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  1. Love this. ID cards definitely need a banner and some sort of usefulness. They are cool trophies but I'd like to show them of and have them actually be worth using.
  2. Um jizai with high hit is a dope choice for cca hunter.
  3. PSO2 has been accessible for years. This will not be the end of Ultima or psobb. Not a reason to make it so everyone in the game is DM spamming space lizards in the face.
  4. Good point. But yeah the main theme here is that A) DWs are meant to be difficult to obtain and B ) there are plenty of other good weps.
  5. Why should the best weapons in the game be easily accessible to those who do not put in the time for them??? Donations are not necessary to get these... its just time and effort. Additionally, there are other options (IF/PF) that do just fine.
  6. B> TypeSH/SHOT (demon) 80 hit

  7. you sell dragon scale

  8. C/HP - Hildetorr Ep1 Viridia Ultimate
  9. Habby birthday dude :3 Naruto-Road-to-Ninja-Blog.jpg

  10. B> Demon TypeSH/Shot 80 hit

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      Haha yeah I saw that. He sold it already. Jez make sad.

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