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  1. Oh so you visit recently too but you won't friendly reply 😒 Magic Bun 

    Don't be shy just say Hi Back 

    I don't bite 

    Nor a Shy Guy 

    Just Happy to see Ultima is Still 

    ALIVE 2023 

    Actually I'm not gonna lie I actually have some good memories thinking where most people these days 🤔 

    What they been up to

    Honestly everyone that I knew most were really good chill amazing people and players in Ultima Server

    Thanks for being 1 

    Magic Bun

  2. 420

    1. RocketTots


      Hey, this is like 6 years late, but thanks so much for the psycho wand. Really appreciate it.


  3. Hello Dear* :)
    You are amazing GamePlayer with such a sweet Kind Heart Person
    I umm Wish i wasn't so Dumb to you back then
    I hope where ever you are* Your happy and More Happy 

  4. I love you so much. You are my everything <3

  5. I'm also saying goodbye to my team and my friends. I will miss you all but I will be back someday in the future (maybe) I love you all and please don't forget to feed the little dragons on my signature by clicking on them I met some great friends on here and I have no regrets. I love you all even those who hate me and want me banned (chuk, kajex, Evie) kekekek You know where to find me if you need me.
  6. #BasedHighkaro has spoken. CG Blister <3
  7. Err I don't think he's lying about it, he's an honest player and I do believe he lent his Dark Flow to this guy. You can scan all his accounts instead and see he does not have the weapon. He's only got a DM he borrowed from dooby, you can ask dooby yourself if you have doubts about it.
  8. Armando get subforum pls
  9. Lool why don't u wanna join illuminati brah
  10. He needs you as his life partner. He hasn't got the guts to confess his love for you <3
  11. Damn Armando you used LoL icons to identify weapons LOL
  12. Espero que te lo solucionen pronto men
  13. Tenias como un mes sin entrar lol Ozkar el rey de los bugs
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