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  1. send me a private message please, I can't write you

  2. Congrats dude. Big achievement as ROCT is so competitive.
  3. Since my only reason to stay was to get more 4P times (that's out the window with rashan leaving) this will also be my farewell. Goodbye ultima
  4. still waiting for a final date to be confirmed
  5. we accept any race/gender/species no discrimination on our ship
  6. feel free to join my team. we got some good RT spammers plus we need more forces on our team.
  7. Happy birthday you Ultima team member.

  8. Not sure if my semi final battle with arkinsarx is happening. She already stated she didnt want to play and I dont want to send another PM to her before she thinks this is tinder.
  9. So do i proceed straight to the final then, seeing as arkinsarx wanted out.
  10. Looks like we got a fan.
  11. i asked if you were free for our semi final battle. stop looking for attention, Starlord already said he lost. What does it matter if you know me or not?
  12. gg mate, so who do i play next, just got a pm from arkraiserx saying she wants out.
  13. What's with bringing in gender related remarks? Are you subconsciously putting yourself in a inferior position? Seems to be thst way but no hard feelings.
  14. "Just wanted to participate" yet you didn't wanna reveal your character or change before anything had happened. I'll see you soon.
  15. Lol I think im playing her very soon so we'll see if she cares about fair play then.
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