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  1. Happy birthday to me because I'm Capa. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

    1. capo


      Thanks you Capa, im also a Capa so happy birthday to u too

  2. Blueful gal griff griff ult ep2 normal dorp
  3. lol pls don't give them more things to not remember to not turn off.
  4. I've never seen a bathroom or living quarters on Pioneer 2, so I can only assume that if all hunters lived there it would be covered in caca and you'd see people sleeping on hard metal floors all over the place. OPE! can't buy trimates from the vendor because theres 12 hunters sleeping covered in filth in the way.... But at least theres a clinic and gallons roulette to pass the time.
  5. This could be us, but you playing PSO


  6. What @jezbuz said. It's great that this game is still playing and I will help anyone with whatever as long as they aren't a carole baskin. hit me up in game for noob gear. TinyBits
  7. ill run some c mode with ya. Been through all of ep1 3 or 4 times and ep 2 once I think. lemme know.
  8. he decided to do something! That no one cares about! HUZZAHHHH!
  9. you got the attention of someone who is supposedly a a GM of the server! look at that guy lol!
  10. @jezbuz THIS IS OUR SONG. 



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    2. RocketTots


      fuggin SPACE OPERA you FUDGEs


    3. jezbuz


      I hope this is played when i'm heading to the altar in our weeding

    4. Lipelis


      Ahoooooy, me likey 🎵


  11. Again, not ignoring the increased drops, TTFU also has chance to drop mind mats, and meseta is worthless. In fact, if you look at the math I've factored that in. I have calcs for if the player does the entire quest as well. My point is that this quest may or may not be ideal for new players, especially if they are running solo and that it would be good to provide multiple applicable quests for farming these items. Providing feedback to make a guide more user friendly should not be interpreted as argumentative and if that's how it comes across, I apologize as that wasn't my intent. And again, I have provided the rate for if the player does not stop at the second room. The reason I provided the number if they DID stop, was to do a real comparison of 7 enemies to 7 enemies between the quests, and then compare that to the whole quest. Link to screen recording software: https://obsproject.com/ Link to my recordings of both quests: MAUF: TTFU:
  12. Please note the words "prefer" and "arguably" in my reply. The point here is that providing a menu of applicable quests is better than pigeon-holing a new user to a quest. As you said, you were using a max mst fo. Equipment, level, play style will all impact which quests would be optimal for new players. I'd be interested to see you clear MAU Forest in a little over two minutes as you say, as each run from counter to counter is anywhere from 3:45 to 4:00 in my runs. Case in point: Time from lobby to lobby: With a max FOmar - TTFU yields 7 hilde at 72 seconds, MAU Forest yields 7 hilde at 106 seconds, and the entire run of MAUF yields 32 hilde at 3 min 57 seconds (237 seconds). At these times here is the break down of hilde per second: If the player runs entire quest: TTFU: 9.722% (7/72) MAUF: 13.33% (32/237) If the player runs until the second room of each quest (7 hildes): TTFU: 9.722% (7/72) MAUF: 6.660% (7/106) Ultimately the difference is negligible. It comes down to what class, level, gear, playstyle the user has and whether or not they are willing to lobby frequently.
  13. good start on some basic farming ideas for new players. Just a thought - there are other quests that people may prefer or that are more efficient for farming some of this stuff - might be cool to add a couple suggested quests rather than just one. For example - first room of TTFU is arguably more efficient in farming pow mats, and first half of MA4DMD arguably more efficient for farming PCs.
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