and stuff that you don't want to lose. I screen shot my dw and better gears like once a month. But if it's just a mag and some other stuff a gm should be able to assist. Just got to wait for one.
  11. b> demon type me/mechs :cr-floating:

    1. ultrajerky


      Someone demon this sweet lass

      Edited by ultrajerky
      hi dad
    2. cloor


      i already got one lol this can be closed :rf-02:

    3. ultrajerky
  12. Listen here clur...

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