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  1. I'd like to play Challenge mode episode 2 for a S-rank Needle. Let me know if you are down!
  2. VH - Guil Shark - Yellow Merge Greenill
  3. Fonewm: 1: Resta 2: reverser 3: shifta 4: deband 5:jellen 6:zalure 7: grants 8: difluid 9: trifluid 0: sol atomizer left arrow: rafoie down: gizonde or razonde (for vol opt) right arrow: rabarta Ctrl + left: megid Ctrl+ down: gifoie or barta (for olga) ctrl +right: special attack (glide divine anti)
  4. B> Rambling May, New Year's Cards 4:5,Megid lv 30

    1. Starlord


      4:1 dt or pds XD I need to get some to give to friends in presents to troll

    2. DevlinKhodabaks


      oh great that you noticed, it was a typo xd meant 4:5 in pds

  6. megid lv 30, RM

    1. JADE


      I have a smartlink for you.

  7. "The rate for pgf was 1/348 a couple years ago. Last year I believe 3 IDs (Viridia, Yellowboze, and Bluefull) got it at a rate of 1/116 and the rest were 1/348. " ~ Stark 1 not sure if it's true so I put it in for THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT Owh.. Wasn't I allowed to do this?
  8. Well, yeah, Anniv. event is over for now. But as I have no life, I dug through the 2015 christmas Topic and here are the confirmed drops of last year in advance! These are all now confirmed! Again this is last years drops and items, so new confirmations will be added and new items. If you still know something from last year, let me know, so I can edit it Goodluck !!!!
  9.  Lv30: grants, megid

    1. bloodseeker


      I have 2 noob/hp for 22 pds each 

    2. Depassage


      I have Shifta 30 for 4 PDs if you want

  10. It was indeed the language option, thanks!
  11. Hii ultima, On 9th of march i logged in to play and noticed I had Really Rare items. So i checked my bank, common bank and other character and they all have the same issues. The "rare" items aren't really rare, my rainbow baton for example is called a Dark meteor, and my double cannon is a TJS. I did log in to buy a Heaven Striker from a person. its now on my first character slot under the name Meteor Rouge. can this be fixed? guild card: 42088431 character slot: All, Common Bank, Character Banks date: first noticed at 9th of march Thanks in advance
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