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  1. Can't quick swap weapons, tried everything.

    change the setting on the bios of the laptop. change function key behavior in advanced settings or change hotkey to disabled. This might only change f1-f12 keys thought but try it anyway. Its been a while since I did that on my laptop but there is effeminately a work around
  2. Optimal Gear for the 3 Classes

    1. Bow has great atp as well as ata so it can be used to kill other things with hard attack. water gun is another option (I prefer the water gun bullets for hell anyway they seem to be more successful) 2. These are great in tower quests or against mini bosses such as girta, baranz (whilst shocked/frozen or they'll nuke you faster), gibbles, meri, epsi, gi gue etc.. and groups of delbiters, del lillys (2 activations on a fleshie and they'll self destruct. If you let the lilly lean forward to take aim you can hit it twice) or groups of anything really. You can use these to lower enemy hp then use dark meteor to finish them off. If you don't own a dark meteor and you are ramar/marl or you are too weak to do much dps in ultimate, you'd most definitely want to carry these everywhere.
  3. My Items have changed

    If running the game via launcher doesn't fix this then go into the psobb folder -> Data folder> find ItemTextureEp4.afs . Delete it then run the launcher again. It should download the file again and fix the item names. This happens mainly during event times when new items are being released.
  4. B> New Years Cards & piercing photon pm me

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. R-78


      It is, Ultima Bringer was a Dark Falz drop during Anniversary Event, but the drop rate was so hard and the item not that good (same stats as Bringer's Rifle)

    3. rashan0121


      oh I see, Thanks for letting me know xD. what about the weapon skin? was it the same as bringers rifle?

    4. R-78


      Nope, probably the only good thing about it lol

  5. Ultima's Time Attack Records

    Raid on Central Tower - No PB - 2 Players - 36:29 Remaining Gunny (Ramar) - @rashan0121 HUNTERsFo (Fonewearl) - @HUNTER_ we messed up in some spots again argh!!! almost there.
  6. If you have a scroll button mouse try plugging it out, sometimes its blocks you from typing if the scroll button gets stuck
  7. I was on Schtserv from 2006 and was going to quit pso for good when Schtserv died and lost all character info, however Shoutgu and Scopedout had accounts here and invited me to play. Ultima was always spoken of in a negative light on Schtserv by the majority, so I had never considered playing here. After much refusal I eventually gave in and now I wish I had came here sooner. I like the way this server is set up and the new weapons and items we have got so far. My forum name should be all golden in august this year =).
  8. Even if your wallet is full so what. At least you were smart enough to make money. Good on you. I'm just glad I have somewhere stable to play psobb online so thanks.
  9. Ultima's Time Attack Records

    Raid on Central Tower - No PB - 2 Players - 35:37 Remaining Gunny (Ramar) - @rashan0121 HUNTERsFo (Fonewearl) - @HUNTER_ Few mistakes, 37 min remaining is our next goal.
  10. Optimal Gear for the 3 Classes

    Srank zalure launcher is best for ranger doesnt miss gal griff during swoop
  11. Show your screenshots

    Rashan/luck outside of HH too :>
  12. failure to invite someone to my Team

    Get them to change blocks or try and invite them on a different block it should work
  13. Triforce Event Drop Table 2018

    Pinkal - Dark Gunner - Ult - Boomerang
  14. crashes after PB sometimes

    Try to deposit all of your items from your inventory into your bank one by one. Which ever one makes you crash is the problem item. Just drop it on the floor next time and leave it there and leave the room.
  15. crashes after PB sometimes

    This sounds like a DEP issue. Anything that is related to firing a gun (including photon blast like pilla) is going to cause you to disconnect like that. Follow the steps in the link and let us know how you get on. https://www.dell.com/support/article/uk/en/ukbsdt1/sln288643/what-is-data-execution-prevention-dep-?lang=en