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  1. Lol, if by "suggesting that triforce are better" you mean me saying that there are good people on the team that could set records if they tried, then you are correct. I guess when his friend's egos are that large, they may misinterpret statements. iirc, we were supposed to post a time and then you respond, however you guys went ahead and beat your own record for fun? Congrats tho. Yep, the circumstances were that people had things to do outside pso, and also the two biggest events happened (we are dirty item hunters, so this is important). Also, if you think I should "keep my mouth shut" when being blasted with slurs by the toxic elitists comparing their epeens, then you are ridiculous. I agree with you that a few folks who do TA on ultima are friendly (starlord, rashan) but there are others that completely disregard the worth of any player that doesn't do TA, as evident by they way people talk in lil willy's discord.
  2. hey sorry i just started following this slow guy named @Dutch Ride and he doesn't move fast, doesn't have ANY dutch tickets, and he doesn't even have any lemurs. LMK what you think about our ongoing relationship kthnxby

    1. RocketTots
    2. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      Go to bed you two.

    3. jezbuz


      Ewwww. He doesn't go fast, he's a poor pleb without any dutch tickets and doesn't like lemurs?!!! He's totally out of our marriage guest list. Don't even dare to talk with him tots.

      Also found a pretty lemur to adopt. I think we ahould call him High Tide


  3. soul eater - skyly - del rappy - ult - ep4
  4. "DF Shield - Skyly" is incorrect. This drops regular drop (S-reds). DF Shield DOES drop on Pinkal - Sinow Red - Ult - Ep1
  5. L&K38 Combat - Skyly - Baranz - Ep1 - Ultimate
  6. yellow merge - Milqueek - ep1 - skyly - ultimate
  7. Tablet - Claw - ep1 - Skyly - Ultimate
  8. Broom - skyly - sorcerer - ep 1 - ult
  9. Murasame - skyly- red slime - ep 1 - ult
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