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    The Sunniest event of Ultima has come! Happy summer guys, we hope all members enjoy this event. The staff really wanted to bring something new to the community. It's nothing over power but I'm sure some users will appreciate the work that has been done here. thanks to all Ultima members. You guys really make Ultima the great place that is for all of us! Thanks and Enjoy. Summer Items Centurion/Legs - 75 EVP Centurion/TP - 125 TP Centurion/Technique - 5 Technique Levels Trap Search - Makes traps visible Zanbacon - Delicious sword Summer Main Items Blood Sword Do not underestimate the power of blood... Soul Booster Need a boost on Excalibur? Combine them to obtain Hundred Souls. Psycho Black Crystal Give to your Master Raven the ability to curse your enemies with death by making it Psycho Raven. Centurion/Battle Is this game too slow for you? Then this item is gonna be your best friend! +110% Attack Speed Alis' Resolve Foie +35% Barta +35% Zonde +35% New Content Serene Swan Fight with the serenity of the swan. The blessing on this weapon channels photon energy to purify the corruption in its targets through removal of dark energy. Buffed Monsters Morfos have been genetically enhanced Baranz have been upgraded to a better version ____________________________________ Event is active until August 05, 2019 Credits for the Banner to @FALC0N almost one year creating original content for us man! Credits for the Original Topic to @R-78 Credits for Serene Swan skin and portuguese translation to @Noob Saibot Thanks! Good Luck / Bonne Chance / Buena Suerte / Boa Sorte !
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    Official event topic is here! Last year's drop tables are here! Please post with the section ID and difficulty of any event drops you get, or any monsters that drop their confirmed drop table results!
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    centurion battle epsilon ultimate skyly confirmed
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    tripolic shield - PURPLENUM EP2 Ultimate - Morphos
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    Finally, some good f*k'ng food.
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    Want a SONIC TEAM ARMOR Arrest Needle Psycho Raven Snow Queen Mags and Cells? Survive this SCAVENGER HUNT. Proove your WILL, your PATIENCE, your SKILL, your BRAIN. I repeat.. use your BRAIN. really use you BRAIN This is a 6-Staged Scavenger Hunt. Access to the 1st stage will be granted right here. When: Monday, 8th of July 2019, 20:00 CET. A riddle will be given to you. The solution of this very riddle is the password to a room on the Ultima Ship. Somewhere, you will encounter a character who will - for an Item Request - exchange information about how to get to the next stage of this Scavenger Hunt. Retrieving the correct item will grant you a REWARD and SCAVENGER POINTS of which I will keep track for each participant. GET READY! HAPPY SCAV'ING.
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    Protoss was here.
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    Trap search Ep 1 baranz whitill Confirmed
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    PBC EP2 Morfos Ultimate Bluefull Malicious Uprising 4
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    Centurion\Technique - Ep4 Crater Ba Boota-ULTIMATE- ORANG ECLAIR NORMAL DROP H/POWER
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    Lol que fino. XD Allá vamos baby.
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    Ok, i just got it back. So we are good for now, but take it away again... and I will ruin the economy again, I did it once apparently, and i'll do it again... eventually
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    Another quick sketch, still thinking on what to do for Summer event-
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