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  1. aye Evie Miss You! ^.^ xoxoxo Love Purple!

    1. Wayne Jones

      Wayne Jones

      OMG purple? Mother $$$$$$$ PURPLE!!!!! PURPLE!!!! PURPLE!!!! PURPLE!!!!


    2. Cyane


      She's mine!! ;o; no steal

    3. King Ra
  2. nope its the 1 i had lost! Put it in the bank common to xfer that ?? bug in bank make me crash and when i relogged and check bank was gone and wasnt on any of the chars. i had 2 Dms wilson fat boy knows and poptart i had 3 dms at 1 point but traded 1 towards that 1 and few other ubers! wedding dress and that Dm i got from trade! i collect like fatboy i hunt alot ive had 3 pgfs that i have hunted got the 1 to make my flow xmas before last with fatboy! And Obtained My First Pgf Wit Gm Vypor! and made my Dm and sphered it myself. and now i have 2 Dms and 1 flow but currently only have my flow and 1 of my dms! cuz that 1 was lost in xfer! <3 Purple!
  3. hello i need help with my DM lost it trying to xfer in common bank the server crashed and when i relog no dm in bank just ????
  4. im posting now bcuz i am back i had alot family problems going on 2 family members have passed away :/ been rough time for me and my family havent had much time on my hands just now got a lil free time back i <3 my ultima fam and wud like my items back plz
  5. i was doin a team xfer with my teammember and items bugged on the floor and neither 1 of us cud pick it up i took pix of the ghost box and the other pic is of my flow on snowwite the char i made it on.
  6. Blast Olga Flow! Genes

  7. I need Help Lost Items trying to common bank transfer put My DM in to xfer over and dced log back in check bank And ???? items i dnt know what happened BAnk glitched and i dont have My DM anywere cud a Gm plz help me recover My items! id like to HUnt.
  8. ok i will turn it of and let it reset and then try hope it works XD
  9. i am ban at login . Please let me back in i have did nothing wrong . Please check into it my Gc # 42093026
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