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  1. Godric Ability..... LMAO. Brings memories. Bluefull drops Boomerang on Ult Ruins doesn't it? (edit: someone beat me to it)
  2. Dropping by to see how well things are going, looks like everyone's holding up :lol:

    So glad to see you guys up and running.

  3. So... how's the server hanging on? so far so good huh?

    1. Stark 1

      Stark 1

      You're not ded

    2. R.A.V.S.O


      I come and go as I please, where there are programs to code and MMO's to grind, I'll be there.

    3. Misombre
  4. Been gone for some time, I came back and I'm greeting with spam on my inbox and poorly done amateur porn, which begs me to ask..... have I missed something?

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    2. Dracozombie


      I'm new and based on this status alone, I've learned there's stuff going on in the back alleys here that I'm not aware of. Maybe that's for the best.

    3. Fyrewolf5


      .... it's kind of a long story, let's just say someone got vindictive after they were caught hacking and banned for it...

    4. Fyrewolf5


      Welcome back, been ages since i've seen ya

  5. Level Up +1, HP + 22, TP + 9. STR + 3, DEF + 7, MND + 2,

    1. shion255


      hmmm that must be when coming close to level 200 no?

  6. decisive exams atm, brb in a month



      O.o Good luck dude!

  7. from 5th to the bottom.... man I've been absent far too long

  8. afaik we can't please everyone, you have 2 options.... (note this is assuming you KNOW what the source of the item balace issue is) you can either nerf/restrict/block such item or leave it be. should the OP'ed weapon be left intact, just as Lee said, the neverending cycle of buffs will continue, eventually a group of people will whine about it, and possibly the mods will release an even better weapon/armor to counteract such OP'ed item. by the looks of it we have reached a point where we are now in NEED of modded weapons to keep a semi-balanced meta-game, modded weapons are nice and all but we have no idea of what consequences might arrive because of the mods, I mean a few of them are ok, but too many might cause unwanted bugs. heck some of them are fun (like the broken Hylian shield that made forces into Gods of Death) but eventually you'll find many people with dissapeared items, complaints about how broken stuff is etc... long story short, keep scaling beyond the original damage output and you might risk game integrity (keyword here is might) both in the gameplay and metagame. moving to option B should the mods lock/nerf/restrict such OP'ed item, Would people be pissed? yes, Will people whine about it? absolutely, Will people threaten to or downright leave the game? it's a rather realistic possibility, at a first glance the nerf/restriction/lock of an items that is deemed too OP, might have these unsettling results as one of the biggest concerns for the community, yes I understand this might be a big blow if handled poorly, but think about it for a second.... if handled right, you'd eventually use it as a reason to promote the use of other discarded or rarely used items (mmo's afaik give you tons of items to mix-n-match builds for your liking) you'd also (once again if handled correctly) restore some balance to the metagame and quite possibly avoid any more bugs from implementing new gear/items if you are "experimenting" on new items for the community. where am I heading with this? like I stated before, we can't possibly please anyone, and if you'd ask me I'd for for option B, why? putting them on a scale of pro's and con's I'd say option B is the lesser of the 2 evils sure both options have nasty side effects but I believe Ultima could handle option B better on a worst-case scenario should it ever arise. to whoever reads this, this is just me giving my 2 cents, should you find this offensive don't take it to heart, it's only an opinion.
  9. well at last I can play PSO2 but I'm alone XD does Ultima have a team over there?

  10. Recuerda que siempre tendras a gente que te apoye aqui
  11. anyone drops growlithes? I'd like to have one (adamant nature) to level up as I clear story mode, although I have no valuables in-game yet I guess I could give PSO items as a valuable.

  12. after a long set of hardships... at last! Pokemon Y is mine XD

    1. chrisNL


      lets battle sometimes :3

    2. R.A.V.S.O


      I just barely started yesterday XD I don't even know where to get an eevee and still at lv's 18-20

    3. chrisNL


      i tought you could get eevee at either route 11 or 10 im not sure tho

  13. Happy B-Day Elision!

    1. Redstar Hunter

      Redstar Hunter

      Happy B-Day *Punchs her arm and counts her age*

    2. Arthas


      k se joda ese culero xD

  14. Happy Holidays Everyone XD wish I could stay a bit longer but AT&T's gonna have tons of phones activating on these days, so have fun everyone XD P.S: save me a PGF XD it's my 5th year XD

  15. I believe it might be time to locate a successor and pass my account to him/her.... it's just getting near-impossible for me to enter ultima (and my down key is broken so I can't even attack)

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    2. Trigunman


      Dewd, just like, take a break and come back when you're ready unkay? ...Legacy? On a online game? XD We'll see ya when you get back bro.

    3. Akioyamato


      ^ So much doubt.

    4. Trigunman


      Doubt is for those with no faith my young padawan. ;^)

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