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  1. I’ve always suggested currently and in the past a kill counter for events. Let them lazy folks meet it. If they really want it they will play to meet the kill counter to unlock x2. Some servers for big events have that and motivate the individual to grind it out to reach it so they can unlock the extra boost and still have a week or two maybe more of the event left to grind specifically for their desired items. I barely catch any HH myself and have been able to find way more than I need. I also am embarrassed to say how many hours I’ve spent grinding this game. But at the end of the day the game is supposed to be grindy. Me myself I’ve suggested getting rid of HH because it makes the player lazy and entitled. Which showing the current events shows to be right. I’ve gone multiple years without finding big ticket items, I’ve been disappointed as well and I’ve spent almost 5 years in this place. Never found an STA. anyways hope they find a solution to keep everyone happy
  2. Finally added a want list check it out if you're interested in trading up



  3. The cult is fueled by fear and hate and adheres to contrived theories to perpetuate its existence and creates a venomous environment; nonbelievers are rejected, scorned and attacked; truth has vanished.



  4. Hey thanks for the tip about getting to Epsilon on RT. We went through and we found a little computer terminal in the Delbiter room. It still didn't let us get to Control Tower. Is there a time limit or something to unlock it or something?

    1. lambda_delta
    2. JADE


      When you kill all of the enemies in the delbiter room you activate the terminal. There is a fake wall in the room with the rico boxes and 3 sinow zoas. Go through the wall and hit the barrier switch. Then go through the path to the right of the exit door that is red. You will be able to access the tower part in a teleporter on that path.

  5. More interested in what it looks like, stats seems to favor forces from what it looks like
  6. Starlord

    Hit Event 2019!

    I think that’s the point of a password. He doesn’t wanna get swarmed. Specially if a person has 27+ weapons to redeem. Just be patient lass
  7. 43? You are a hacker. Must report you now!! also cg on the card. I should be close to completing my collection as well. Missing the annoying ones.
  8. Starlord

    Hit Event 2019!

    No hit splitting? Love the idea. Gotta keep our GM fresh for usagi hours.
  9. I want to wish my best friend in the world @Karinaka breezyboo a very happy special birthday. You legal now my boy. Enjoy :D

  10. I have Dual Birds somehow. I suppose I have you to thank for dis.

    1. Starlord


      Sure lol. 

  11. B> Red ring Max stats for 3 photon spheres or 297pds. 

    Pm me if interested :)

  12. B> psycho black crystals and centurion battles, heave punishers (need a couple)

    paying in pds. 

    Pm me your price

    1. Ricardof14


      I have CBs and PBCs for sale.

    2. Starlord


      @Ricardof14how much for each??

  13. B> psycho black crystal 70pds pm me of interested 

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