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  1. I thought I wanted one of these onions but then I realized the onion was a bit too stinky and I decided to edit this response because I no longer want the onion. gracias
  2. not knowing what the rewards is, or even if there will be an event around NYC is part of the gamble of actually hunting them. Its sad to see people getting upset about an event that doesn't even need to happen.
  3. Thanks, this looks fun!
  4. update from the launcher, it should solve the problem.
  5. anything in particular you are looking for?
  6. I like to see more spam of all types, everywhere, but maybe that's just me
  7. happy birthday! Make room Tsunade pw 55

    1. jezbuz


      Parabéns meu rei! Temos todos saudades tuas 😘

  8. unless they changed something recently, you'll be unable to complete a few of the missions without others to hit switches.
  9. ahoy mate, I'd like this pew please thnaks Tension Blaster [40/0/0/0|25] [Untekked]
  10. He's just being the realest doggy alive, doggy, from the mean streets of new jersey
  11. @Emewn hey! Welcome back doggy. Since you've been gone you have been replaced as the realistic doggy alive, doggy. That doggy is now @Kotta
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