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  1. How much for a Dress Plate?
  2. Hello my old german friend :) how are you ? We should play sometime when we have freetime ^^

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    2. Schranko


      Let me know when you are online :)

    3. Sylph777


      lol i'm waiting lobby1 for you since like 5 min xD

    4. Schranko
  3. Dass du dich hier noch mal einloggst und was postet, damit hätte ich ja wirklich nicht gerechnet :)

    Ich komm ich die Tage mal auf deinen TS um Hallo zu sagen.

    1. Schranko


      Klar, warum nicht, ich habe ja nie gesagt dass ich nicht mehr auf Ultima spiele.

    2. Schranko


      Ich bin auf Ultima online, wenn du ne Runde zocken willst sag bescheid. :P

    3. Schranko


      Wenn du Lust hast können wir Ja morgen wieder ne Runde zocken. Vorallem da das Triforce event online ist. Sag einfach bescheid oder komm im ts vorbei

  4. If you guys are still interested in doing Ep2 Challenge Mode I would love to tag along if you dont mind. Just send me a PM on the forums. Maybe we can get something going this weekend if everyone is available. Cheers in advance.
  5. Soccer World Champion for the 4th time after 1954,1974 and 1990. Im so proud, well done Germany!!!

    1. Fyrewolf5
    2. Hykaro


      Gratulation an die nachbarn sauber :)

  6. Thanks a whole lot for every single second I was allowed to spend with you. You are one of the nicest guys Ive ever met on PSO. The game just wont be the same anymore without you.Im really sad that you are leaving but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. Please still log on to ts from time to time if you can because I would love to at least talk to you whenever I can.Im glad I could teach you a little bit about the game and that we had such great times and moments on this server. I wish you all the best for your future and I hope you stay healthy. Farewell my friend, take care and keep up your positive attitude and your strong will to overcome every obstacle that was in your way.Those character traits are just admirable. Until next time (your imaginary little brother) Schranko
  7. Yea definitely looking forward to this. Lets see who competes and lets hope for a lot of amazing times and lots of fun
  8. All done and taken care of.
  9. Slicer glitch is probably the only way to arrest them. Need to get a S Rank Arrest J Cutter for my HUcast anyway. If you use the slicer glitch with it then that should probably arrest biters. Im just not sure how high the success rate is going to be.
  10. Or yea sorry about that, you are right about the slicer glitch, my bad.
  11. I noticed a slight error in the guide so I will correct it real quick. The guide says that if you do the slicer glitch (SNS) the special of the weapon is not reduced. Thats wrong though because all the slicer glitch does is that it gives the third hit of the combo a guaranteed activation so that it will always hit the target (provided you have enough ata to overcome the enemy evp). It has nothing to do with being unreduced. Specials of weapons are only unreduced if the weapon itself has a rarity of 10 Stars or more. So for example if you use a Demons Diska to lower the enemy Hp it is still reduced because the Demons Diska only has a 9 Star rarity. You can do SNS with it as often as you want but the only thing that does is it guarantees your 3rd hit to activate, the reduction still applies. Another thing to mention is that casts have a built in reuction when it comes to Devils and Demons. If you use Devils on a Cast it only lowers the enemy hp by 25% (50% for Humans and Newmans) and Demons only lowers the enemy hp by 45% (75% on Humans and Newmans). Casts get a 30% Bonus on paralyze type specials (Bind,Hold,Seize,Arrest) and confuse type specials (Panic,Riot,Havoc,Chaos). Which is why Casts can Arrest Delbiters for example while Humans and Newmans cant. I hope this is not too hard to understand and that it clears some false information.
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