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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :cr-happy-birthday:

  2. Holiday Battle Tournament

    I'm out of practice, but I'll join.
  3. Happy birthday Zer0


  4. Good Bye from Arlene

    Watch your language on a public forum and maybe take a bit of your own advice.




    ~Choko love~

    1. Choko


      Thanks! I had my birthday celebrated for the first time in 6 years =p 


  7. happy birthday ^,^

    1. Usagi


      ty Luca :rf-09:

    2. Lipelis


      Happy birthday Muertiiiiiiiiiiii ╰(◉ᾥ◉)╯

  8. Arrest Needle is obtainable by combining PROOF OF SONIC TEAM (aka POST) with a Spread Needle (found year around, you can check drop table for what drops them and where). As for the Easter event itself there is no specific quest for event/items, it just depends on what item you want to hunt and do a quest with the most of the enemy that drops that item or whats most fun for you. Often time drops do not change much between the years so you can check forums posts for confirmed drops of last year (or wait for an updated one a player is willing to make this year when event starts), for an idea of what and where to find items my I point you to this post from last year
  9. sugestion

    for suggestions I recommend in the future to post them to this post here and I believe this option is coming in a future update as soly has posted
  10. mag question

    Really depends on type of fo, might I point you to this thread though for some ideas
  11. New Year Cards

    For those still confused 平成30年 is the 30th year of the Heisei era or 2018, 1月 is the first month January and 27日 is the 27th day. So to clear up any confusion, redeeming starts Jan 27, 2018- Feb 4, 2018 and raffle takes place on Feb 5, 2018 P.S. ~Choko love~
  12. Let's Have Some Fun

    Fight me so we can both make fools of ourselves, ill still win with a C Falcon spike (but just barely like last time, lol)
  13. 9th Anniversary Event Drops UNOFFICIAL

    x2 lucky sob