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  1. hey get back to me sometime soon Mira 

  2. So has anyone found a STA yet?

  3. Well I'm off for a while, didn't think I'd get jacked like this :/

    1. McLaughlin86
    2. Malxerz
    3. HIPPIE562


      That "Hope" player I was asking everyone about stole my Psycho Brdige and my Hylian Shield

  4. You will be missed my friend, come back soon or I'll drag you back from your PSO2
  5. Dang that is a great cover, it looks like a lot of fun
  6. Hi everyone :D

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    2. HIPPIE562



    3. King Ra

      King Ra

      come on now, spamming your own status? lols

    4. Soly


      Lmao King...

      Hello and welcome back!

  7. I need a new laptop >:(

  8. Hi, I'm Mira. We played together a couple of times lol but welcome xD P.S. I <3 Ys games :3
  9. lol my account is good it's just my laptop that is tripping
  10. No the harlem shake is just getting old and annoying :/
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