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  1. not getting into TA when it was at its peak on schthack.
  2. Yeah but kajex how many of those suggestions were added because the Admins/Developers liked the idea. I guess I am being a bit biased towards more TA involvement but how many topics/suggestions/requests have been made? Not sure what this server has against TA and I sure do hope the excuse isn't "NO one is interested in TA" when I know countless people are.
  3. I agree with what yan said on the first page and how we need to create different events that satisfy some of the older players. I don't understand why anone needs to grind out TTF,RT,CCA roct etc just to get uber items. Literally how many quests do we have on this server, we should make good use of them.(Event where items are random in presents/eggs/lanterns such as 63hit Excal or whatever) Finally I do think this topic is good but how many of these have we seen over the past couple of years. I mean just look at all the good suggestions in the 'ideas to improve the server topic'. How many of those ideas have actually been added? Just doesn't give me any confidence that suggestions made through a topic like this will actually be added
  4. your palette setup doesnt really matter as it all depends on the person playing. Everyone has different play styles etc
  5. casting - gifoie/rafoie demons with bringers and sof
  6. Lol such a long time ago. I appreciate all those who have helped keep this thread active
  7. Happy birthday boy, have a good one ;)

  8. Can I be leader in chosen few now? :3

    1. Shoutgu


      lool when im on maybe XD

  9. I dont think you get the point of the topic. Mudkipz is asking whether this new server can be used as a new incentive for TA and a new TA thread. Players don't do much TA on the normal server due to the lack of gear they have. Also not tryna be rude but it's not like anyone but Soly will do the work so it's up to him. we've already exchanged a few ideas and it would be a work in progress.
  10. I do agree this server does not have enough incentive to TA mainly because a lot of people cry about the equips they have. With this mode I believe it's a great opportunity for the whole server to try something new
  11. Yeah we should definitely implement what ephinea has done with the sandbox mode as there are players like myself who are only interested in TA on this server
  12. This topic seems so useless. not even gonna bother reading all these walls of text
  13. No just no. maybe if on another server where stats of bosses and enemies weren't boosted but not on ultima
  14. Well done good time. and you shouldn't get carried away that mag timer glitch is only used once in the whole run. I believe that time is also after about 2 or 3 goes so there will be room for improvement.