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  1. I cannot make any offer as I am unsure on the value on it. Please let me know what you are wanting or looking for.
  2. I'm wanting to know what is your price for the Hundred Souls?
  3. How much for the sonic team armor?
  4. Do you still have that serene swan?
  5. I'd like to get that blank mag if you still have it. Are you still available?
  6. Might be a bit of a long-shot, do you have a Girasol or a chromatic orb?
  7. I am interested in the chromatic orb as well. Please, respond at your earliest convenience.
  8. There is a kill counter command when it comes to unsealing units/weapons. Aside from that, no.
  9. I'd like to buy lvl 20 - Shifta, Jellen, Gifoie, Rafoie, Gizonde, Razonde, Rabarta
  10. I would like to buy: Kroe's Sweater (4S): 5 pds - please let me know when you are available.
  11. I'd like to buy your Centurion Battle for 25 DT's.
  12. How much are these respectively? Master Sword +70 [0/0/25/40|70]Sange & Yasha +30 [0/0/0/0|75]
  13. Hey, do you still have the Centurion Battle for sale? I'd like to buy it.
  14. Will pay in PD's Kusanagi Yasakani Magatama Black Odoshi Domaru Blue Odoshi Domaru Agito (1977) Agito (1980) Agito (1991) S-red blades / macho blades / chromatic orb Please let me know your respective prices.
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