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  1. @R-78Its not just the nerf that I quit over. I have played psobb on and off since 2005/6. Both me and Shoutgu were going to quit playing this game after going through and perfecting the ultima time attack records. However with quest developers changing the version of the quests after a it gets beaten too easily in their opinion by 1% of the player base (because not everyone is steamrolling these quests and you forget that), and adjusting stats for weapons its pointless in trying to time attack because you cannot have a consistent record due to there not being a level playing field or consis
  2. You implement a good item then nerf it to the ground and rinse and rinse and repeat. I traded a pgf in order to obtain enough points for upgrading just to have @Larva acting like a woman and making emotional decisions. No changelog no nothing no mention of reinbursment...just this is my decision and deal with it. Starting to feel like schtserv all over again. And with that said im retiring from pso. Big shout out to my TA team for holdin it down @Shoutgu, @Starlord, @HUNTER_, @Noob Saibot, @willy and my cmode regulars @duja1001, @BoomShakaLarka, @RocketTots. It was a good run while it lasted.
  3. This point here is what I find annoying. Nobody is forcing anyone to play as Hucast. You could easily use the same weapon on any other class and be relevant I think you should post a video of SS in action in something like R-78 new quest. That range means nothing without enemies being stunned / frozen. yeah you might be able to 1v1 a meri but we all know that that isn't even a realistic scenario. Also why dont you compare how many shots it takes to kill the same enemy with the other hunter classes? with maxed ata atp luck??? Im pretty sure its 1 less bullet fired.... It's not
  4. You should install the floor reader addon then you can see what drops
  5. ffs stop looking at the weapons and complaining.. The real issue at hand that nobody is addressing is that all the **** **** in this ***** want all hunters to have the same stats, all rangers to have the same stats and all forces to have the same stats. forget races forget genders. my opinion > ************* lmao
  6. Thanks for being considerate of us over in the UK / EU. 9pm BST happy hours are awesome.
  7. I think the weapon is fine as it is. Hunters need something like this as a replacement for L&K38 and master raven. it is like the perfect blend between the two. people who actually play this game will understand how shitty it is vs ep2 miniboss mericarol etc that can spit at you before you are even in range to hit them. Perfect fix. Forces / hunewearl have Lindcray, angel harp, (bringers rifle) and are arguably more useful than hucast / hucaseal in this situation which is wrong lol. rangers have many options and rightfully so as rangers. Hunters had super soaker which you guy
  8. serene swan - Redria Ultimate episode 2 - sorcerer
  9. eh dont mod it too much otherwise it might as well be last swan ;-;
  10. tripolic shield - PURPLENUM EP2 Ultimate - Morphos
  11. Yeah I could do that tbh. I should also start using a controller because my kb aim sucks but i never get around to doing it haha. Ill try to do both eventually. In either case thanks for watching and thanks for the tip.
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