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  1. Don't come at me like that @Lipelis @Lipelis @Lipelis, yall bunch of cryin baby girls Makin fun of me and my 700 Discord servers... do you even know how long it is to create 700 freakin servers fool??? You can't because you don't know what it is to help 450+ ultimas newbies with Dark Weapons freebies, comin straight from my legendary Terrors fairest trades Don't try me doggy, I have been diagnosed with sandwich dismorphia at 3, you ain't no switch to me bro so GTFO of my back bro You snitches are just jealous of @Larva's blessin, I embrace this 8th chance to come back and make Ultima great again I'm outta here clowns (for now)
  2. No Emewn's Guard addition yet? What excuse is there?
  3. Why Psycho Raven is so busted in the first place lol
  4. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  6. Finally! Well there is no update (✌️ up to date 2021 ✌️) because it's been fixed one year ago and already announced in the 12th anniversary
  7. Yeah yeah cool and stuff but, @RocketTots, @Zabby, I'm asking you: is there a discord server tho?
  8. "The ride is over. You've been extremely rude, extremely condescendent.." 🚙


    1. RIPBenny


      oh god im imagining myself hanging out with this guy in my imagination we are having a great time!

    2. RedSniper


      This is gold.

    3. RedSniper


      Im still interessted in the backstory of his anger.

  9. MMmmmmm jezbuz... Bonita..

    BONITA!!!!!! MMMMM JEEEEEEZZZZZ!!!!!! MMmmmmmm...

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    2. Lipelis


      Oh lordy, it makes me feel so goooooood...

      Btw thanks for the correction "bonito / bonita" hahaha

    3. jezbuz


      No no, you're completely correct, since i'm a girl. And since you're a boy, you are bonito for me mmmMMmmmMmHHhh

    4. RocketTots


      Where can I trade my pds and DTs for SimpCoinz?

  10. Know what you are simping for my dudes
  11. @goldhollow the Chatbox and Status Updates on your profile are meant to share those little messages, no need to create a whole new topic for that.
  12. Lipelis

    Beat Saber

    ngl when I saw that: I was like -> Another Saber+7's thread, again?!
  13. Bring back Heather (HeatherSirenTide)

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    2. jezbuz


      I miss @Heather Siren Tide saying "Eough" to the bad bois :(

    3. Kotta


      Guys, been talking to Heather In-Game :D


      Seems she's*(he's?) having Issues finding out which email address to log In :(




      [.... uh, I should have at least said It was possible to enter via Its profile name  :onion-head81:]

      also, personally asked nya, meow @serverus :onion120:

    4. Heather Prime

      Heather Prime

      yes i am Heather Tide


  14. Telling a droprate is way more helpful than harmful to the community and I'm not gonna talk about: letting Morfos buffed for months after the last two summer events in a raw but hmmm... anywayyyyy
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