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  1. Item Donations.

    roughly take this and divide the number by 6.6 the price is in PDs. Also people take Photon Spheres which are 99 PDs bought in Gallons Shop for 15DTs but not usually done, but trades done through PDs they will. So say Guld Milla which is like 350pds roughly 3 PS and 50pds or so
  2. Item Donations.

    So yes 6.6/1; 99pds = 15DTS; 198pds (usual 200) 30DTs basically after the first 99 it's rounded up but still is 6.6 technically so I wouldn't let someone bs you into an extra 5 PDs at some point depending on what you buy.
  3. Item Donations.

    That's 30DTs not 20 don't let someone scam you for 120pds/15dts those are the scums of the economy being a little greedy and that is a rate of 10/1 PDs/dts the rate is 6.6PDs to 1 DT, nuff said
  4. Item Donations.

    Talk to @JADE she will make a mag and can suggest the stats to you and make them 15pds and 25pds if a ppp mag was used
  5. hey i sell C/ability 

    1. Sir Rendlan

      Sir Rendlan

      How much how many

  6. It says today's your birthday owo I know you won't be on probably but Happy Birthday ^~^

  7. A Quest for Ultima!

    So picky
  8. Happy bday :3

    1. Terashi


      Thanks, man!

  9. I turn 21 right and no money to buy the booze Dx

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    2. Misombre


      Now this looks like a proper day !

      I just didn't understand the "princess bride" thing... did a princess got married while you were donating ? Do princesses even exist ? What have I done with my life so far ?

    3. griffeni


      oh uh  well in order

      1 technically no a pirate stopped the wedding

      2 yes technically they still do

      3 alot of things that make you awesome


      but the princess bride is a movie and a good one at that

    4. CCastles93


      That's why you have someone else buy it for you :P or find a bar or bar hop to places where they give you a free drink or shot if it's your birthday so you don't spend a dime.

  10. New Custom Mag MiniEvent

    Reedeming 1st mag
  11. Official Max Stats Guide

    Why would one need to replace when you already have max stats? Throw in a STA and you can say bye bye to annoying Lily's and there megid :3
  12. Official Max Stats Guide

    Here is my max stat for my RAmar Horizon Mag: Rukmin 5/150/45/0 Aura Field Red Ring Cure Freeze v101 2*Centurion/Ability 90 Pow 56 Mind 16 Evp 88 Dfp 0 Lck 125 HP 24/125 TP Maxes ATP/DFP/ATA/EVP/LCK and a little bit shy of max MST my MST is at like 717
  13. A Quest for Ultima!

    Erm wtf is that DxxD
  14. A Quest for Ultima!

    Howls moving castle The Hurt Locker Nanbaka- anime Pupa - Anime