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  1. 420

    1. RocketTots


      Hey, this is like 6 years late, but thanks so much for the psycho wand. Really appreciate it.


  2. Hello Dear* :)
    You are amazing GamePlayer with such a sweet Kind Heart Person
    I umm Wish i wasn't so Dumb to you back then
    I hope where ever you are* Your happy and More Happy 

  3. I love you so much. You are my everything <3

  4. #BasedHighkaro has spoken. CG Blister <3
  5. Err I don't think he's lying about it, he's an honest player and I do believe he lent his Dark Flow to this guy. You can scan all his accounts instead and see he does not have the weapon. He's only got a DM he borrowed from dooby, you can ask dooby yourself if you have doubts about it.
  6. He needs you as his life partner. He hasn't got the guts to confess his love for you <3
  7. Espero que te lo solucionen pronto men
  8. Tenias como un mes sin entrar lol Ozkar el rey de los bugs
  9. I still can't log in even after rollback was performed, I can't even get to dressing room. The character data is still corrupted.
  10. Character data seems awfully corrupted, cannot get to dressing room at all. Someone please fix that.
  11. I hope so too. Why would this person target me? lol
  12. I've been hacked again Screenshot link posted below http://gyazo.com/bc6cb3ab0d898604c29e3d9b5a071876 Guild Card Number: 42015597
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