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    i do CCA within the time you read this then i log out immediately. And i find STA everytime.
  1. Welcome back to mario kart the server.
  2. Welcome to the server.
  3. banned for 40239.2 years

    1. TripleR


      Double dukes!

    2. yanvbraz


      Wow Cake, did you see what you have done?

    3. HHawk4


      There is no 'Cake' here.

  4. banned for 43 years.

    1. TripleR
    2. HHawk4
    3. yanvbraz


      T> My ban for HHawk4 ban. I also offer DTs.

  5. banned 11.2 years

    1. leezy


      can i get out for good behavior,,,,,just put me on probation pls

  6. cant you post screenshots ?
  7. pedir a um GM em jogo para os itens
  8. quales itens vocé quere recuperar ? usar uma lista por favor
  9. vocé precisa imagens do items para recuperar seus itens
  10. vocé nao deveria usar o carácter onde vocé face pedido do rollback mas eu fiz uma rollback e seus itens sao na inventario agora
  11. read this http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/8838-new-rollback-rules/
  12. replaced closed
  13. rollback is done and your items are back in your inventory next time use the edit button and dont double post *if your post gets older than 2 weeks pm me!!
  14. rollback is done post back later
  15. rollback is done post back results