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  1. Ultimate - Ep2 - Viridia - @jezbuz - Centurion/Disappointment
  2. hey I thought GM @Lipelis already made the banner?
  3. I'm the most offended c-word alive, doggy. HBD morphos buff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hey sailor be sure to wear your mask when you go out.5ec535d8f0f4192c7b16b7f5?width=600&forma

    1. jezbuz


      CAROLE FOOKING BASKIN!!!! She looks like she's looking for a new husband to feed to him to the big swol kittens.

      Also, do you like my mask?


    2. RocketTots


      I'm in love ❤️

  5. Thank you to @serverus for this great event. I was able to add a bunch of specials to items that definitely shouldn't have specials. But in all seriousness, its a big undertaking just being available for players for a whole weekend and it is appreciated. Big shout out to @R-78 for making time to be around when mio had to do real life stuff too, even tho it was super late in her home country. Muchos Thnaks Beaucoups sailors.
  6. Honestly as far as how to spend your time its totally different for everyone. I personally like hunting weird rare crap thats not worth anything, and farming event items. Some people like playing the quests and getting the story, some people like time attack, and some people like challenge mode. But if you play long enough on the server you'll dip your toes into all of it. I'd suggest just finding which character you enjoy to play most first of all, then get that char geared out so you can use that as a foundation to get whatever other things you'll need in the future. For exp, just spam TTF to 100 then CCA to 200. For items, farm or ask around. Plenty of people are willing to give mid range or higher to newbies. If you want to max out your character (which you should), check out this thread:
  7. green names have nothing to do with exp. They are separate events. Green names = rare mob rate increase. It just so happens that green names coincides with 5x exp rate sometimes during events and staff decide to turn them on/off at various times, but they are separate.
  8. @bobshlibidich get a NICE SHOT and join me and @Yannv for a round on the links.
  9. ID cards are specifically mentioned on the event description. That is why I am asking.
  10. @serverus what weapon would I need to add special to ID cards? slicer?
  11. Happy bee day buzz buzz 🐝🐝🍻

  12. hey happy day n stuff sailor

    1. McLaughlin86


      I appreciate you brother ty be safe and acquire clout.


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