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  1. Hello my old german friend :) how are you ? We should play sometime when we have freetime ^^

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Schranko


      Let me know when you are online :)

    3. Sylph777


      lol i'm waiting lobby1 for you since like 5 min xD

    4. Schranko
  2. Dass du dich hier noch mal einloggst und was postet, damit hätte ich ja wirklich nicht gerechnet :)

    Ich komm ich die Tage mal auf deinen TS um Hallo zu sagen.

    1. Schranko


      Klar, warum nicht, ich habe ja nie gesagt dass ich nicht mehr auf Ultima spiele.

    2. Schranko


      Ich bin auf Ultima online, wenn du ne Runde zocken willst sag bescheid. :P

    3. Schranko


      Wenn du Lust hast können wir Ja morgen wieder ne Runde zocken. Vorallem da das Triforce event online ist. Sag einfach bescheid oder komm im ts vorbei

  3. If you guys are still interested in doing Ep2 Challenge Mode I would love to tag along if you dont mind. Just send me a PM on the forums. Maybe we can get something going this weekend if everyone is available. Cheers in advance.
  4. Soccer World Champion for the 4th time after 1954,1974 and 1990. Im so proud, well done Germany!!!

    1. Fyrewolf5
    2. Hykaro


      Gratulation an die nachbarn sauber :)

  5. Yea definitely looking forward to this. Lets see who competes and lets hope for a lot of amazing times and lots of fun
  6. Hey, ok so in christmas 2012 during RT I actually found a PGF and turned it into a 50/0/0/50/50 Dark Flow and used it on my HUcast "Schrank+" and then I borrowed it to my friend Purgy (forum name "Serylz" so that he could use it when I wasnt online. But then he wanted to put it on the character bank of his HUnewearl called "Harddude" and the bank "ate" it and it got lost. this happened a while ago, probably in March 2013. I didnt report the bug earlier because I stopped playing on Ultima around that time and only logged back on here recently. I do not have a picture of me using or holding the
  7. Ok so I cleared Ep1 Challenge Mode with a couple of friends today and when you finish the kast Stage and get S Rank time and talk to the lady at the counter to select your S Rank this is what comes up So due to the S Rank Name being Yasminkov 9000M I thought I would get a Yasminkov 9000M but it turned out to be that the name is just bugged and that it was an S Rank Blade which I didnt want so it would be nice if te S Rank Blade could get replaced with the S Rank weap I actually want. Thank You very much in advance.
  8. I can play some C Mode with you provided you could download teamspeak so we can talk since I dont know how experienced you are when it comes to C Mode. Talking while playing it makes things a lot easier.
  9. Just found this on my 1st RT run together with Dooby yesterday, I guess that´s what you can call luck
  10. I agree that the timespan when PGF can actually drop is a bit short since it will only be able to drop around Christmas, please extend the event at least a couple more days.
  11. Im definitely looking forward to this, the only down thing about this is that their server is higher populated than Ultima, oh well, Im sure it is still going to be great success overall and we will see who is gonna win in the end:P
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