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Luis Ocaña

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  1. T>80 pds for 13dts...


  2. :o:o


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Luis Ocaña

      Luis Ocaña

       y si ando on... pero saldré un rato a cenar u.u

    3. Denis Roman

      Denis Roman

       :"L probecho ay te pregunto por wha.

    4. Luis Ocaña

      Luis Ocaña

      ok!! cya around!

    • Shoutbox?? :V:o
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    2. Luis Ocaña

      Luis Ocaña

      lol see, donde está el boton de bloquear a Denis...

    3. Denis Roman

      Denis Roman

      eso me pregunto yo...

    4. Luis Ocaña
  3. T>PDs for DTs (6:1)

  4. T> 60 pds for 10 dts

  5. T>100 pds for 20 dts

  6. s>60 pds for 10 dts

  7. T> 60 pds for 10 dts...

  8. Yo querer PGF!!!
  9. S>Hell Yasminkov 2000H 0/0/0/35|75. :V

  10. S>Hell Yasminkov 2000H 0/0/0/35|75.

  11. S> V801 3 pds x5, C/Mind 12 pds, Three Seals 33 pds