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  1. Yo bro! you still play pso?

  2. If I remember right, you need an adapter or some kind of software that "tricks" your computer into thinking the Switch Pro Controller is actually a wireless XBox Controller, or something like that. Then you can map your controller to inputs. If I remember right, lol.
  3. Close this please, it's been figured out. XD
  4. https://ibb.co/ZG0PVbV I posted in chatbox about this too, when I logged on this morning alot of my items seem to have "shifted"? The picture shows my equips which are pretty much the only real concern tbh. My STA is now showing as a "Red Coat", my RR is showing as a Tripolic Shield. My units I keep equipped are primarily ADEPT, C/Batt, v502 and a Cure/Shock. Dunno what happened for my items to have done this. Please send the brigade to help! XD
  5. just got on gn = PR
  6. ok ill try to be around in 5 hours for ya bud
  7. just got back online, hit me up if/when ya can
  8. Yeah I was hoping for DTs =\ lol
  9. Diggin' the title. XD *free bump and kudos.*
  10. i got a 200 pow sato, has twins, and i forget what invic triggers sato gets lol, low health maybe? and full pb bar? i forget
  11. i got a 200 pow sato for 20 dts
  12. 10 DTs my friend.
  13. Got em all! Thanks! Can be closed. I forget how to do it myself. XD
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