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  1. Hot take: DAR is stupid and ruins the community.


    I literally cap my rooms at three (hoping I catch it at two) before starting a quest and will often restart if more join. 60% DAR is fugging garbage. Of course this doesn't apply to quests like woi where I expect people to die, but that just makes me terrible and reinforces the fact that this system is trash. 


    On top of that, we have a team of many players that instead of just joining a room of other teammates, are forced to factor in the fact of a 60% DAR rate when joining a room. So, instead of joining a 3/4 run, they sit idle in lobby. 



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RocketTots


      imagine being penalized for playing with other players on a game where the whole idea is to play with other players lol

    3. jezbuz


      I totally agree. And to think that the DAR numbers used to be even worst... kinda kills the whole concept of playing online with other people lol. But well, at least the duo DAR values aren't too bad these days, but more than duo, kinda starts feeling overwhelming

    4. Abercio checa

      Abercio checa

      i totally agree with this stupid DAR so crazy and boring i love play full room with friend.

  2. I heard you have really pretty hands.

  3. #FreeEmewn2020 #FreeRazfeldt2020




    @Emewn @RazfeldtOmnipotent @jezbuz @nnorton44 @Yannv @mudkipzjm @Mappy @jdhenry124 @Duja @serverus


    The injustice that this server has committed must be rectified. 

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    2. jdhenry124


      Every new picture I see of this man just convinces me that he is the coolest person to ever play PSO. Truly the realest doggie alive

    3. jezbuz


      Free them all. I can't stand a shoutbox talking about PSO in a PSO related forum.

      #FreeRaz #FreeTerror #SaveUsAll #Pray4ourShoutboxHeroes

    4. C01D1


      Nothing in life is free

  4. FIRST new years card - blueful ep1 - ultimate - del d
  5. Ahoy i am there. Are you here?

  6. Shout out to @Slvg for the siq Arrest Needle kit (SN, POST, and grinders)! Thanks so much, Happy Holidays.
  7. hey i Just ordered these for us BB


    1. jezbuz


      Oooo you're the best. Take all my money and lets flood our xmas tree with those.

  8. Bluefull - Barba Ray - Ep2 - Ult - Normal Drop :(((
  9. Sanic Team Armor - Shamby - Ep4 - Ult - Bluefull
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