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  1. Haven't traded anything since coming back after quitting in early 2017. I've seen some things are quite a bit different in price than when I left and some are about the same. Curious about these. If this topic is in the wrong place please feel free to move it 40 hit Ultima Reaper 80 hit Ultima Reaper Samba Maracas no hit Samba Fiesta 80 hit Harmonic Resonance Core Adept Limiter V502 Heaven Punisher 0d 35 hit Heaven Punisher+other mediocre %. I know most people are going to turn it into MM but is there any more value for the HP to have hit as a novelty? 35-40 hit Ophelie Seize with other stats RL triple 50s including hit Arms weapon (not charge, spirit or berserk) S-Parts ver2.01 Cent/Power Cent/Mind Cent/Battle Heart Container (looks like this replaced Noob/HP in my inventory?) Photon Booster Heaven Striker 40/40/0/0 Heaven Striker 40+ hit Asteron Striker 80 hit SoF 30 hit SRank Zalure Shot Rambling May 40+ hit Rambling May with stats but no hit Sacred Bow 40+ hit Sacred Bow with stats but no hit Ten Year Blades 40+ hit and special Ten Year Blades with stats but no hit or special (idk when/where it drops from but I assume it can drop like this?) Samurai Armor Megid 28/29 Grants 28/29 Thanks, sorry for so many items. It is a mix of things I have but don't use and things I want to get.
  2. Strongly agree this would be better and make way more sense. Those boosts are very much in line with how useful those 3 techs are in the first place. Gifoie doesn't really need anything but a novelty +5% over MP is cool. Gizonde could use a little help and Gibarta...don't know if anything can help it, but the more the better. Unless someone has some very specific quest that comes to mind, Barta/Gizonde/Rafoie is more like "here's 1 random tech of each element that gets a boost, enjoy. Right. I guess this is kinda just an issue in my head where Hylian Shield is so good. And Rafoie is already by far the most centralizing Ep4 tech for FOs in solo play, followed by Rabarta. So somehow Rafoie gets an astronomical boost with HS and Rabarta is forced into being good at shield changing for a significantly smaller boost. I know Godric's Cloak exists for FOmar. Maybe it's enough that he specifically gets a significantly bigger Rabarta boost (Fonewm obviously gets an extra 30% to all inherently), though he'd have to pass on Samurai Armor in that case. In this situation just using it as an example, also because there are conveniently numerous shields in the Zelda series. New shields works too. I know that Hylian Shield and Master Sword are the chase items of the Triforce event but it's weird that Hylian is just far and away the best tech damage shield in the game and after that you are stuck with decent all around Gi/Si tech boost shields and then pretty dusty single tech boost shields. Maybe just give a big boost to all the individual tech merges. Gifoie/Rabarta would still be the only 2 useful ones really. Between Ali's, Vol Opt and 3 Seals and various RR costumes we essentially have all the merges that another server once had. So glad we have the RR costumes, one of my favorite things in the game. The reality is unless you are a great shield switcher (also not a fun way to play imo), you're better off just using 3 Seals than Rabarta Merge since you'll get -5% to Rabarta but still 25% to Rafoie/Razonde in the likely event you occasionally needs to get a cast of those in I dunno. Just seems like they could use something. We both know that tech % boosts are SIGNIFICANTLY more relevant to tech damage than having more MST anyway. Additionally, in multiplayer, newman FOs are typically locked into maxing ATP/ATA/LCK (LCK to a lesser degree with Foney I suppose but still almost surely worth it over MST) to be most useful to their party in the vast majority of quests/team compositions, so with Ultima stats being what they are, the reality is that newman FOs aren't able to max MST while human FOs are, so the newmans won't actually get to use that extra MST. Mag switching to cast Resta is not really realistic in most battle situations (and meaningless outside of combat) and costs them the PB they had on their other mag even if they did choose to do so. Just getting access to 50 more mats which will basically just be a 100 MST increase for them at all times might be enough. But items are more fun Maybe something like longer range (even rifle range) demon's mechs for Foney since that fits well with her flavor. Idk about Fonewm, maybe the same thing. However, you guys already introduced Samba's Fiesta for FO and yet another demon's mech exclusive to even less FOs is probably unreasonable. Piercing Bringer's? idk. Fair enough. Finally upgraded my MM to MF on my RAmarl yesterday, it's a great weapon on her. I absolutely love RA class and despite trying to like Racl a couple times, she just never did it for me. Pesonal bias maybe. Fair. It still just