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  1. NO, its not a wonder because you might notice I DON'T USE FORUMS A LOT nor do I care to use English all that much. I just posted here because i saw some potentially useful information was being passed over. But you know what is a wonder? For someone who is trying to be helpful you sure are a rude individual.
  2. The only reason I dislike it is because WE TRIED TO OFFER INFO WE WISH WE HAD STARTING TOO and it was met with you being dismissive calling someone "unnecessarily argumentative" for helping. It has nothing to do with us being veterans of the game or to lower your rep, I'm here because I didn't want helpful information to help new people to be dismissed on your guide. Also its a PUBLIC forum how dare you ask me why I'm here!
  3. The rate at which you get the spawns matter and if this is a "get rich quick" guide you absolutely should be getting use to lobbying. Just like IDS, if you want to farm PDs from that quest are you going to argue new players shouldn't because "there be lotsa meseta at the end"?
  4. The method @RocketTots offered WAS "the method most beneficial to new players.", this guide is a nice thought and appreciated for new players and old I'm sure, but I see nowhere that Rocket is being unnecessarily argumentative when providing valuable information he doesn't want new players to miss out on. On a side note I would also like to know if you are including green name time into your calculations on MAUF begin the "best" option to run.
  5. Happy Birthday :cr-happy-birthday:

  6. AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY birfday birfday birfday!

  7. Hoppy Birthday to you Zeeee!


    fukin nerd

  9. @Gor3 Sadly not, you will have to use photon drops for that like a normal weapon
  10. do you remember that time when

  11. You can find a list of commands here https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/commands/ The command you want for individual drops would be "/dropstyle 1" without the quotation. As for the experience share there is no option for that on our server; you will each need to hit (debuffing with jellen or zalure counts as a hit) the target to get experience from it. The good news however is this server has a 3 times experience rate to begin with for new characters with 5 times experience rates on occasions for special occasions.
  12. @Deltagamer8800 The only other direction I can point you towards is this link, as it will give you a clue of what is going wrong such as getting a message back "Username does not exist." or "Old password is incorrect. " will tell you that the username you typed is not the one you thought/you didn't make a game account or that you did mistype your accounts password, respectively: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/account-management/password-change/# If you do find you have an existing account correctly made, but with the wrong password this link will be the most relevant
  13. Make sure you made a GAME account and that you are not trying to sign into the game with your forum credentials, as they are different entities. You can register for an in-game account here https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/registration/
  14. Usagi

    New Year Cards 2020

    Not at all, you can't buy maxed red rings, wedding dresses, etc. with simple dts or pds, only with the best of RNG can one drop which would be far worse odds than something like a PGF or STA even. As for the Offensive Upgrade assuming you look at that with pure stats alone 99pds=30% at Gallon's Shop, while 15nycs=30%, making each NYC at worst equal 6.6pds only with more utility. The hunt for them was probably the fastest 6 pds you could make, not to mention if you don't like what this year has to offer you can save them for next year and have a head start. The value and utility is A
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