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  1. If you ever come back I will help you get geared again....same for Kajex if you're readin' *cries in corner*
  2. Even though alot of people I'm friends with didn't like you....I always thought you were cool..... Sorry to see you're leaving dude....
  3. This isn't right..... I feel really sad right now.......gonna miss you dude even though I didn't know you very well you seemed to find trolling funny and for that...I tip my hat to you sir. Gonna miss you.
  4. Kajex........ Edit: Don't wanna QQ up your thread so I just wanna say that the few times I had interacted with you in game were fun, hope to see you again someday. Take it easy dude.
  5. I figured I would make a post in the general area since I didn't know where else to put it but PSO has been out for over a decade and this amazing game and community are still alive and kicking after all these years, not just because of the players, but because of the people like Larva, Lee, Chrono and the wonderful GM team's who actively volunteer to help who keep this game alive! I realize we complain sometimes about little things on occasion but through it all you guys continue to manage these servers for free anyways. So hats off to the GM's and those who keep this thing going not because they have too, but because they want to. Very happy to see things are still up and running after all this time. Here's to another fun filled year of PSO! I'm eternally grateful for all of you guys, going to be a blast playing again! Edit: My grammar is atrocious.
  6. Well although Arashi will not be back for a while possibly forever .....I'll still play here, I will be playing on Schthack now too though. If you want to play with me it's BasedGanon on Schthack, I'll still be on the Ultima forums and playing on this server often as well. Glad to be playing PSO again and on two servers now! Larva & Lee & GM's please continue to keep this amazing server running forever! Edit : Also too all those reading this.....please contact me immediately if you're selling a dark flow or red ring via PM, TY #basedganon
  7. Fixed my initial post, as it was a little bit too QQ
  8. Welcome to Ultima! If you need any help with anything at all send me over a pm and I'll see if I can help you out, hope you have fun!
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