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  1. Disconnected after killing Dark Falz

    pic just looks fishy to me tbh
  2. Lottery Time Attack

    i wont make it. maybe the next event ill join
  3. Ryu's 2nd PGF Event

    congrats on the pgf bro ^
  4. hey u can't get pms , i got a macho blade , what u're offering?

  5. Lottery Time Attack

    Yeah that would be easier since I don't even have time to get those units.
  6. Lottery Time Attack

    Nice man I wasn't clear on the rules at first but it makes more sense now. Also wouldn't it be better if u could also not use 3 units since i doubt much people have 3 limiters. I certainly don't
  7. Ryu's 2nd PGF Event

    lol why not. I guess I'm in
  8. B>psycho ravens any stats

  9. A Quest for Ultima!

    oh didnt even realise i won something lol, what did i win ?
  10. Just a thought...

    I just think this topic has gone on too long and as there have been no changes to this I think it should stay the same. Only thing is that during Xmas the rate shouldn't be extremely hard and degenerating. That way no one will complain..I think
  11. A Quest for Ultima!

    Boku dake ga inai machi
  12. Ryu's PGF Mini Event (finally)

    So someone can win all 3 prizes if they go with a different partner each time or? Also cool event we'll prob be participating
  13. Team Challenge Event: Round 1!

    Let me know if any spaces are free. I'm able to join now
  14. Team Challenge Event: Back on, sorry!

    I may have to drop out for now sorry