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  1. This was a great response. I really appreciate you explaining that to me. Let me clarify a couple of things. You were correct, I was talking about the percentage chance of procing shock and freeze with zonde and barta techs. But when I say increase it by 200% I don't mean to literally add 200 % For example, let's say lvl 30 Rabarta has a 30% chance to Freeze an enemy you hit with it. With the 150% boost from a V701 it would be 45%. With the 200% boost from v702 it would be 60%. In hindsight it probably wasn't a good idea to propose this with percentages, but we're here now lo
  2. Thanks! I just went with what the multipliers were for the 501 and 502. But honestly I don't know the regular status effect application chance for FO techs. I'm sure if they happen they will come with more reasonable percentages 👍
  3. Bounced this off a couple of people in the lobby and got some good feedback. V701 and V702 V701 150% chance to Freeze or Paralyze enemies with FO techs V702 200% chance to Freeze or Paralyze enemies with FO Techs and hit with Megid Not even sure if it's possible, but I figure if the the V501 and V502 can manipulate weapon status effect application odds, maybe this would be possible. Give Support FOs a little more ability to CC the larger waves and give the RA/HU more opportunities build into some raw damage.
  4. What's a personal default lobby? Are you talking about making a custom shortcut to return to the visual lobby like with the /lobby command?
  5. This is an awesome idea. I wouldn't give it c/battle, but I think giving it devil/battle and allowing it to stack with another unit would be awesome. And set an attack speed cap for balance maybe? What's lemons shop?
  6. No worries, I just double checked and it's not the "-5" model, so your info was spot on. Thanks, man.
  7. That's the one! It's also a drop in Black Papers Dangerous Deal 2. Think that would be easier to farm?
  8. I was in a game the other day with a ramarl that had what looked like a rifle that had piercing damage. It wasn't the upgraded frozen shooter, but I think I'd like to get one. Any idea what it could have been?
  9. Make it so that teammates can see when you take damage from casting spells with items that hurt you, like psycho wand.
  10. I'm guessing this is good for soloing but not so much for teams?
  11. I saw you talking about this in your ranger guide, what is DM spamming?
  12. Sounds like a bug, reach out to a moderator, they should be able to change it for you.
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