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    Starlord, ace, Parker, Purge, Fitzgeral, yakuza

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    Rich part of Virginia, cherio :D
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    Working out, laughing awkwardly at people while driving, gaming and owning noobs, dance offs, starting from scratch on pso after server died. And I am magic too, pick a card... Any card .

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  1. S>anti dark ring 50pds,  chromatic orb 70pds, halo Rappy souls 10pds. Pm me if interested

  2. Let's talk about the new Fausts

    Well to be honest no one forced anyone to hunt them. They did it out of their own will. Even I hunted some expecting nothing. Just for the hell of having them to collect. Not all weapons with high drop rate are supposed to be useful. You can look at ID cards as a prime example. People still hunt them for fun. I know y’all are disappointed, but hey the 10 year blades are OP as hell and extremely easy to hunt SOU and PBC are dirt cheap at 10dts. I say let’s just be happy with what we got. We are after all celebrating 10 years of this server. Happy 10 years Ultima.
  3. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    He’s not wrong about it but something is better than nothing. So I’m thankful.
  4. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    It ain’t multi hit double cannon but we can’t all be super broken XD
  5. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    @Larva would the special be free like it is for sword of ultima??? and also what @Noob Saibot said it is as strong as TJS but I hope none of you guys read that wrong and go sell your TJS because it is not TJS. It is a single target weapon, a upgraded jizzai if you will. Before y’all go full retard and sell your TJS and cry about it later when you make the weapon.
  6. Holiday Battle Tournament

    We did three tries. He’s good but we both weren’t familiar with it since I haven’t played in a while and he’s only played casually. I’m bound to lose no worries
  7. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    You won’t get banned. Opinions are thrown out here. There had been worst said by users and they are still here. So don’t be afraid, come out of incognito friend
  8. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    Says the guy that joined 30mins ago XD you know lemon is just a moderator right? If y’all are itching to know direct all of your worries and concerns so you can have better answers to the man @Larva
  9. Holiday Battle Tournament

    HE CaMeAtMe results of our battle. Excited to see what comes next.
  10. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Nah. I don’t even think it’s a drop tbh. And if it is, it will drop next event possibly because I can’t think of any enemy that would drop it.
  11. S>naka card 40pds, anti dark ring 60pds, harmonic resonance core 50pds, chromatic orb 80pds.

  12. No I just ignore the message and avoid you so...
  13. Make a discord team and you can @ anyone you need to know who’s online. You can also @everyone and it will notify everyone in that discord and whoever answers is in
  14. Holiday Battle Tournament

    Send him a message. He might be interested.