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  1. I know this this may not be what you're looking for as its rather expensive and not done player to player (so no deals/trades/PDs exchanged), but you can redeem DTs from this list here for a level 30 techs = 8, otherwise you'll be hard pressed to find a seller for a natural lvl 30 attack tech. HOWEVER, if you're still looking for that max damage potential as minute as it is, I recommend you expand your search for lvl 29 Megid/Grants which is far more obtainable and at a far lower price and equip a Hylian Shield because it raises all techs +1 level (not going over level cap), plus it gives Grants that sweet 100% damage boost making it the best shield to to have equipped while using grants regardless of the +1 tech bonus. Best of luck on obtaining your techs either way!
  2. NO, its not a wonder because you might notice I DON'T USE FORUMS A LOT nor do I care to use English all that much. I just posted here because i saw some potentially useful information was being passed over. But you know what is a wonder? For someone who is trying to be helpful you sure are a rude individual.
  3. The only reason I dislike it is because WE TRIED TO OFFER INFO WE WISH WE HAD STARTING TOO and it was met with you being dismissive calling someone "unnecessarily argumentative" for helping. It has nothing to do with us being veterans of the game or to lower your rep, I'm here because I didn't want helpful information to help new people to be dismissed on your guide. Also its a PUBLIC forum how dare you ask me why I'm here!
  4. The rate at which you get the spawns matter and if this is a "get rich quick" guide you absolutely should be getting use to lobbying. Just like IDS, if you want to farm PDs from that quest are you going to argue new players shouldn't because "there be lotsa meseta at the end"?
  5. The method @RocketTots offered WAS "the method most beneficial to new players.", this guide is a nice thought and appreciated for new players and old I'm sure, but I see nowhere that Rocket is being unnecessarily argumentative when providing valuable information he doesn't want new players to miss out on. On a side note I would also like to know if you are including green name time into your calculations on MAUF begin the "best" option to run.
  6. Usagi

    Close please

    @jdhenry124 They are, they were joke event items unique to this server. Attached are links to the event and the item wiki about them: April 20th Mini Event (2019), AK-47, Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream
  7. Usagi


    Long live ChosenFew, we ill miss you!
  8. Happy Birthday :cr-happy-birthday:

  9. Offering 210 dts, not because I'm a jerk who wants to upstage R-78, but because I am very interested in it. (Sorry Shiida XD )
  10. AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY birfday birfday birfday!

  11. Hoppy Birthday to you Zeeee!


    fukin nerd

  13. @Gor3 Sadly not, you will have to use photon drops for that like a normal weapon
  14. do you remember that time when

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