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  1. Hello everyone! I am unable to find the forum for introducing yourselves, so I'm creating my own post. I am a returning vet and have been with psobb ultima since 2010. My in game name is/will be Oasis. I can't wait to play with all of you in game! Come say hi, I'm friendly and like meeting people! 🙂
  2. Sylph! The C-mode legend himself!

    1. Sylph777


      Hi, long time no see, how have you been?

  3. I'm thinking about logging on tomorrow. Should I?

    1. Stark 1

      Stark 1

      No one cares . Noob

    2. pushan
  4. You guys honestly make my day with the replies I get on my status updates hahaha

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. pushan


      swing 1st m7+1

    3. Misombre


      Btw why "Pushan" and not "Savitri" ? God I hate this fat butterfly mag T-T

    4. pushan


      Lmao I had the Pushan mag back in 2008 on the GC, kinda just stuck I guess aha


    1. Stark 1

      Stark 1

      We'll try not to hold our breath >_>

    2. Misombre


      Looks hard, try your worst e_e

    3. pushan


      You guys with replies on my status updates crack me up lmao the sarcasm is real xD

  6. Lmao @ my last post update. I lied. Trololol

    1. Malxerz


      Wow like, no. Why would you do this? I am literally crying right now.

  7. It's safe to say I'm back.

    1. leezy


      What sup you rectangle

    2. Fyrewolf5


      Welcome Back!

  8. What's up squares?

    1. leezy


      Nothing much my rectangle

    2. joeldandoy@gmail.com


      not much circles... o

    3. Zoomcat7


      Fo shizzle my Pushan nizzle

  9. Lol Shoutgu apparently some people said you have your own server or something xD Kajex with the save! Hahah And I've already met with a few of his little puppets, they're annoying as hell. hahah
  10. I really like bothering people to see their reaction, but a lot of yall seriously take things too seriously. Lighten up, "REPORT HIM HE TROLLED ME FOR 2.7 SECONDS"

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Malxerz


      jus sayin, they aint the ones complaining in the status updates :P

    3. Sciaz


      Setting new records eh? a whole 2.7 seconds for someone to get offended. That's far too long, you're losing your touch. :P

    4. pushan


      Lol I am huh?

  11. A lot of you are lucky as hell this isn't xbox. I'd go from laughing to "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YA ROUTER??" real quick.

  12. From game or forums? C'mon Colorado, you know how I do (; hahaha
  13. Returning. Still most hated/annoying. Oh well. I hope to return with a better vibe so to speak. I really do enjoy the PSO community. Sure I might complain DAILY ABOUT HOW BAD THE NEW PLAYERS ARE, I still have to acknowledge the fact that new players = this server will stay active longer. (But a lot of you new players need to head over to Eden or maybe SHOUTGUS TRASH SERVER). Kidding. Literally don't report me you trolls. I hope to get more involved with forums though. I think it'd give me a chance to actually talk with some of you and get to know everyone better. Cause let's be honest, Hades, Purp Haze, and a lot of the other players from '09 aren't ever coming back. I'm done with this post. Move along. Seriously, I'm in lobby 1 or on the shoutbox lurking. -ImNiren
  14. Yo a lot of you new players are hella annoying. Holy shit. Get a life and stop getting offended by the internet and what people say on here. Bruh, I'm the Charles Barkley of PSO lmao. I say what I wanna say. Some people are gonna like it, and some people are gonna dislike it.

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