seems like the weapon needs a significant boost to be worth considering. RA is my favorite solo class outside of ep4 by a large margin. FO is my favorite multiplayer class unless the team desperately needs a RA. I don't even have a HU on Ultima and I'd probably make one and get it to 200 just to use DF if I somehow started swimming in PGFs before I made a DB. Thank you for getting it an extra Grants boost at the very least. I agree that as the weapon stands now, Zalure boost on it seems pretty random. Though very often, you will just be casting Zalure and not Jellen since Jellen just gives a chance for dmc and doesn't really do anything for the team. That said, you'll still be carrying glide, and there are few situations where you need to Zalure only, then are suddenly wanting to cast Grants/piercing Megid. In your example of using the Grants/Megid boost combo vs the Dorphon family, you'd obviously prefer Jellen to Zalure to debuff them in the way that matters before blasting techs at them. Again, maybe personal bias since I like FO so much, especially on Ultima. Huney would gain from it in some ways too. imho, the great boosts that characters receive on Ultima just kinda leaves the newmans in the dust a bit and I don't think letting them use 50 more mats would do much other than equalize the playing field in some situations a bit more. For the FOs it will really just be giving them access to closer to their max resta in multiplayer. Yeah I remember reading that before. The site has a ton of QOL improvements and keeps adding more. Maybe one day it will be considered again. A boy can dream Thanks for taking the time to reply to all of them!
  3. T> stack of HP mats for stack of Power mats

  4. A weapon that gives more than 40% to all Gi techs. A shield that gives significantly more than 30% boost to Rabarta. An item that lets you cycle through sidegrades on Hylian Shield like Halo Rappy Soul does for RR would be cool. Deku Shield, Mirror Shield, etc. Foney/Fonewm specific items since FOmarl and FOmar have Agent K Costume and Godric's Cloak. Something weaker than IF but comparable to Banana Cannon in power level for RAmarl/RAmar. Obviously combo unlocked CR would be way too strong. Frozen Shooter gaining piercing but getting combo locked when transforming into Snow Queen is a thing. CR transforming into something with way less ATP but combo unlocked seems reasonable. Something OP exclusive to RAcaseal. I know it's not possible to balance classes/subclasses in PSO, but there's just no reason other than "I felt like it" for making RAcaseal over RAcast. I assume the same can largely be said about the other pair of casts. I have only played HUcast and that was on GCN, so I can't comment on those two. Completely change what Minecraft Costume does. It's the last costume in the sequence and is by far the worst one. Piercing Megid sucks. One FO has it built in automatically, Megid isn't very good since Hell is so good on Ultima anyway, and if someone really wants piercing Megid for a few seconds, they can equip a weapon to do it. The costumes are all largely geared toward helping FOs. FOs suck at generating PB compared to other classes, even PB/Increase would be way better than piercing Megid. I think it should be a lot stronger than PB/Increase, but I think that boost is a decent starting point. Is built in V801 casting speed possible? That would be something else reasonable. idk. Just not piercing Megid. On the subject of piercing Megid, give Dark Bridge a Jellen range boost instead of piercing Megid. Unless you are PSO Ultima rich, there's just no reason to make a DB and keep it as a DB. While 35% Grants over Sacred Bow is nice, it's not even remotely worth using a PGF on. Even Grants 85% and JZ isn't really enough, but again...piercing Megid sucks. At least giving it the JZ boost makes it a straight upgrade over Glide and gives it a bit more of that endgame weaponry feel that anything PGF creates should give you. DB is the coolest looking rod weapon in the game and extremely difficult to get, it should do something great. Allow newmans to use at least 50 more materials. Not a huge boost at all. Does essentially nothing for Huney. Just lets Foney and Fonewm get closer to a build that allows them to max their 4 relevant stats rather than 3, something that the other two FOs can do fairly easily. The newman FOs having much better max ATA is not nearly as much of a boon on Ultima as it has been other places or in vanilla. State/Maintenance. Even if it's very rare. Wouldn't be OP at all. Takes a fraction of a second to Sol Atomizer yourself if you get a status effect that you aren't immune to from your class trait, a Cure unit or can't Anti 5-7 off yourself. State/Maintenance would just be a nice QOL item since tons of 200 builds have a slot open for a Cure unit anyway. And last but not least......... Make PGF available year round (I know, I'm hilarious) at 1/1000 on all IDs.
