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  1. Welcome and I hope you enjoy the server. If you need help leveling or anything give me a shout. There's a great community and some pretty freaking knowledgeable players. Make sure to check out the Ultiima exclusive weapons. See you in game!! jonesy
  2. I would definitely be down for some c mode. Saith and I spoke briefly about it. I suck at it and it would take me some time but I am in 100 percent. I feel like 99% of the community is missing out on a whole part of the game, well 2 parts. That being challenge mode and battle mode. Let me know tho and I'll be interested. We should have designated c-mode days, times, goals. I dunno. Let's just have fun Jonesy
  3. How do people use Wizard/Resist? I know what it does but with all the other units out there I'm struggling on deciding which to equip. Like do you always have it equipped or do you equip it depending on the situation. And if so an example would be greatly appreciated. I guess is it used like a Cure/Freeze or any Cure unit or is it a permanent equip. Thanks, Jonesy
  4. Welcome back...remember the name. Think we did a run just yesterday or maybe I'm crazy. But yeah, welcome back to an OG member
  5. Is it worth adding percents to a Banana Cannon or is it more about the Special? 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Misombre


      Time is the most expansive thing out there, so...

    3. Shisui


      i need like 12 h to sphere it to 0/0/90/90 xD

    4. jonesy88


      Saith displayed its usefulness to me. I would definitely recommend it. In time I reckon

  6. Get on the server mate!!!! I'd be happy to do some runs with you.
  7. just found a 40/0/0/40 50 hit girasole....is this a dream? am i being punked

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    2. Fyrewolf5


      That is super sweet, congrats on that nice drop!

    3. radezz


      Wow nice! Super lucky!

    4. shong


      sick find, congrats

  8. What if the event lasted a little longer? A drop table is fair IMO. But after a week. Years ago players put out drop tables and it worked well. Dropping from Olga and Falz could be a great idea, or a terrible idea. The rates could be tweaked in certain ways, and certain IDs could get it from certain bosses if not. TTF would be spammed but more people and lower levels can have the opportunity to find one. If it were to drop from Olga and Falz maybe that's where the drop rate would need adjusting IMO. I don't want to see every person rocking a STA. Almost gives me the vibe of the whole duping issue back on the original Xbox. Became too easy and it was the reason I stopped playing(also assholes using 127% TJS in all 5 stats). Don't get me wrong, I want a STA badly. I don't have the time nor the patience Under does. But that many runs is absurd. But with all the exclusive items to the server and ability to make donations, there has to be some kind of balance. We can't be soloing practically every mission on ultimate.Plus we have the increased Exp on server. But we don't need to have to do so many runs either for one drop. I feel that will push some of the community away. To each their own. I bounced around everywhere there. More than anything I want to see the event run smoothly, they usually do. And I also think letting us know the event has ended is only fair. And the right thing to do. Donations are made to keep the server running and part of me feels that being informed in a timely manner is only fair. Donations I think are more so made tho for top tier weapons too, I've been known to. Adios Jonesy
  9. THey was knocking on the door, asking can we turn it down. I said ain't no music on, she said nah that W&ED loud.

  10. Sounds good. Not about the prizes. We can figure something out, the community as a whole.
  11. Lemon keep me posted. Would love to help out and get involved. Good to hear.
  12. I miss battle so much. I suck but I think it would be cool to have them more often. Maybe even mystery boxes with an event item in it and a bunch of Zanbeacons. I'd like to see everyone win something. Let's give it some time maybe and see if we get more responses. I'll donate some gear. Or use some Dts if need be.
  13. Back in the day Illuminati had a team event, Battle Event. What would it take to bring a server wide battle event? The event was so much fun back then and its part of Blue Burst that gets no recognition. Maybe each team could donate a higher tier weapon. I don't have the answers but let's see what the community has to say. Jonesy Here's the link to the one back in 2014. It was a good time. Maybe we can get something going, maybe not.
  14. I'm tired of burying those closest to me. American, open your eyes. Macklemore, much respect. Drug dealer was a doctor....



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