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  1. Stunning artwork, the shading and color choice is spot on. Welcome back.
  2. Howdy Virec! Always nice to see an OG stop by
  3. Great to hear from you man! That is a VERY underrated weapon especially when it come to Baranz! Slicer special trick works wonders with it. Cheers.
  4. Hello everyone! besides Dark Weapons, what is your favorite weapon in the game and why? For me it is the Rianov 5 as some of you know (I know it's not the best! but it is my fav). It's legacy look, sound, consistent ATP, range and pierce always hit the mark (I dream of it having Hell one day ;). Looking forward to coming back for a bit of the summer event with you all. Cheers.
  5. Welcome enjoy the nostalgia and feels that only PSOBB can provide!
  6. C01D1

    New Year's Card 2023

    No doubt you folks revived alot of interest in Ultima again with this event. Thanks for pulling it off we look forward to more unique events! Cheers.
  7. Got it! This Topic can be closed shout out to @IronSheik
  8. A PGF goes for 300 to 400 DTS, that would have 100% in stats and 50% in hit from Restless Lion, then you need to add 30% hit with DTs and use Photon Spheres to level the rest. Suffice to say Max DWs are expensive... I have seen them go for 400 to 450DTs
  9. I see you are a man of culture as well
  10. I prefer Zanbacon force with 0 0 4 20 69
  11. I love the look of the old rifle. It has a decent pierce and good atp. The special is not good at all.
  12. Hello everyone, Happy New Year! Speaking of New Years, there is a possibility one of you folks could possibly win a 100 HIT Rianov 5. Now that may not seem like much to most besides the perfect hit, however it is my favorite weapon in PSO. As such I am going to offer anybody who potentially wins this weapon for the New Years Card Raffle a PGF and a 0 100 0 100 80 Rianov 5. This is about 425 DTS in value. Good luck to the winner and if you want this stuff it is yours. Cheers.
  13. I think that's what killed me the most over time. The FOMO, looking for ways to move my busy life around when HH dropped..... I think boosting droprates during non HH is the way to go for sure but there is more to be done. Let's really look at DMC, let's fix that Ultima Bringers. Let's increase engagement on social platforms and let folks be rewarded for community interaction. The potential here is very high I believe we need a couple more GMs and or community reps to create community events. So much can be done, making Olga have some drops was fantastic and a step in the right direction. I also think Sonic Team Armor should be a rebalanced (Nerfed) I actually think if we did a community vote most would agree. HUcast should not have access to Serene Swan either lol. I could keep going but nobody would read it lol.
  14. Run the PSOBB Launcher, sounds like it needs some files and is out of date
  15. Wow exciting! Looks like it will be fun and challenging. Cheers.
  16. Awesome I have returned
  17. As long as he keeps his posts on topic (Which is PSO) things will be fine. If we gets political, craps on people, religious rants or prejudice again then end it quickly.
  18. He can do that with Red Handgun alone man. Be careful he makes PGFs fall out of Boomas
  19. He still plays though in the game. I see no reason to let him start lighting up these forums again ever. Believe me when I say he will hurt server loyalty not help it. As a player in game I do not mind him at all but he cannot control his outbursts.
  20. I use Zanbacon its the Morbin Mechgun in the game for FO
  21. I cannot believe it OMG Thank you so much!
  22. Congrats Kotta that certainly is great to see such a rare drop. You have inspired me to keep grinding.
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