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  1. 420

    1. RocketTots


      Hey, this is like 6 years late, but thanks so much for the psycho wand. Really appreciate it.


  2. Congrats, Donpepe99! Let's do it again next year! Didn't know about the 1 damage FOmar and creature ownage XD
  3. Put it me in for Team Valor... I mean team red
  4. Sometimes, when an enemy comes near you, when you shoot the FS, it will freeze them, even if your back is turned... In my opinion, SNOW QUEEN isn't worth it, unless you have 60 Hit on it; or else, it will miss Gibbles and other higher EVP enemies. Follow-up shots, boost ATA of the consecutive shot fired.
  5. Lets see, after you run the online.exe; go to the Options menu; go to Sound; then check Global Sound Focus on. That should do the trick. 420
  6. I got the crystal to make the weapon, if you want that.
  7. Christmas and regular lobby song, respectively.
  8. I guess I'm out. I smoke too much weed to remember...
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