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    Sports, anime, and all sorts of video games.[url=http://www.pso-world.com/quiz1.php][img]http://www.pso-world.com/images/quizes/HUcast.jpg[/img]
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  1. I miss everyone of ultima. I been busy with my own might club I opened. Happy late new year everyone. Dirt813
  2. After I find 2 pgf I'll help people out. Merry Christmas!!!!!!
  3. Hey yall voted on the invite so no complaining. Key word yall voted for the mag event.
  4. I found saber on white ep4 sham. Put that one list its a hot drop.
  5. Well well I see I'm not the only one that's been thru the bs. Personally I would've left the game earlier. I like to help people but I learned you cant help everyone. If you have a stink attitude most likely I'm not helping you. I cant stand when I help players get up to high lvls then all the something they give you their behind to kiss. But I try to not let bad players have a impact on me giving new players a chance. I think out of 20 new people I helped I cool with 1 and that's Hoppy.
  6. They should just fix crack mode and that will solve that issue and just don't have x5 on it all the time.The reason for no x5 is so people don't get carried easy xp on there cause a majority of these lazy people on here were doing that anyways when it was working.
  7. hmmm Wayne your right it did run at the same time. The difference this year the people who helped with the event is no longer with us at the present time. So I going to give them a dirt dezzy punch instead.
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