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  1. HUnewearl rant.

    huney is an absolute unit
  2. Enojoying florida, went on vaca w/ my family, if that doesn’t tell me it’s summer, idk what will. B > summy event when I get back.

    1. McLaughlin86
    2. Lopedo45


      I can’t 1v1 unless u live in florida, then 1v1 me irl.

  3. Lipelis Gallery

    I love these
  4. Used to no-life with my relatives on the game, not really no-life, but like, we always played it together, I somehow got lvl 200 on gamecube offline, which is really an achievement, but I share the idea of coming and seeing server n such, it was a great experience for me too when I started on here. Welcome, hope you like your stay here we have cookies too!
  5. Returning again after 14 years

    hi, welcome.
  6. Where is your avatar from?

    1. Lopedo45


      Little Witch Academia, Profile Cover is Ancient Magus Bride.

    2. Lemon


      Ah, I knew the artstyle looked familiar.  I need to get around to watching that, I heard it's really good.

    3. Lopedo45


      it's pretty good

  7. Hello Again!

  8. Goodbye

    Lemon you along with others helped me feel like I was welcome when I came back after all my many breaks, and I should of talked to you more than I should after last years breaks, I always had fun sitting in lobby and being lazy when you were there, after a few breaks I took we stopped going into rooms together, but neither less you were fun to play with. this message is getting really long I hope good luck in your ventures to living. Also can I say thanks for being one of the people that always told me to chill and that I'm not bad every time I kept screwing up and saying I was bad. which is literally all the time.