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  1. And after a lot of pain with getting the recording to work the first video of me playing PSO is up: https://youtu.be/BucpRgEvvug Not sure if I'll do more or not let me know if seeing a n00b play the game is fun and you want more.
  2. I saw that guide... But I found that the patch it talked about wasn't needed - either WINE has moved on or the latest PSOBB from this website has moved on either way that guide made it sounds 2-3 times more complicated than it was. What's wrong with being a humar? I played as humar back when I was 12; I prefer melee to ranged and liked being able to heal myself, is it rubbish in some other way?
  3. I was looking for something different to play and I used to love PSO on the gamecube when I was about 12 so was very pleasantly surprised to run across this. I'm obviously a total n00b but I've managed to start the game and kill a few enemies I'm thinking I may make a youtube video series of playing the game so people can watch me being useless... If I get through the "being useless" phase I may be interested in finding some people to play with but I think I'll leave that for now. Also on a slightly different note, I'm a Mac user and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get this working on my mac in about 30 minutes with a freeware version of Wine - (could probably have done it a lot faster if I'd had a clue what I was doing, if anyone wants a step by step easy to follow guide to getting PSOBB running on a Mac - or if there's somewhere on the site that such should be posted - let me know I couldn't see one anywhere)
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