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  1. B> Eternal Psycho Drive

  2. Guildcard: 42176150 Character Slot: 1 Date/Time: N/A Description: I lost this SOF http://imgur.com/a/EgyUg and the DOB in the image but i don't have a screenshot of the stats of the dob, i don't even recall them. I don't know when and how it happened. Today i went in the character inventory for transfering the sof+dob back to my fo and didn't find them. After i checked all the characters and bank looking for it but nothing. It's not a character i've been playing much but 2 days ago i checked it when i was transfering some materials to the character and the items were still there. Yesterday i had 3 different games crashes when playing, idk if might have been one of them. I would really like to get back the Sof.
  3. Sadly for some reason my connection doesn't let me set up a personal server, thank you anyways! I would like it cause, it feels like something that should have been in that quest from the start for how the quest is made
  4. I don't know if this is the right place to ask but, is it possible to add an healing ring in the first room of the second part of Roct?
  5. I can put a list in first page, but remember you need to full grind stuff before trying if orb works.
  6. In case you still don't know, in this event each ID should drop every event item.
  7. Did you check FOmar, Fomarl, hunters and rangers or are you just supposing?
  8. I want to make a full list of the items that can be transformed using The Chromatic Orb. If you find a combination feel free to post in this topic and i will update the list. If you tell me the stats of the items i will include them too. Apparently not every class can make every item even if they meet the stats requirement (i would like more people to confirm me this). 1)S-Red's Blades => 'Macho Blades' (Confirmed) 921atp requirement 400atp, 50ata Lvl 3 s/d Special Equippable by Rangers Hidden Ata requirement Max Grinding 25 2)Girasole => Inferno Girasole (Confirmed) 800atp (something like that) Same Ata as the original weapon Same Special as the original Weapon Same Grinding as Girasole 3)Red Sword+52 => Crimson Sword (Confirmed) 800 ATP 80 ATA Max Grinding 55 Special: Arrest or Seize? 4)Rage de Feu => Rage de Glace 232 ATP 85 ATA Fire Special Seems broken (You dc when you equip it) Here there is a list of items that don't combine with the orb. You can help testing if you want but remember that you need to full grind your weapon before using the orb or it won't work. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Fx2KwefRKeag9DoFcsr8Ol02odsncOUSNMc_CrAbq40/edit#gid=0
  9. Can someone tell Banana Cannon stats or i will eat all the bananas, don't complain then, you have been warned!
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