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  1. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  3. Finally! Well there is no update (✌️ up to date 2021 ✌️) because it's been fixed one year ago and already announced in the 12th anniversary
  4. Yeah yeah cool and stuff but, @RocketTots, @Zabby, I'm asking you: is there a discord server tho?
  5. "The ride is over. You've been extremely rude, extremely condescendent.." 🚙


    1. RIPBenny


      oh god im imagining myself hanging out with this guy in my imagination we are having a great time!

    2. RedSniper


      This is gold.

    3. RedSniper


      Im still interessted in the backstory of his anger.

  6. MMmmmmm jezbuz... Bonita..

    BONITA!!!!!! MMMMM JEEEEEEZZZZZ!!!!!! MMmmmmmm...

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    2. Lipelis


      Oh lordy, it makes me feel so goooooood...

      Btw thanks for the correction "bonito / bonita" hahaha

    3. jezbuz


      No no, you're completely correct, since i'm a girl. And since you're a boy, you are bonito for me mmmMMmmmMmHHhh

    4. RocketTots


      Where can I trade my pds and DTs for SimpCoinz?

  7. Know what you are simping for my dudes
  8. @goldhollow the Chatbox and Status Updates on your profile are meant to share those little messages, no need to create a whole new topic for that.
  9. Lipelis

    Beat Saber

    ngl when I saw that: I was like -> Another Saber+7's thread, again?!
  10. Bring back Heather (HeatherSirenTide)

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    2. jezbuz


      I miss @Heather Siren Tide saying "Eough" to the bad bois :(

    3. Kotta


      Guys, been talking to Heather In-Game :D


      Seems she's*(he's?) having Issues finding out which email address to log In :(




      [.... uh, I should have at least said It was possible to enter via Its profile name  :onion-head81:]

      also, personally asked nya, meow @serverus :onion120:

    4. Heather Prime

      Heather Prime

      yes i am Heather Tide


  11. Telling a droprate is way more helpful than harmful to the community and I'm not gonna talk about: letting Morfos buffed for months after the last two summer events in a raw but hmmm... anywayyyyy
  12. Not bad (ツ)

    1. MadOrNah


      10 or nothing.

  13. AMAZONIA 🔥



    1. Trigunman


      Giggity Lipelis, I've heard of Gojira, but never really listened much to them.  A good and rather timely song about the Amazons of South America, which is interesting, as these guys are from France.  Thanks for posting this! \m/

    2. Lipelis


      @Trigunman Album -10 Days from now on, can't wait!

      Also : https://propeller.la/gojira ☮︎

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