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  1. This guild card number you pasted has only one character level 1 named Test. doesn't have your older character named Fare, do you have the guild card of that character instead? By the way, at level 25 (and yes i know you said you were level 70) it would be faster to start over than waiting for account recovery, contact Soly via PM if you still want to try to find your older account.
  2. If you could provide with more information regarding your account, including Guildcard, character name(s), or someone who played with you that has some sort of image proof about your account ? Bring da images images images and images.
  3. This is the link for the game registration.
  4. You should send all the details to Soly or a GM so that can be verified, including the account name, date registered, how much dts did you have, if you have any sort of paypal screenshots that prove your donations (if it was dts from donations), the email attached to the account, last log in, and everything you can remember about it, if you can get someone to vouch for you to confirm would be very good as well.
  5. Christmas event already started, you can no longer redeem for NYCs.
  6. Protoss was here. :onion-head18:

  7. Did you place any skins/ modifications/ or use external programs to play the game ? (If so, try to play it without those and see if it still happens) Would be useful if you can show what error you get when the game crashes also.
  8. Check your settings in the launcher these work for me.
  9. So, in short, you are saying that you are approving the use of inappropiate language in the forum. (Excluding larva for being the forum administrator.) If so, you don't mind getting banned do you ? Calling hypocrits to your GM's team isn't the brightest idea either. Edit: The purpose for hiding mudkipzjm's reply was to protect both him and avoid him a warning point for inappropiate language, if you want to misunderstand it in any way you want, you can do it.
  10. Please post screenshots of the lost item.
  11. Protoss


    Please don't create topics like this in the hello and good bye section, this can be potentially considered as a spam topic. (moved to off topic)
  12. Tu banco común se hizo pedazos y debes pedir rollback, mándale pm a soly para que lo haga (Tienes 199 unknown items) no necesitas poner informacion del personaje solo mandale la guild card (42158492) y dile cuando estaba bien.
  13. Protoss was here. :onion-head18:

    1. Zabby


      No, get off. Get outta here Protoss.

      Stop it, go away, no, leave. I'll ban you

    2. Protoss


      Nevah. :onion-head28:

  14. Protoss was here :onion-head18:

  15. Have you tried reconnecting the controller while holding the joystick in the opposite direction of the auto scrolling ? Also, is the controller brand-new ? (Because if its dirty inside that stuff happens) and last that comes to mind, have you tried with another controller and the same thing happens ? (If you have more than one)
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