  5. 2 more probably dumb questions (for now). 1. Why only Sacred Bow as ranged hell weapon for FO? Don't own the weapon so not familiar with its animation, but assuming it's normal shot animation that hits 1 target, wouldn't a hell Water Gun be better for rifle range in some situations? I'm also leaping to the assumption you can add a special to Water Gun. 2. What situations is Demon's TypeSH/Shot wanted? I asked this question back in 2016 before I quit and someone explained it to me, probably with specific spawns in specific quests. I've completely forgotten. I have one with 70 hit rotting in my bank, don't know that I've ever used it.
  6. I'll take the Glide V.00
  7. B> 120 Pow Mats and 120 HP mats 6:1

  8. I'll take some junk: Shifta 15 Resta 15 Razonde 15 Rabarta 15 Rafoie 15 Gizonde 15 Gifoie 15 Zonde 15 looks like 4 PDs total. hmu whenever you're free
  9. DC version 1 to GCN to BB to Schtserv to Ultima for me. Ultima is by far the best PSO experience I've ever had overall. Schtserv (played off and on like 2007-11 I guess) did have its moments though. Only thing I miss from there is the Bringer's mechs (TypeME/mechs here work great though) and crack mode for Xmas. Also found a PWand from an Oran Gibbles on my RAmar in the low level 100s when he was my first toon there which was a cool experience on a server with no boosted drop rate (or rare mobs for purple Lily grind) outside of special events. When I was playing here a ton, I looked at what the other servers had to offer out of curiosity and this is definitely the place for me. FO is my favorite class and we just have so many more cool tools available for them here. Can't imagine playing anything resembling vanilla again. The game is at its funnest for me when I can actually find what I'm hunting reasonably fast, but always have the carrot on the stick of chasing better stats while waiting for the next seasonal stuff to come around.
  10. Thinking about playing again after being defeated by the PGF grind and quitting in early 2017. Going through this list and figuring out what the new (to me) stuff does. What makes Milles Faucilles good? Looks like it keeps the DP special+autolock from MM and gains a very high grindability+some ATA? If it's just a high atp mech, in what situations is it better than a set of Charge/Demon Yas9k? I have both of those at I think 70 hit and the MM I have is I think like ~40 hit+stats.
  11. I did like 150+ runs mostly during HH and saw exactly 0 drop in a game I was in when everyone thought it was an easy drop, and my thought was that a few people just got lucky and the rate was in fact probably very difficult. I got burned out soloing 32 minute RTs for a guaranteed chance to get one if it dropped or doing 20 minute 2-4 man RTs for a lower chance of getting one if it dropped. Seeing that the rate is 1/341 just reinforces my belief that some people were very fortunate and now that people aren't getting very lucky, it just seems the rate is harder. I promise there were plenty of other people that did 100+ runs almost all during HH very early in the event that got no PGF. I haven't played in over a week and don't really plan to play again for a while, getting nothing from Olga for a hundred hours of grinding (and the horse shit of getting 4 noob/hp total from over 120 presents) took the fun out of the game for me. Maybe Valentine's or Easter. If I had known it was 1/341 from the start, I doubt I would've even bothered trying to get one. For some people it's worth it to run hundreds of RTs, to me it's not. If 1/341 was a year round drop rate that would be fine and I'd be cool running a bunch of RT now and then until I got one. For one event I just feel forced to do 1 quest to the point that I'm not enjoying the game any more.
  12. imho, making a DB (and keeping it as a DB) is a massive waste of a PGF. PB I think is worth it for players who solo very very often on their FO in EP 4, but otherwise I don't think it's a wise investment. I don't even like playing HU or have one on Ultima, but if I found PGFs to make DM and to trade for STA, I'd probably make a HU to DF with or make a 2nd DM before I made a PB for my FO
  13. S> Adept - 25 PDs

  14. Bluefull Ult Gol Dragon - Earth Wand Brownie confirmed
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