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  1. I agree both of you also forgot to mentioned about forces speed, an idea is a new item let's name it V802 that can boosts force spells speed respectively to cent battle and I thought this will make the first big step for a stronger class.
  2. Force must be a stronger class to worth straight vs rangers and hunters, cause it's unfair to play as nurse or only ep4 (sometimes not so easy). For this reason I decided to create this topic where you can say your opinion about the mental strength of this class. I'll give you some examples below: 1.This could be a unit "ultima magic potion" wich will combined with hylian to give a stronger shield, to be named for example "hylian kingdom shield" which overboost to + 50% to all simple normal hard tech also +100% in rabarta and 150% to gibarta tech. 2.Could be a new weapon that will pierce and boost megid +40% 3.a unit combine to Siren Glass Hammer that boost the power of gibarta to 150% also pierce and boost megid +30% This weapon could be change color to deep blue of purple and be renamed for example to "Ice glass Hammer" 4.boost x3 the heal power to Marina's bag You can give your opinion on this issue so the server can have a point of view and be given a new interest in this game Ps: Some tests from ultima developers to the new items (units,shields,armors or weapons) considerinγ force mental strength will produce the desired effect.
  3. Welcome Dean to our community, you are in the right place!
  4. congratulation for the offer you did to present these tests in the community, even though it is not completely accurate, demonstrate the substantial differences in the use of those weapons from different characters and classes, keep up the good effort!
  5. welcome to ultima community,have fun!
  6. you can add the time I had just entry in the Room or use this dialogue: 02:30:03 Enter 01:Ultima:01-13 02:36:06 Enter cca 02:36:09 42012240 Osiris HI 02:36:18 42149603 Death up 02:37:57 42149603 Death . . . 02:41:16 42012240 Osiris i'll make a test to AS 02:41:25 42012240 Osiris has 70%hit 02:41:31 42149603 Death AS is terrible 02:41:35 42149603 Death 80h 02:41:39 42149603 Death still misses 02:41:58 42012240 Osiris i use yas 7000 80%hit and is almost same 02:42:12 42149603 Death only 10 ata off 02:42:22 42149603 Death but i feel like my old yas never missed 02:42:26 42149603 Death as much as AS does
  7. During a process adding hit% on 2 weapons between me and gm cyan those weaps deappeared, the items are: 1. ASTERON STRIKER 70%hit 2. Yasminkov charge 60% hit account 42012240 4th slot osiris ramar this image of ASTERON STRIKER is before cyan converts it to 70%hit
  8. I'm sorry buddy about this fact, I confirm that you bought the c/b.
  9. Cg: 42123590 Slot: 4 Date/time: 21/11/2015 - 06:00 p.m GMT+2:00 Description: today when start the game I checking my inventory I saw my weapons changed their names but keeping the form and their properties, Ι quote you below: before now I would apreciate if a GM deals with my problem.I'll be in lobby 13 or to the game, other pm please.
  10. this happened to me two years ago after 140+ girtablulu kills buddy...
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