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    Working out, laughing awkwardly at people while driving, gaming and owning noobs, dance offs, starting from scratch on pso after server died. And I am magic too, pick a card... Any card .

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  1. S> pgf, dts offers would be nice but nice items like IF Faust would be cool too. Pm me

  2. His whole YouTube content offended me so. His apology was like the BP apology they did on south park XD
  3. Yeah crazy could mean good or bad. We will all just have to see. Is it active yet? It is Friday after all.
  4. By crazy he probably means a low drop like 1/100 with no HH or 1/54 like how SOV used to be. Im sure he wouldn’t do 1/1000. That’s just more rage inducing for the people that didn’t get any.
  5. B> nakas card. Need just one.

    also buy master raven with stats. 

  6. Idea for post-xmas Mini Event

    Not to be trolly but what if the person that wins ( said so pgf) happens to be a person that got multiple pgfs this event and ends up gloating about it. It will infuriate people even more. Unless people agree to be civilized about the mini event and suck it up and be mature for once ( rare but maybe possible).
  7. T>PGF for iron Faust set N/AB+M+D and STA. 
    pm me if you want to trade 


  8. T>PGF for iron Faust set N/AB+M+D and STA.

    pm me if you want to trade

  9. B>naka cards pm me or respond here

  10. Ultima Christmas Event 2017

    I want to say he’s probably referring to the zerk special damage wise compared to DF hard attack damage. Not DF special of course, anyone knows DF special probably has no match.
  11. B> Master raven statted. Pm me if you have one. Also b> srank launcher


    Edited by Starlord
  12. Let’s make this more interesting since you whining pacifier suckers like to whine and cheese too much. I got a deal for you. Sub 18 time RT, no pb with video proof also you have to do it ( Han Solo). Video proof submitted to me or on sylphs record thread will earn you a MOTHAFOOKING PGF. Let me know if y’all up for the challenge. 

    1. Kettor


      Id totally watch that video! and eww im barely doin some sub25 RT atm :v

  13. Sylph's Time Attack Records

    Bro who taught you how to play? Why do you play just like me lol. Man it’s been years i completely forgot about drill launcher. And i will say you got the perfect falz. Lucky prick, if i get those falz i would have beaten that stupid fake 10min no pb record with hunewearl. I will keep on trying. Nice instructional video “master”
  14. Happy birthday you little ape 🦍🦍🦍