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  1. T> proof of Sonic team for 4 sh shots blank

  2. S> photon spheres 15dts each 

  3. Well the thing is if R-78 is up to it. You guys with the free time have to consider the fact she has a day to day life outside of pso. Sure she might be highly active but I’m sure she uses some of her personal time to play a game and enjoy herself with her teammates. Doing events and all the other stuff other gms and the admins do is a lot of work. At the end of the day it all falls under larva’s hands and also R-78 acceptance of taking such a role.
  4. I wouldn’t call last couple of custom items trash, sure they are not DM or DF caliber but if you’re smart about it and know how to use them you’ll be ok. Water gun is more useful than people think, kod and boomerang have saved people the time of going through challenge mode to get their sranks. Triforce event items are super good, Millie Faucilles is super OP. And if you’re referring to the weed shields are trash items, that was a troll event and was heavily advertised as such. Don’t get me wrong, I get your point at listening to the community but at the end of the day will be these peoples time that they are doing it for free and all we do is bash them. They have to test the item, they have to set the stats and special so it’s not mega game breaking. We can’t just expect to throw ideas out there and means it’s gonna work. Sure you can say “other servers have done it why can’t we?”. I know I troll a lot too but if an idea gets shot down don’t get discourage, either try again or come up with another idea. I’m sure one day your emewn guard will be a thing.
  5. Can we just go ahead and get DM for hucast and DF for forces. Since all of our ideas are good.
  6. B> new year cards 1DT each or 10pds each. Pm me or comment here if interested 

  7. T> Proof of Sonic Team for stellar shard pm me if interested.

    B> New year cards 10pds each (need 6) or 1dt each of you prefer that 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Starlord


      Cool I’ll send you the .99 dts back

    3. jezbuz


      NO! 10 PD NO DT

    4. Starlord


      Ok lol. I’ll keep my .99

  8. B> 20nycs 15dts

  9. S> Heaven striker 0/40/0/0/25 120pds, halo Rappy soul 10pds each, psycho wand 15pds, glide divine v00 15pds, heaven punisher 20pds, proof of sonic team 60pds.

    Edited by Starlord
  10. Let me know when so I can run against you I just need a mag for mine and max mats and I should be ready to go.
  11. I believe Wilson put it in there wrong. So yes gunmaster solo is récord atm since maytes could never be proven
  12. S> master sword 0/75/70/70 40dts , lindcray 0/40/0/0/40 25dts. 

  13. Heavenly battle and v101 have the same attack speed which is 40% I believe, and cent battle is 110% attack speed so yeah the difference it’s a big one. Can do faster combos compared to v101 and h battle. Definitely worth the investment.
  14. B> 100hit dark flow. Pm me if interested. I got a whole bank full of goodies to trade

  15. Whtill ep2 sues coat deldepth purple garanz ep1- harmonic resonance core
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