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  1. Roses are red, violets are blue

    You are the d to my w


  2. omg your name

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    2. McLaughlin86


      CHange your name to Chris got rekt by claires dark flow

    3. cloor


      lmao RIP 

    4. MadOrNah


      I'll change my name to: that didn't happen, and Claire's a liar and ruined my life forever

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  3. just seeing this lmao made my night
  4. I regret cursing you all out when I was drunk... LOL who am I kidding? It was fun and you all probably deserved it anyway . Heck I'd do it all over again But for real lol I guess I regret not hunting more this xmas event n yes I'm salty towards everyone who got a pgf that isnt me >_>
  5. Hunter's Name: Clairely_

    I don't know why, but that shit cracked me up.

    1. cloor


      clairely you dont understand the mechanics involved lel

      Edited by icipher
    2. McLaughlin86


      This is clairely the most difficult of things to understand.

  6. what??? how dare you?? i mean personally im burned out as well but i wont delete, i still pop on to say hiiii every once in a while *sigh* im gonna miss you you're one of the few ppl i actually trust, take care, chat on skype siiiiiiiiigh
  7. congratz under
  8. well said izaya boo <3
  9. agreed who's the winner? and you said yourself no 2nd chance because u dont want ppl following you
  10. I'm the cult of personality :3 hue

    1. Zoomcat7


      *epic guitar solo

    2. cloor


      haha u know it :P

  11. TJS 100/100/0/100 Not for sale tho :P

  12. about time pso got interesting again! hell yes to agent!!
  13. wb nooblet <3
  14. Taking offers/trades for glide divine v.00 (not really quick to let it go but with a good offer I will)