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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aPosoat6Sg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocz4Ron9GWQ&list=PL1jQayv9-wmQ-sam5C5zwk58OWg5HCAL3&index=38
  2. Likes: I like that Ultima is being advertised in general. The idea that this game can be shown in different platforms is wonderful since it can gather many new people to join through different platforms and play this cool game! Dislikes: i don't like that this server has an odd way of advertising and introducing new players to the server. Example #1: Ultima has a social media account on both Facebook and Twitter, however, the form of advertisement is very unappealing and lack luster. For example, Facebook is a relatively old website that caters to a more older aged audience, not that Facebook is a bad platform to advertise Ultima but the posts that are being made in Facebook are rather stale, theres no "expression" to a new post. The only posts that have expressions are the hand-drawn event pictures, and those are awesome! But even is the posts that have those cool hand-drawn pictures, theres no hashtags, without hashtags it makes it very difficult to spread around through the platform. As for Twitter, that platform is perfect for advertising since it is a more active/popular social media page compared to Facebook. Ultima's Twitter account is more well maintained since not only does it have the same posts as Facebook, but it also has hashtags. Another cool thing that Ultima's Twitter account does is retweet Sega and Sonic Team related tweets! However, some of the only odd things about Ultima's Twitter account is that it contains certain retweets of non related subjects towards PSO or Sega and it completely missuses the hashtag system for some of their posts. For instance during the Triforce Event, a post was made to show everyone that Triforce Event has started, however, the uses of their hashtags was more to show off Zelda than PSO. Example #2: The lack of other social media websites. One of the biggest social media platform that this server doesn't seem to be affiliated with is Youtube. A clever way to advertise Ultima on Youtube is to make videos and trailers that are well edited and exciting to encourage new people to play/experience the game as well as making videos to demonstrate a new item or mission (R-78's introduction video of her mission called "Tower of Dreams" is an excellent example). Youtube streamers like me and @SanicTeam (and potentially @Dutch Ride if he never retired) can actually help grow Ultima's popularity by playing and showing off the game for many people to see and hopefully play along. Another good platform to advertise Ultima is Instagram, since it is also a popular platform that has many people active and also has the use of hashtags. Example #3: The lost cause of Google+. This is pretty self explanatory since Google+ has been discontinued and not alot of people don't even use it anymore. I don't really see a reason to use Google+ at all. Example #4: The outdated and unattractive main web domain. The main web domain of PSOBB Ultima looks rather old, and for some people it may even be a turn off for them unless they have played the game beforehand. However, for a new player, the old prehistoric looking website might be too bland to look at and so on they might choose to not play the game. The main domain website would definitely benefit from having a newer design/style to attract new players to join. But not only that, there should also be a Happy Hour notice on this website. Yes, there is a HH forum thread but honestly it feels very out of place for that to be on this server in 2020. Solution: Fix at least some of the ways this game can be advertised. A good coordination with a servers community really does help grow an interesting player base. And if anything, i just think there should be a more appealing way to introduce Ultima to someone. Just by having a more professional social media manager can make all the difference in the world. I honestly do hope at least one of these dislikes can be resolves for this server. I love to see new players enjoying this unique and awesome server!
  3. PBC EP2 Morfos Ultimate Bluefull Malicious Uprising 4
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