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  1. cloor


    95 gunner/fighter, 95 hero, 95 phantom, 80 force/techer, JP server SHIP 2, fight me
  2. Lol I've been on pso2 for almost 2 years, and I still pop on here (psobb) for events or time to time to say hi. Personally for me it's been too difficult to juggle more than one MMOs and RL. I have even been playing less on pso2 now. However I don't think pso2 being released for the west will be the death of this server. It will find a way to live on. Even if it only gets a spike of life during events. Once GM's don't shut it down, I'm sure it will live on.
  3. I'm just here for the memes 👀👀

  4. Love the Lindsey Stirling Can't wait to try it!
  5. cloor


    i was gonna start posting on every recent but i got my name back when i had all the pages open so sorry pate, and good luck finding your CR, whoever it was looking for one lel
  6. Unless I can transfer my character probably not. Already clocked in 100+ hours on one my char on the jap server. And ik thats no where close to what I clocked in on PSO here, but I'm finally making progress so yeee unlikely. A little too late Sega... A little too late smh
  7. cloor

    Easter Event 2019

    Isn't Easter over?
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