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  1. Chosen Few will donate all the best LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈🌈🌈🌈 best wishes for my fellow French lads and lassies. I may not understand anything you guys say but shiida has been a good friend for as long as I been here and her and the PS team deserves all the hype. Wish I could donate all my accounts to PS but sadly they are too modest to take it. So take my best wishes and blessing from the bottom of my Asexual heart ❤️.
  2. Why are the non participants posting so much than the actual people that participated? This issue should have been dealt with through pm. All these responses is just making ultima look even more trashy. I do agree some consolation prizes should be awarded but at the end of the day that’s up to Wilson’s consideration.
  3. we should find apos, this game isn't the same

    1. Starlord


      Dude find him. He’s lost somewhere else. We need his gingerness to illuminate our path once again 

  4. Does ape remember

  5. No because the roct Record was beyond destroyed with hucast is why
  6. Happy birthday friend. Hope you devour many baguettes in your special day.

    1. R-78


      Thank you friend. Sadly I was unable to eat any baguette in my special day.

  7. You are all wrong. Now you can lock this topic. He got his answer. just play a LGBTQ force, and support. Easiest/laziest/cheapest way . It’s brain dead.
  8. I started with hucast then went to ramarl. But if you suck/ are a beginner I suggest ramarl or even ramar. You will have to hunt eventually earning decent ra gear because just like anything else here gearing is expensive. Scratch that force is cheaper lol I started hucast and fomar. But I suggest unless you get a generous donation, build up selling materials or whatever to get dts to add hit. Stay away from solo ep2 for starters unless you have a party to carry you. Ep2 has made a lot of people quit this server and go to others. They find the boosted evp and overall difficulty of ep2 too much
  9. B> ALL RED RINGS. Pm me with prices I’ll buy them. Time to max them all :)

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    2. R-78


      Happy birthday

    3. Starlord


      Thank you @R-78 celebrating my 54th birthday in style 

    4. JanenbaDMS


      Happy birthday Starlad.  I'd give you my RR but it's already max 😘

  10. Time to make a couple of max RR
  11. wtb>u

    1. jezbuz


      Hey you homewrecker! Don't come here and destroy the beautiful love relationship between two men that me and star have. He's priceless, so he's not for selling.

    2. Hardwood
  12. T> ultima gear for ephinea gear. Trade list bellow.


  13. Isn’t this post kind of acknowledgement as well? My take on this and I respect every opinion you usually make because you seem to keep yourself very civil from what I’ve seen at least in the public eye. Not sure what goes on in the shadows, but anyways. You seem to be very vocal and emotional about things, that is easy to see from every post you ever made, the fact of the matter is TA has been around for years and for many years easily ignored in ultima. The fact that these things bothers you or the group you represent doesn’t show TAers insecurities but yours and the group you are represen
  14. I’ve always suggested currently and in the past a kill counter for events. Let them lazy folks meet it. If they really want it they will play to meet the kill counter to unlock x2. Some servers for big events have that and motivate the individual to grind it out to reach it so they can unlock the extra boost and still have a week or two maybe more of the event left to grind specifically for their desired items. I barely catch any HH myself and have been able to find way more than I need. I also am embarrassed to say how many hours I’ve spent grinding this game. But at the end of the day the ga
  15. Finally added a want list check it out if you're interested in trading up



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