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  1. The time has come where I begin a new journey and end this chapter. Being in the Ultima community for 3+ years has been amazing. I met new people and played with some awesome friends and I never had any problems from the staff. I spent countless hours and late nights hunting for the best items with amazing friends. I remember when i first join this community I was a noob with low level gear but after advancing my skills and obtaining better gear I was running with the pros. This was a hard decision to make leaving Ultima but I'm starting a new chapter in my life. I want to thank @R-78 @serverus for always helping me when i needed redeeming and everyone else I met on this journey I want to thank you also. My team Triforce you will always be my brothers and I will never forget the team. Ya'll stand for great things Triforce and thats why I joined that team and stayed loyal. I won't say this is a goodbye but more like see you later and maybe someday I will come back to Ultima but for now all good things must come to an end. Oh and I can't forget about @Larva keep making this community great bro! Thank you Ultima for having me all of these years and this is not a goodbye but see you later. See ya'll in the near future Ultima.
  2. Cladding of Epsilon - Yellowboze - Epsilon - Ultimate - Ep. 2
  3. Welcome! If you need any help just reach out to anyone on forums
  4. Keep it the way it is. No changes need to be made. I have fun on this server and if the monsters are buffed then oh well just deal with it. Don't mess with any weapons, armor, shields, etc. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If you want that vanilla feel then go play on another server but I like Ultima server
  5. Create an armor that boost attack speed by 110% and create a unit that cures poison, confuse, paralyze, freeze, etc. when equipped.
  6. I wanted to make this thread for people to post their ideas on new weapons, new armors and new shields. Feel free to post your ideas on what new weapons, armor, or shield you would like to see on Ultima server.
  7. Not to sound negative but why are we still talking about this weapon Serene Swan? I mean come on its a new weapon and we need to test it out and enjoy it. So what if the weapon not balanced. Its some balanced weapons on here and some people not even skilled with it. So what if it does a lot of damage and do like 3-4 shots oh well. Be grateful that they even took the time to give us a new weapon that we can hunt and have fun adding hit, testing it out, etc. I can't believe people are still talking about this! I'm usually not the person to comment and make a fuss about things I just play this game to have fun with friends and have fun hunting these items on the Ultima server. I'm tired of hearing about it. If it bother ya'll that much then do something about it or otherwise just be grateful about getting new content on this server and have fun hunting it. I don't wanna offend and make anyone mad but this is just my opinion and I usually don't vent like this but c'mon guys we gotta do better and be thankful.
  8. Ultimate - Dorphon - Blue - Ep.4 - Alis Resolve
  9. I just wanna take this time to thank all of the GM's and @Larva for giving us 3 Happy Hours' back to back to back a few days ago. We were able to hunt these amazing Summer Event items with our teammates and friends in the Ultima community and have fun hunting during Happy Hour. I don't complain too much on this server because I know ya'll work hard and do the best ya'll can to give us new content on every event and I know ya'll have real lives outside of Ultima and I'm grateful to be able to play a game that's 20 years old and one of my favorite games that we're keeping alive. I like to hunt and have fun and I really don't comment too much on these topics because I understand all GM's cannot be on here 24/7 and I'm thankful that ya'll help us with any questions we need answered and/or redeeming donation tickets to increase the attributes and hit on our weapon when ya'll on here. I wanted to acknowledge the GM staff in Ultima community of all the hard work ya'll put in and the help we need in Ultima community is greatly appreciated. Again thank you Ultima GM staff for everything ya'll do for us on this server and making it a great community.
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