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  1. Meaning any mag cell mag, Bhima, Deva, Diwari, Nidra, Pushan, Rati, Rukmin, Sato, Savitri will not evolve. The problem your gonna run into is that any time you feed this mag it will change into what your class/section ID is supposed go get. And the mag stats you wanted for the Bana will never be able to be reverted by normal means it's a high DEF mag on other classes and hunter is a mind based mag. For the Sumba can't find anything for it. @SinowNeo617 @R-78
  2. If the mag is not a rare mag even past 100 and at level 200 the mag will change if you feed it on a different class/section ID
  3. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh But in serious no he shouldn't be allowed. Toxicity isn't good. If he thinks like that then welp that's on him.
  4. Sir Rendlan

    Beat Saber

    Well I mean I've shown you me playing beat saber XD I'm trash but those where songs I never played
  5. Sir Rendlan

    Beat Saber

    I should create a spicy challenge for those who play beat saber.... however it can only be vanilla cus r78 plays it on ps4 but also ik you don't have access to it anymore ;-; but uh let's try doing ghost 😜
  6. 3DS max isn't really a modeling program It would be Maya, and not only that Maya is absurdly expensive. Also in those images the UI is too old to be Maya or Blender. An idea. Blender is open source, as 3D objects go away and newer uses are used they get removed. Like currently blender supports FBX, OBJ, PMX, PMD, and Like 6 other common model files. So in other words grab a old enough blender version (yikes I barely even remember how to use 2.79b cus the controls changed in 2.8/9) but you could find a blender that supports the file type. Otherwise Sega used proprietary all the way through. Correction 3DS max is a modeling program but not for use of video games. There's reasons why but I'm not going into this because it'd take too damn long to explain model development.
  7. the reason im asking what files it is your using and programs is because Saith and I tried. I cant get any files from PSO into an editable format, which means you also could possibly not put it into formats that would be readable by PSO. Also the tools I wanted to use you simply cant get anymore, or at least from the links that where available to me.
  8. what programs are you using?
  9. This one may get me in trouble but.... I mean I told Saber to pick his v@$%*& off the ground and grow the fuck up. Still clearly doesn't get to him that he's being an asshole for no reason to everyone.
  10. I guess @Yannv is somewhat lacking knowledge of that actuality of the server currently. How do you think Ultima is in the best position it can be in with an asshat running around making it unenjoyable for some people and harassing people. Honestly right now the biggest behavioral issue in a person we have on this server that imo is a concern is Wilson because of how he harasses people. Harassment pushes people away. I firmly believe there is a large amount of people who dont play here because of him, and I believe there is an amount of people who think its ok to be an asshole because he is getting away with it. Also if your gonna allow and stand up for someone of Wilsons class and behavior as a staff member. I genuinely haven't seen anything good he has except knowledge. Otherwise he is a prick. Please provide me the evidence of good game changing deeds that had made ultima better, if you cant your statements really doesn't hold any weight and isn't fact. Lets remind ourselves about somethings here. Wilson had the shit color nameplate, KajeX I believe actually wanted it implemented and it was for some time that he had it. Wilson changed his name to try and get over the bullshit drama he caused. Also this guy has been banned. But to this day he still is doing it. Being that same asshole he was years ago. If Ultima has banned other assholes, TJ, Oswald, Ewmyn or however his names spelled. Why do we allow current individuals who harass others to stay around? It doesnt make any sense at all and is halfass backwards. Also how is Wilson going to ignore blatantly from Saith who is technically above him, I believe, in the server to knock it off and move on, and blatantly tells him no because I am not done with being an asshat pretty much. You can ask ANY GM. Would they be honest with it or not. Are the exactly pleased with him and what he is doing behavioral wise, general consensus I have received is no. Why do they not do anything about it, its larvas decision, can they probably do something? Yes. But however they wont.
  11. Read the chatbox from last night and just going off and belittling others. I'll post screenshots soon when I can.
  12. The poll is remove authority. I personally want him gone
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