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  1. If I remember right, you need an adapter or some kind of software that "tricks" your computer into thinking the Switch Pro Controller is actually a wireless XBox Controller, or something like that. Then you can map your controller to inputs. If I remember right, lol.
  2. @Noob Saibot Well played kind sir. Love the effort and thought put into this. Kudos bro.
  3. Well the Rico model on the obelisk altar is pre-fight I believe. But if you're saying going into the boss area with a Red Ring equipped I'm not too sure that's a trigger (if there even is an exploitable one). Maybe it's just randomly generated when loading into the area / when defeating Olga. Or maybe it's linked to the current beat timer. Either way it's still awesome. Edit. If the Rico model is only available when RETURNING to the boss room then maybe that could sustain a theory of defeating Falz while having a Red Ring equipped.
  4. Bruh... if someone can PROVE they did ALL that... you best give that man and/or woman a PGF out of principle...
  5. WTB PRs with rifle range and charge special plzkthnx.
  6. just wanted to point of a couple possible errors? I think by Hildablue you meant the Hildetorr version? i think blue is the normal - vhard variant of the big punchy baddy. and the typo in shield is the other one. just for accuracy's sake.
  7. The orbs aren't that hard to dodge. But yes, the highest HP player should stand in front with everyone else behind them if you wish to cheese that mechanic.
  8. @Fyrewolf5 sweet, I'll be on after work in like 9 hours. <3
  9. This event post has drop tables listed by... you... Larva...
  10. Good substitute for a max RR if you can't get a maxed RR lol.
  11. there's a trade mechanic built into your "Item Pack" main menu option. "Drop Trade"ing is extremely sketch and we don't encourage that bro.
  12. What item? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. For freakin real. Always when I'm at work with a lot of hours left! This better be turned back on tonight! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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