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  1. I miss everyone of ultima. I been busy with my own might club I opened. Happy late new year everyone. Dirt813
  2. After I find 2 pgf I'll help people out. Merry Christmas!!!!!!
  3. also how many pds for the tjs? pm me back on the other offer and price for the tjs.
  4. I want that zalure saber and the as 45 hit ill give 70 pd for the both
  5. find me in game and ill give you a sn
  6. dirt813

    Fairy Tail

    Terra Formars is the shit right now.
  7. Yall had too many weapons events to add special. Kind of beating a dead cat with a stick.
  8. Hey yall voted on the invite so no complaining. Key word yall voted for the mag event.
  9. The only way to add hit to weps is donations They use to have hit events but they don't do it anymore.
  10. He has some good deals. Some of yall need to take notes from this player
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