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  1. Hi!

    Liesssssss ~..~
  2. Hi!

    The only real old players I see is me and saith sometimes frost

  4. @Soly is this how you feel lately? Your sugnatue Lol Signature**
  5. You can change it for dts check the dt list it costs 10dts
  6. Happy birthday zowwwww!!!!!!!!

  7. I regret playing on schthack hahaha that's about it
  8. Yoooooooo how's my mag coming along?

    1. thelionorion


      idk how IS your mag coming along?

    2. Sir Rendlan

      Sir Rendlan

      Your the one making it .-. Lol that agastya 

  9. newbbbbbbbbbbbbb :3

    1. thelionorion


      /ban>rendlan @GMs make this happen



  10. To piss people off?:3
  11. BAD TRIPPLE R!!!!
  12. If you don't know the email you can always give info to @Soly about the characters and stuff and then he can tell you the email. If that becomes a problem which hopefully it shouldn't:3 @Soly he's helped me recover my acct multiple times .-.
  13. Okay I will start working on this... .-. Like 2 weeks later .-.
  14. Does this test serv allow us to use item maker so that way when I want to conduct tests on Ephenia I don't have to try to remember my username and password? xD
  15. You got another one???