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  2. Oh hey there

  3. And TJS's special is "not really the same kind of special" as Dark Flow's special, this was about a "free man's" equivalent which Ria5 (or Arrest Needle like @R-78 pointed out) fits pretty well. When someone compares apples to oranges you can not get hostile over a comparison of apples to pears so to speak.
  4. Usagi

    Happy birthday :cr-happy-birthday:

    1. JADE


      Thank you so much

  5. Quick correction, FOnewearl can not equip Godric's Cloak as it is FOmar only, Samurai Armor is all classes.
  6. When the files were added for the 420 shield only one new one was created "File 505", the 4 before that "File 501, 10 year blades", "File 502, Ultima Bringers", "File 503, Frozen Faust" and "File 504, Arrest Faust" were accidentally replaced with the shield textures.
  7. In launcher options make sure IME is unchecked.
  8. @Noob Saibot Is April fool's Charge Arms allowed? It's technically its own weapon and has its own texture (plus can't be used with PGF, which is a shame as it could make a pretty cool custom DM if you could, but I digress) but its vanilla in stats to an arms weapon with charge.
  9. Happy birthday fren!! 

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :cr-happy-birthday:

  11. I'm out of practice, but I'll join.
  12. Happy birthday Zer0


  13. Watch your language on a public forum and maybe take a bit of your own advice.
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