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  1. This is very colorful. Thank you.
  2. Boomerang - ult - blueful - dark gunner
  3. yeah.... lets not make this like the (ongoing) 3 year belra buff cuz this one is actually really annoying...
  4. Thnaks @R-78 and @serverus we appreciate you taking your time to do this.
  5. I think siren swam should have rifle range.
  6. Agree. End game enemies are supposed to be difficult (even though they aren't THAT difficult even without DW/STA). End game gear is supposed to be difficult to obtain. That's the point. Want to kill things faster? Hunt a better weapon. Want to hit more? Hunt a better weapon. Want more resistances? Hunt. Spend one HH and hunt something. Thats the entire point of this game.
  7. Who wants to talk about the Serene Swan again?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. jezbuz


      So, my opinion about Serene Sawn is that it shouldn't be nerfed because the weapon is really





    3. Trigunman


      Why bother?  It's not going to change anyone else's mind, namely Larva's.

      I think I'd rather talk about the weather...  Brace for impact Florida.

    4. Shin


      I missed the first conversation entirely. :cr-dunno:I do live in Florida though...

  8. I really hope you also got the golf club. #boiola we need to do a golf club only olga run
  9. Centurion/TP - Goran - Skyly
  10. confirmed normal drop: Skyly Lame Dorphon
  11. soul booster blueful gibbles ult
  12. Fanny Pack where have you gone

    1. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      Press F to pay respecc

    2. Gui
    3. Palutena
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