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  1. So picky
  2. Happy bday :3

    1. Terashi


      Thanks, man!

  3. I turn 21 right and no money to buy the booze Dx

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    2. Misombre


      Now this looks like a proper day !

      I just didn't understand the "princess bride" thing... did a princess got married while you were donating ? Do princesses even exist ? What have I done with my life so far ?

    3. griffeni


      oh uh  well in order

      1 technically no a pirate stopped the wedding

      2 yes technically they still do

      3 alot of things that make you awesome


      but the princess bride is a movie and a good one at that

    4. CCastles93


      That's why you have someone else buy it for you :P or find a bar or bar hop to places where they give you a free drink or shot if it's your birthday so you don't spend a dime.

  4. Reedeming 1st mag
  5. Why would one need to replace when you already have max stats? Throw in a STA and you can say bye bye to annoying Lily's and there megid :3
  6. Here is my max stat for my RAmar Horizon Mag: Rukmin 5/150/45/0 Aura Field Red Ring Cure Freeze v101 2*Centurion/Ability 90 Pow 56 Mind 16 Evp 88 Dfp 0 Lck 125 HP 24/125 TP Maxes ATP/DFP/ATA/EVP/LCK and a little bit shy of max MST my MST is at like 717
  7. Erm wtf is that DxxD
  8. Howls moving castle The Hurt Locker Nanbaka- anime Pupa - Anime
  9. Oh the 100 people or w/e it is... ralphie may is a comedian dane cook commedian katt Williams comedian Rosario + Vampire or whatever it is
  10. *ahem* Well, let's begin :3 Psyren - Manga Series D.Gray-Man - Manga Series Parasyte - Anime Angel Beats - Anime A Knights Tale - Movie Dragon Heart - Movie (there are 3 of them) Kiki's Delivery Service - Anime/Movie Spirited Away - Anime/Movie Eureka - Anime (idk if there's more then one..) Sweeny Todd - Movie Paranormal Whacktivity - Movie (weird as fuck; must be 18 or older to watch cus of suggestive content) Dinotopia - Movie (good luck trying to find it... it's hard to find and the actual movie is like 8 hours long?) Pokémon Hoopa - Movie (HOOPA IS STRONG) 13 Assassins - Movie BloodSport - Movie Llamas with Hats - Not a movie are anime but is a series on YouTube that's quite funny Deliver Us From Evil - Movie Sean of the Dead - Movie Hot Fuzz - Movie Fault in our Stars - Movie Evil Dead (original ones) - Movie Army of Darkness - THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK! Death Note - Anime Black Butler - Anime The FullMetal Alchemist Movies - 2-3 of them? I'm having a brain fart... more shall be added later... I will win Silver ^~^ HOW DOES ONE FORGET THIS ANIME?!?!??!??!??!? AJIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and read the Percy Jackson series and the second series of the Percy Jackson books 10 books in total, read at your own time if you'd like it'd take too long to read and as well the series about Magnus Chase
  11. But Vjaya for vanilla is simply one hell of a charge attack
  12. I'll team up with Larva:3
  13. If it fits it ships?
  14. Did you actually keep it still????? Dx omg I thought you where like f--- this guy can't keep a deal >.> Dx I'm sorry Dx Dx Dx
  15. Haha out of all the people you should know I hate DW Dx but thx man