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  1. But Vjaya for vanilla is simply one hell of a charge attack
  2. I'll team up with Larva:3
  3. If it fits it ships?
  4. Did you actually keep it still????? Dx omg I thought you where like f--- this guy can't keep a deal >.> Dx I'm sorry Dx Dx Dx
  5. Haha out of all the people you should know I hate DW Dx but thx man
  6. Oh and please put your ingame names if I didn't know who you where Dx I'm sorry
  7. Hahaha I remember the day on TS I'm like auroboro always read him on forum never see him lol But she's better than you ^~^
  8. You should know by now lol and I couldn't find your forum name so I had to search I was gunna do you after Lola but Lola is first ^~^
  9. I will be leaving for a while.. not entirely sure how long but I do want to say thanks to some very important people who I've played with. I can't do it individually but if you'd like you can PM me in forums.. take care guys and those of ultima, appreciated it, it was fun. in game name was Horizon, FrOsT, Ryuk, or Onii Chan.. thanks to @Lola @Fyrewolf5 @Lemon @Soly @Larva @thelionorion @Togepichu @Kos-Mos256 @TripleR @Zow @squish @David S. Wilson Anja/Sui/Japanese and Chinese lettered characters I don't know your forum name Dx @PSOAddict @Denis Roman @MadOrNah (Idk you meng but you followed my forum account xD) and many others whom I have played with Jonas, @griffeni, Papercups @Auroboro and all of those on Saith TS. you guys have made the last 7 or so months for me amazing and I am forever grateful for that. I hope to be on again with you on Ultima I'm not sure how long I will be gone for however I will be checking forums from time to time. This game means a lot to me being I've been playing ever since I was a kid... it's hard to go but something's have come up... take care ^~^
  10. VH Garanz or Baranz tank Core Yellowboze
  11. I think that's called abuse OwO
  12. NO MUD, I WILL GO AS YOU!!!!!! T^T
  13. Hi!

    Liesssssss ~..~
  14. Hi!

    The only real old players I see is me and saith sometimes frost