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  1. Christmas Event Drop Table 2018

    Thank you!
  2. Christmas Event Drop Table 2018

    Nice to see that drop not very hard, but tell us what the PGF drop table in the ultimate?
  3. Christmas Event Drop Table 2018

    proven a friend of mine caught her in RT
  4. Christmas Event Drop Table 2018

    Amitie’s Memo - gee - ep2 ult - Greennil
  5. The old suffering of every year haha

    I did not take it hahaha
  6. Every year the same thing, you wait for the Christmas event to catch PGF and the olga from the pds last year was 5 pds and this year just started the event and the same already gave me 1 pd. I will continue to hunt the PGF but I think that because it is a very difficult item to get it should not be dropping pd in olga because it discourages everyone knows how it takes a RT or even a seabred and when it arrives in the boss what if it obtains is a Photon drop ...
  7. Christmas Event Drop Table 2018

    toy hammer recon or recobox seabred skyly and greenil ultimate
  8. Christmas Event 2018

  9. Holiday Battle Tournament

    I'm not defending either one or the other just want to expose what I think about it as they said that when entering the room can know the class of the opponent would fit who came last pay attention in this detail, but npcs should not be allowed in the battle, and of course a human being is able to defeat a force, it depends on who drives it.
  10. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    I think it's one of the new items? will be?
  11. Hi, did you see that you have a Rage of Feu with 40/0/0/30/40 status, do you want to sell it to me?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. gabriel123
    3. Scott18


      Nah man I think I am going to hold onto it for a little while and try it out for myself.

    4. gabriel123
  12. Halloween Event 2018

  13. Triforce Event Drop Table 2018

    Great Fairy Sword - Merissa Ult Ep4 - Viridia
  14. Summer Event Drop Table

    Soul Booster - REDRIA - Gibbles EP2