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  1. Hawk

    Please Close

    How many of them you have?
  2. Hawk

    Please close

    Got the Mats! Please close.
  3. My favorite weapon is Psycho Raven
  4. Hawk

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    Please close.
  5. Hawk

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    Please close (SOLD)
  6. Please post your event drops here. Also non-event drops from the same monsters of different IDs. Information Needed Difficulty Episode Section ID Monster Item Happy Valentine's Event! Enjoy hunting! ❤️
  7. Ultimate 2 CCA Whitill Zol Gibbon New Year Card
  8. Hawk


    Please close
  9. I want to buy 99 power mats and 99 mind mats
  10. Hawk

    Please Close

    Let me know when you're online
  11. Ultimate Ep. 2 Tower Bluefull Olga Flow Heaven Striker
  12. Ultimate Ep.2 Yellowboze Gal Gryphon Hylian Shield
  13. Hawk

    Please Close

    PM me and let me know when you're online
  14. Hawk

    Please Close

    Dang sry bro I'm just seeing this. I sold: Rambling May [0/35/40/0|40] - 1pd: SOLD Iron Faust +18 [0/0/35/0|0]- 1pd: SOLD Great Fairy Sword +5 [25/0/0/45|0] - 1pd: In stock Lavis Blade [15/0/25/0|0] - 1pd: In stock Sry bro I sold Tension Blaster [40/0/0/0|25] [Untekked]
  15. Hawk

    Please Close

    I'm online if you're available?
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