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  1. It would be cool if there was a command to toggle the auto regen of health and or TP. Just a way to have fun and not run in circles all the time
  2. Tots teacher, I am finished my home work from last week. I am almost down with the perfected DM skill set. I have got good enough to pull off 1 to 2 DM shots in a row. It will get faster when I finally find a battle unit. It still takes times to switch weapons through the equip menu, but when I do, I promise to take out frozen shooter (ranger’s best weapon) and freeze shot every enemy in the room one at a time, especially the ones my team mates are currently targeting/almost killed.
  3. O I saw that flower to the side
  4. Is it possible to dmc with hell? Now that I’m CCCing, if all 4 rangers have type hell shots...does the devil may cry more with strictly the special?
  5. Hydromystic

    Roct Rewards

    Maybe they mean they can finish ROCT, just that they never got a weapon reward. As for me, I’ve received two 75 hit Yashas and a 15 hit Yas 9k.
  6. Hydromystic

    Roct Rewards

    I remember when 0980666 got one as well. And I know several others that have the 85. 😫 Very lucky people on a server with barely 100 people!
  7. Hydromystic

    Roct Rewards

    Bumping to see if anyone can declare they have found an 85 hit Yas or Samba. I have not.
  8. Make some really badass custom weapons that drop all year round but have incredibly difficult odds like one in a million.
  9. should do a dps comparison, cause I swear it mows down Olga first form faster than even DM. Heck, I swear max Arrest needlen does the same (out dps DM enemy groups)
  10. When no one was there to help run me through solo ROCT several hundred times, I am so glad to have @tereianne at my side. Although you don’t talk much, you are the best fomarl ever! Shout out also to @Cherry even though they are a racasael @fentanyl although you are a shithead with a bad name, you are my shithead and we could always use your freeze traps anyway! @divinora you have the ugliest symbol chats but are essential to my solo ROCTS! (Like a mascot) Thanks for everything guys!
  11. Correct me if i’m wrong, but I could have sworn that morphos used to drop stellar shard a couple years back. Maybe when the Shards were first introduced.
  12. Really good quest. Good place to hunt panzer, guld and greenill card. I was wondering if it also viable to hunt a hit suppressed gun here on hard difficulty. People tend to stay clear of lower levels for higher % attributes, but I was able to get 50 hit crush bullet and bloody art in hard and very hard respectively. Also, does anyone know what prizes the master baranz at the end gives?
  13. It be nice to have 2. Real talk: the drop rate is probably based on Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. As such, metahurestically speaking, the quantum annealing is the global minimum as opposed to the extremum. This is the unconstrained binary optimization, repeating, of course.
  14. But I am but a simple common man! Please Pgf drop for me! I do not understand...
  15. Lol yea even doing Zalure sometimes completely heals an entire group of monsters lmao, funny sometimes I don’t even bother debuffing when I’m dual boxing.
  16. Welp! I’ve got to try this. Soloable?
  17. How much for black king bar? also, S-PARTS ver2.01?
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