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  1. nope didn't work i can play no problem and move just not chat
  2. Everything is working fine but when i hit space to type no letters pop up?
  3. launcher works fine i register np then when i try to connect takes forever worked eariler today ?
  4. Wow guys thanks for the crazy fast feedback im pretty much good to go Tbh didnt think there was a group that loves pso as much as i do (was playing pso on GC 2 days ago grinding my hunter up ) gave a quick google search and here iam! Thanks alot again you guys also is using a HUmar online bad or good ?
  5. Thanks for the tip guys also i know the game fairly well (offline) But i know online has some added features, what is the best way to find something out? asking someone, forums , pso-world ? I know i know everybody is a noob at some point i just dont want to be that guy who asks everybody or bug someone ?
  6. Playing offline as a kid and now having the opportunity to play online will keep me hooked for a long time ! Im just worried i came to the party to late and everynody is such a high level :/
  7. Thanks jonsey for the warm welcome and offer much appreciated happy hunting & see you around
  8. Hey everyone im new to PSOBB but have dropped 100+ Hours on PSO GC in offline, And im very excited to start playing so if anyone would like to team up id be more then happy to be the noob. Also have been reading the forums and very happy to see such an active server on one of my favorite childhood games !
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