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  1. He's just being the realest doggy alive, doggy, from the mean streets of new jersey
  2. @Emewn hey! Welcome back doggy. Since you've been gone you have been replaced as the realistic doggy alive, doggy. That doggy is now @Kotta
  3. sell me your love @Wavebuster
  4. Hi, yes there is a common bank that can be accessed from all characters on your account. You can change between your character bank and the common bank by typing "/bank" in game.
  5. 8 pds and one burning rangers disc
  6. 🍑🍫

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kotta


      I mean, If It's represented with a chocolate bar, It means It's tasty, but who am I to tell, I've never done that :onion125:

    3. applesaucin


      Do not eat poo poo, kotta. Very bad for you. 

    4. Kotta


      you mean everyone 👀

  7. yellowboze Ult Ep4 Merissa AA NON EVENT DROP yellowboze Ult Ep4 Del Rappy NON EVENT DROP
  8. tee hee meseta in your item reader. stimky onions
  9. Can't believe they removed this quest. It had the best rewards. Thanks Mio.
  10. jajajajajajajajajajajaja
  11. 🐌🐌🐌

    1. Lipelis


      Sometimes it feel good to go slower and appreciate the beauty of the world...

      Take care Mister Tots xx

    2. jezbuz
  12. How many portuguese dads are enough for you to say "wow that's enough portuguese dads, but i love them all"?

    1. R-78



    2. RocketTots


      Can you really ever have too many Portuguese dads?

    3. jezbuz


      But what if they start fighting over TA records? 🙄😞

  13. how much for your love?
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