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    Working out, laughing awkwardly at people while driving, gaming and owning noobs, dance offs, starting from scratch on pso after server died. And I am magic too, pick a card... Any card .

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  1. Everyone knows Vegana time is anytime. Might be the only time I get to say that word before I get annihilated by these neo-nazis roaming the streets :cr-bad-luck:

  2. So you don't play anymore but still linger in the realms of the forums XD


    I haven't touched this game as long as Bill Cosby has touched a woman.

    1. ultrajerky


      yeah man, same. i still linger cuz i like these people, they is hella bread yo.

  3. Back to work i go now :"L

    Enough of stealing from the company taking long hiding breaks XD

    1. Sylph777


      good luck my chimpanzee :(

  4. How much is STA now? I probably will need one but not sure how many limbs I have to give up to obtain one. I have dts and some OP weapons I never got around to use, I just bought them because I was bored. Helps me here :"L

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. rayblasterx


      @MadOrNah is lying to get your hopes up. I sold it for 450 dts and maxed saber :"L

    3. TripleR


       I hear @mudkipzjm will give up an STA for one limb if it's the right one

    4. Auli'i


      @TripleR I hear that only @KarmaTheFoney possesses that limb, and I bet Mud would pay a lot more than just his STA for it

  5. Ryu's PGF Mini Event (finally)

    I miss ndw. We used to TA ep2 back in the day. He became pro since he became obsessed with cmode. Count me and @rashan0121 in for this event. At the end of the day whoever wins it should be fun.
  6. Ryu's PGF Mini Event (finally)

    This sounds fun. Haven't done ep2 in years now. @rashan0121 want to team up? Would be a great refreshment for me.
  7. S> DF SET DM SET SOV SET PB SET (Don't ask why)

    pms full so send me a smoke signal to offer me a worthy exchangeable source of income I can use to power up my -5hit sabers.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. McLaughlin86


      I'll give you a beer

    3. JanenbaDMS


      I demand to know why

    4. mudkipzjm


      Sick whis impersonation? 

  8. Eyy, I am playing again. So uhhhh, you play too? What happened to Jerkman? Is he dead?

    1. Starlord


      Jerkman died in an endless fapping marathon with overwatch aka overfap. Doubt he will come back and sure I can hop in at nights. Around 9ish our time. Don't mind playing a couple games for old times sake.

    2. CFlo


      They always come back. You know dis. Have you poked around SCHThack? Is our original home what it was before? Or is it crap?

    3. Starlord


      It's crap. Low population. I managed to get a rainbow and crap but too much time I have to invest in re-gearing so I just stay here. I might be on weekends 9pm and up in the game. I just have to cancel my social plans. Lol

  9. Hi there, were you still selling your Anti Dark Ring?

    1. Starlord


      Long gone man. 

  10. Guess I'll come back collect event items and disappear once more. Curious about what these event items do now. Time to Hoard and rub off the rust from my DF.

  11. Happy birthday @CFlo.

    You demented freak. Hope you have a nice dirty thirty day.

    1. CFlo


      Zomg I forgot I had 30 durty burds

  12. Happy birthday R-76. May all your dreams come true to just you and no one else.

    1. JanenbaDMS


      Isn't it R-79 now?  I'm not good with machines :'L

    2. R-78


      Thank you Sturlerd but what if my dream was to realise others' dreams ? D:

  13. Sylph's Time Attack Records

    So TA is after ruins 2 big room the time stops? I've done this a couple times but I stop at ruins 2 big room. Once I clear that I restart again.
  14. Is it still 1/40000 for greenill? And I think whitill is 1/12kish and the quest for sorcerers for that would be fragments of a memory. Incase you want to switch it up and hunt in both ep1 and 2.
  15. Lost riot raygun I believe is the retrieval quest I used to play to see if handgun Guld would drop for me. There's also a government quest that has a lot. 6-6 or 6-7 I think. Not sure on the numeration will have to look it up.