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  1. Happy birthday old friend. 

  2. i guess im the only one whos intrested in nakas card.plz drop any info about it if u got some
  3. Goddamn people. thanks u so much for participating. u really made me laugh hard and thats whats all about..the fun.. but..only one can be the winner..and it was a really hard decision *sigh* but the post that smashed me most was A-S-C-H APOSTROPHE L-Y-E !!! so the winner is TRU. (PM me to get your reward) Gratz And thanks again
  4. TRADE STAGE WINNER SelahIsASpot : IGN Etherealgratz
  5. Tell me when u are online then i hop on.
  6. We have a first winner for the Zero Devide Challenge. The Winner is Grimoire Greys tell me your wish. DM or DF (joke stage is still on)
  7. I make it short. I'm not online that often anymore, so i thought..how can I make my unused items usefull again. I like to give something back for all the fun i had with ultima so far. Especially i want to give low-levels the chance to achieve something cool/usefull. (I just want some "stylish"-purple weapons for on of my chars.) This Event will have 3 Stages. The first one is actually a gift..the second and third one are a bit harder. 1st - JOKE-Forum Event Post anything..the post that makes me laugh the most will win the first price. First price will be: Two Free Picks of the following items: Baranz Launcher 75%Hit, Proof of Sonic Team, Black Psycho Crystal, Glide Devine. 2nd - HUNT Event: Its a Hunt-event since (apperently) nobody actually has this item.So..get me a Zero Devide (maybe with some cool stats) WINNER GRIMOIRE 3rd - TRADE Event: I want a Yami (with nice stats, since i'Ve seen a couple). Prizes for 2nd and 3rd Stage: Dark Flow 0, 0 ,100 ,100, 50 & Dark Meteor 0, 100 ,0, 100, 50 My personal priority is the Zero Devide, so whoever brings me a Zero Devide (i choose the winner) may choose which one - DF or DM - he/she would like to have. The third prize will be whats left over. DF or DM and the left two items from 1st Stage. WINNER : SelahIsASpot IGN EtherealGood Luck Event is up till next month. Joke stage is up for one week.
  8. the thing about droprates is that just because it says 1/102 doesnt mean that every around 100th monster have the potential to drop it. Mathematics of probabilities..is that the chance is 1/102 for each monster. if u would sum the probability up its kinda around the double amount of monster u would have to kill. But well.. its the summer event right..heads up and get hunting. Hope u guys are lucky and have alot of HH.
  9. The imposter was: MASSVEGAS / (Ra)cast / Lvl: 141 / ID: Viridia
  10. Patience comes with time.

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