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    Tilla tequila, Red Devil , T.Tequila

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    Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst [Ultima forum]
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    I'm a helper & a Mini Game [Ultima] Maker
    Administrator For Mini-Game

    Company [Serious Action]

    Ultima Member Title [Ultima Mini-Game Administrator]

    Dream Lover [ Tila tequila a.k.a Tila Nguyen ]

    Group [Battle Angel] Admin

    About Me :

    you can call me

    Tila Tequila

    I'm Friendly & nice & Honest & Very truthful & Funny sometime here & There

    Dislike : Disrespectful Random Ass peoples

    Likes: Friends and PSO ULTIMA

    Admire Career [ I only Admire beauty from Certain Women ]

    Ethnicity [ Fully Asian ] Originately Hmong

    Language spoken

    japanese [some words]
    Vietnamese [Some words]
    Korean [Some words]
    Cantonese [Some words]

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  1. do you miss me my beautiful man

  2. hey get back to me sometime soon Mira 

  3. Hello Dear* :)
    You are amazing GamePlayer with such a sweet Kind Heart Person
    I umm Wish i wasn't so Dumb to you back then
    I hope where ever you are* Your happy and More Happy 

  4. Its Been Forever I Hope Everyone who works on this server is still loyalty as ever to Larva & im Glad I get to make a topic and another chance to write & say hello to all I guess when I started playing here I was a crazy kid who wanted to be like by everyone but I treated everyone in a different way I couldn't even comprehend myself even today what was I thinking ...I was a kid after all ...was in a state of development BUT Im a older person now im 21 and I feel happy as ever coming back to say hello. I Definitely Miss Everyone!!! SO VERY MUCH* Thank you Larva For making su
  5. I Love this community I enjoy the good times and bad times with everyone I somewhat didn't know any better when I started to play and I feel so ....you name the word...idiotic self inconsiderate BUT um I just wish to visit one last time and I see that not even a friend of mine in the game has login recently on the forum at all ...I guess everyone that I knew in the game as in friends from start is not ever coming back I FEEL SAD but what so ever more importantly that I see new moderators and Chuk [ Ultima Dev ] congradulations I am happy that this community is still alive and will always be a
  6. Reason Why Shade QUit Cuz he actual went to go on a real date with O_oiio_O :( Damn Shade stole my girl both RevolutionX and BattleAngel...Girls make us man waste our time ..and who told me to go on pso as a dating website...I am an Idiot Chuk For the win!..Larva for the power support and i came just to spoil what i think about my buddy shade behind the gameplay...1 final word DAMN please dont delete this so shade can come back

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    2. Dizzak420
    3. Biza


      the lazu donut part its true chuck innocent maybe xD

    4. Biza
  7. Saturday [Mini-Game Begins]

  8. SORRY I been away for a while.............. Still trying to get my Driver Licsense and finding a job in life (Scratching my head) Im in DEBT right now....... well shall we start ill post my mini game THANKS People who comment (Politely) WELCOME People Who Viewed BTW any one have any Ideas whose this COPY CATTER........... not my guildcard ( Im Not playing around )
  9. I have a glide if you want I think they go for 90 PD'S I honestly GUESS they drop in Subterranean Rappy Not dessert Rappy and for certain ID'S
  10. Seriously No-One didn't get the Mini-Game At all not even close

    1. Rogue Fatso

      Rogue Fatso

      so who won? Are you going to go by who was closest now?

    2. Dizzak420


      oh hey can i still collect my prize from 1st event? xD

    3. Red Devil
  11. SUPER Mini-Game [FRIDAY] Naming BEAST of Darkness For RED DEVIL COMMAND

    1. Red Devil

      Red Devil

      sniff no1 wants D Core like hell...they just want it to be a mini game prizes...................................................

  12. Friday [Mini Game] in 24 hours

  13. Friday [Mini-Game] in 48 hours

  14. MINI-GAME [Monday] Begins!

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