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  1. Feliz cumpleaños :3 espero estes bien!

  2. I have been playing this game for many years. To damn long in fact. Time to turn in my Hunters License to Principle Tyrell and leave, farewell to all. I want to thank some individuals for playing with me, and listening to me and the fun memories I had here. These will be short for I could write a book but I am wanting to mention these people. @Fyrewolf5 Thank you for remembering who I was after not having been played in a long ass time xD it was always fun, and challenging for those tower runs hahaha (I suck ass at it). I also thank @mudkipzjm, @Zow, @Lemon, @PSOAddict for all of those runs that we have done as well as Jonas (I dont remember your forum account name). It has made my return to this server for the year a good experience. I had some rough times here and there but I was always able to log in and just play with you guys on this great game and have a fun time, it was appreciative. Thanks to @Togepichu, @thelionorion, @TripleR, and @Nana7 for being here for me during my hard times of life, I have greatly appreciated all the help and support that you have given me. I will always remember you for everything and have appreciated it all truly. Thanks to some other people who I have really enjoyed times with here @Nemuidesu, @Lola, @David S. Wilson, @radezz, @RIPBenny, @Denis Roman I Really want to thank the individuals for making Pro. When I first started out on this server he came on here a little while after me iirc I dont remember years ago so well. But thanks @squish and @Fyrewolf5 I have really enjoyed the PRO team greatly and will remember the good times that we have had:3 Thank you @Larva, and @Soly you guys have truly made this game something enjoyable. I also thank all of Ultima's staff for what hey have done here. And with this being said, Farewell.
  3. with your laptop you won’t be able too:/ erm if anything you can use hypercam that’s be the easiest one for your computer to handle but anything else it will overload it
  4. @MadOrNah is this the christian that owned your account before? or something like that.
  5. finally after years<33333333333 pso1511452360.bmp
  6. perhaps.... but whut? o.O like i’m trying to understand what he wants.... maybe he will remake it perhaps.... but whut? o.O like i’m trying to understand what he wants.... maybe he will remake it
  7. ***Goes to account, looks at previous posts and notices speaks english perfectly fine, tries to understand what’s going on in this post***
  8. maybe if you give olga some oreos and milk he will give you PGF O.o
  9. PGF? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha no i don’t even got STA and last year i just got a PR xD
  10. well 9/10 times PGF runs are more then enough times where the good players will actually be in a room and those who are not so good can join them. There’s a lot more good players out there now i’m not saying they’re actually bad just may not know the game enough to play as well or don’t have the good shit like i just started working on getting nice things this year and i’ve been here for years i should already have a dm or sta by now and i don’t xD
  11. on further note. GIVE US BUFFED OLGA<3333333
  12. that change @Virec isn’t possible... i mean maybe with a MySQL database but with how pso is no.. it would have to be one changed or not changed at all... in in some games this would be a instance change or something similar to that phrase for when a game gives a event to change of type/difficulty... the way this game is made it either it is... or it isn’t.... a compromise would be say event was 3 weeks. 1 week normal, 2 week buffed olga, 3 week normal. however that’s to many changes the server would have to make... easy i think yeah so would others but @Soly is busy as it is. And if they where to make it so that it was every now and again olga had that holy fucking shit power then yeah that’s be cool but then @Soly would have to remake coding and it could be as simple as a command prompt, or as something as a server shutdown/reboot... Or on the off chance there is something that can be done like the thought/idea of individual green name rooms is this possible? maybe but how i see it, no.
  13. prepares self for no living STA

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