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  1. Pregunta hay alguno otro nuevo comando o son todos los que hay? por cierto hola XD
  2. Pinche hamburgesa del mal, espero que se te pueda arreglar pronto
  3. Well took me almost 3 hours to complete, only by myself, only 100 + deaths (lol) but a have so much fun i reely like to see a second part, maybe in epi 2? btw awesome quest
  4. yo sigo vivo aunque no he jugado durante años! jajajajaja saludos RR Army!
  5. kama 15 def 85 pow lv 100, askin for 13 pds and also have twins on pb
  6. i have 120 hp mats for sale what are u offerin?
  7. how many pds for the master and guld millas?
  8. master sword for 25 pds?
  9. i have mind satos 150 mind 50 def ando pow satos 150 pow 45 dex XD
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