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  1. Hey sistah, you want some eyelash tips? d0f8c63ce007db3344259f9e3b67c526.gif

    1. jezbuz


      sisssss you look so baddie. You don't need any tips from me




    2. jdhenry124


      Usagi-chan looking good ngl

  2. Lil' Willy's rich parents used their golf resort money to give him 7k of DTs, so there's at least one.
  3. nice eyelashes sis. do you brush them daily?

    1. RocketTots


      tenor.gif Feelin' pretty cute. Might go whaling later idk

  4. cagar

    1. jezbuz



    2. Gui



  5. Beautiful. This is the kind of development PSO needs.
  6. Ult - Ep2 - Pinkal - Gibbles - Non Event Drop (madams umbrella)
  7. Ult - Ep2 - Viridia - Gibbles - Soul Booster
  8. where's all the soul booster confirmations at????????
  9. got my first lvl 30 attack spell in almost 7 years last night (megid 30). Not super rare but was neato for me.
  10. Hi, check out the max stats plans from this link. It looks like you may want to make a new mag and move around your materials to maximize your stats. Also I'd recommend getting a Faust since you are racast, as well as a good set of mechs such as P Ravens. If I see you in game I can give you some things to help get you started.
  11. Ult - Whitil - Ep1 - Baranz - Trap Search
  12. oh thanks onion lord. Thats very helpful. Much like an onion you bring flavor to things that would otherwise be pretty ok. still love you.
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