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  1. B> Red ring Max stats for 3 photon spheres or 297pds. 

    Pm me if interested :)

  2. B> psycho black crystals and centurion battles, heave punishers (need a couple)

    paying in pds. 

    Pm me your price

  3. B> psycho black crystal 70pds pm me of interested 

  4. I think for a GM to work or any type of admin would need to be someone neutral to the community. As you guys can tell soly is very neutral. He’s not buddy buddy with people. Which is a quality any GM or admin should have. Just my hunble LGBTQAP opinion.
  5. Lost son Hopkins, 9-8 government mission, or even doing desert normally.
  6. Have you ever tried sues coat on hucaseal? People disregard armor boost because they are so fixated on STA and dark weapons. Hucaseal is a monster, with her ATA she can hit everything without missing as much as hucast can. I agree everything you said on racaseal, they need love but people should really look into it with more depth when talking about hucaseal because they been using it wrong apparently. I think hucaseal in most cases shines more than hucast. You put sues coat on and adds an extra 100 ATP. That puts her at #2 of ATP above humar and with macho blades SD +7 puts her in a really competitive spot and let’s not forget her ATA.
  7. I love this place. Ultima you are my home for entertainment :)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Starlord


      Your destiny was always here @JanenbaDMS. Your path you chose is not destiny. Jk. Hope you’re having the time of your life there. 

    3. JanenbaDMS


      Tbh  I've mostly been playing ff8 and minecraft with folk from work lately.  I can only ever play PSO for a few months at a time.  Props to you guys that can manage it every day ❤️

    4. Starlord


      I wouldn’t call it everyday. But I try my best. Wish I could everyday so I can get burnt out. Minecraft is for noobs :)

  8. I say don’t nerf it but boost it. But on the real the weapon is fine. It’s highly dependent on SD and PB so it’s def not a game breaker. The idea is great, the HU community has been asking for an unlocked MR type weapon for years, and now that they get it, it’s too “game breaking”. I love opinions as much as the next guy but most opinions I’ve seen come off as “complaints”. This server favors rangers, lets be real. Forces have gotten some weapons here and there but not as game breaking as rangers have. My humble LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 opinion. I have more to say but I don’t want to be crucified by the group that hates me. Thank you Lipelis for the effort you put making the post, even if it will become a Trollfest I appreciate the time you took to make it as informative as possible.
  9. I would like if meseta could stack. So you can keep it in one account. Instead of having it in multiple chars and multiple accounts
  10. Meseta is free on this server lmao. Unlike other servers that meseta is actually worth something.
  11. I thought this was emewn guard? When did it change to armor XD
  12. Out of all the nagative stuff that has been said, has anyone considered what this man said? It seems to have been lost in the midst of all the high school drama. I know @HUNTER_ in the past has brought up amazing ideas, but it seems people are too busy attacking each other. I guess all we have to do is live by our supreme lord @Larva. If he deems it so it will be. Nothing we can do about it. A community goes so far as it’s dictator.
  13. Thank you very much you beautiful bastard. Appreciate you taking the time to post it. My favorite viado, yours truly, the greatest elitist alive.
  14. T> proof of Sonic team for 4 sh shots blank

    1. BoomShakaLarka
    2. donpepe99


      type shot ¿¿¿

  15. S> photon spheres 15dts each 

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