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  1. anything that makes GG more than a status symbol is an improvement
  2. phatan booster - viridia - bringer - ult- ep1 BBS - viridia - sorcerer - ult - ep1
  3. Thanks @R-78 this is an awesome use for NYC.
  4. Burn no Dark Bridges Tots ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. here is our first TTF run as a band: 



    1. RocketTots


      I'm the schlub on synthesizer obv.

    2. Mappy


      Holy crap you like Weezer too? Nice sweater song cover btw xd

  6. It's a 0.02088% chance to get 85 hit yas from ROCT, although I know of 3 happening...
  7. This. Also sambas. I'll probably prioritize my Type/SH shot hell then Type/SH shot demon. After those its a toss up between Charge TYB or 85 hit PRs 😍
  8. Ultima engine changes the little color lights on the back I believe but another example of smol change in appearance oh yeah and sato
  9. Awesome. The super long wait was totally worth it, even though it was super long.
  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Hey how many quad logs are allowed on a quad log, and how much onion powder is required?

    1. Kotta


      One. Just, one :onion-head69:

      (Onion Powder? At this point pretty much cero. I'm not an Onion Machine, anymore. Just an Onion Head :onion108: ) 

      [or, two :onion-head82:

    2. R-78


      3 submissions per quad log.

    3. Kotta


      This Is how I know I misunderstood what he said :onion-head81:

      [I thought he already meant 4 logs with "quad" :o ]

  12. 8OVr.gif


    1. Kotta


      It's hideous! :onion122:

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