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    Rich part of Virginia, cherio :D
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    Working out, laughing awkwardly at people while driving, gaming and owning noobs, dance offs, starting from scratch on pso after server died. And I am magic too, pick a card... Any card .

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  1. Oy when you get anthem tell me how it is

    1. Starlord


      Yeah I’ll let you know if I even get it. Some people at work are getting it when it comes out tonight in about 2 hours. He plays console (ps4) but it shouldn’t be that much different playing wise than pc.

    2. ultrajerky
  2. S> photon spheres 12dts each or for 12 new year cards. Pm me if interested 

  3. Yo son, you still playing pos? Dont ya got 10x of every item by now? :P

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ultrajerky


      mmmmmmmmmmm i played the demo and it was fun. I think i may get it.

    3. Starlord


      Yeah I’ll probably play too. Haven’t played the demo yet. Been meaning to get a console possibly to see if I can start playing other games

    4. ultrajerky


      aha. well i would be getting it for pc

  4. Our of all idiotic ones this actually sounds like a good thing. Transparent waves have always saved people from being blinded
  5. Man I thought I was bad at math XD
  6. Also remove any special. Makes the game too easy.
  7. Ultima's Time Attack Records

    Do ma1c solo. That’s tough
  8. Ultima's Time Attack Records

    Seems people only want to TA the easy quest. All mu quest. Lol
  9. Ultima's Time Attack Records

    I’ll do this one soon if I get motivation to TA so don’t get too comfortable lol
  10. Happy Birthday!

    1. Starlord


      Thank you very much :)

  11. Ultima's Time Attack Records

    Good enough for second place I guess. GG chicas
  12. S> 650pds 8:1 pm me if interested 

  13. But pgf did drop for you. You were one of the lucky chosen ones
  14. Jokes on you I paid 300dts for a red handgun. Also the red handgun thing was just to see flowen and you use dark flow on falz to see Rico. It was never to up chances of pgf or rr