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  1. Just a thought...

    I just think this topic has gone on too long and as there have been no changes to this I think it should stay the same. Only thing is that during Xmas the rate shouldn't be extremely hard and degenerating. That way no one will complain..I think
  2. A Quest for Ultima!

    Boku dake ga inai machi
  3. Ryu's PGF Mini Event (finally)

    So someone can win all 3 prizes if they go with a different partner each time or? Also cool event we'll prob be participating
  4. Team Challenge Event: Round 1!

    Let me know if any spaces are free. I'm able to join now
  5. Team Challenge Event: Back on, sorry!

    I may have to drop out for now sorry
  6. Team Challenge Event: Back on, sorry!

    cool thanks, hopefully i dont affect my team too much with my busy schedule
  7. Team Challenge Event: Back on, sorry!

    Too late to join?
  8. as for spreed needle well hit is a good idea but that can be done at any time you have enough pds i just making a suggtion get a sonic item and change the spread needle to a arrest needle it just a time saver and a much more power wepon. maybe it the wrong post any way if this is a gm well can u see if u can  run a anti virus program on psobb ult cause my avast antibvirus program tells me it has a virus....ALEXSIA  so this way i can  get backin in the game im from team pro/ghostm/slim/cool/speedl tks keep up the good work.



  9. hi shotgun I have a problem my client went from English to all of a sudden Russian like language in the game any advice?


  10. Team Challenge Event: Back on, sorry!

    Wish I could join this but good luck to everyone else
  11. not getting into TA when it was at its peak on schthack.
  12. Quick Event Poll - I'd like some feedback

    Yeah but kajex how many of those suggestions were added because the Admins/Developers liked the idea. I guess I am being a bit biased towards more TA involvement but how many topics/suggestions/requests have been made? Not sure what this server has against TA and I sure do hope the excuse isn't "NO one is interested in TA" when I know countless people are.
  13. Quick Event Poll - I'd like some feedback

    I agree with what yan said on the first page and how we need to create different events that satisfy some of the older players. I don't understand why anone needs to grind out TTF,RT,CCA roct etc just to get uber items. Literally how many quests do we have on this server, we should make good use of them.(Event where items are random in presents/eggs/lanterns such as 63hit Excal or whatever) Finally I do think this topic is good but how many of these have we seen over the past couple of years. I mean just look at all the good suggestions in the 'ideas to improve the server topic'. How many of those ideas have actually been added? Just doesn't give me any confidence that suggestions made through a topic like this will actually be added
  14. your palette setup doesnt really matter as it all depends on the person playing. Everyone has different play styles etc
  15. casting - gifoie/rafoie demons with bringers and sof