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  1. This is actually PSO related, it's my PSO2 character!
  2. More drawing, trying to do something daily now ^^
  3. I'm back, trying out new paint things, now I'm on Twitter too! I already was but I'll post way more often now, like on IG asujnasd I'll try to be back with PSO related art soon!!
  4. Ahhh, thanks a lot Pthalo!! :' )
  5. Aaahh, thanks a lot!!! ^^
  6. Hey there!! I finally did another drawing, this time to participate on a contest, hope you like it!!! Not PSO related but I'm proud of it ;; v ;;) I'll post it on Facebook later today!! Help me sharing if you can ; w ;)9
  7. More drawings! Actually I've been drawing not too much, or at least giving updates here, anyways I hope you like it, not PSO related but still- Anyways, I'll probably have a link for my PayPal accepting donations, hopefully gonna do some commissions too, since I think it's too early for a Patreon, or idk
  8. Finally finished my drawing of the FOnewearl! Had some problems with my internet, but I'm finally back, hope you like it! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2634521163235284&id=2578396952181039 (This is the Facebook post)
  9. Working on the next drawing!
  10. Have this drawing while I do something PSO related! Quick preview for my next drawing in my status! Also thinking in opening a Patreon, maybe I'll open it later today or in the weekend, don't know yet, as I still don't know about rewards and that stuff, the main reward would be super high definition drawings (the PSO one is on an A4 format, 600dpi, resolution around 7000 × 4000), but in case I do anything I'll tell you all here, gonna have to deal with lower res pics thanks to IG and FB for now-
  11. Aaah, thanks a lot!!!
  12. Aaaaaaa, thanks a looooot! I really like to try my best and make my drawings look dynamic, I'm glad it works!
  13. New drawing! Actually I've been drawing quite a lot but forgot to say stuff here- Hope you all like it! PSO fanart once I finish with all the request I have to do- https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2612928778727856&id=2578396952181039 (Facebook is not displaying but it's the same pleaselikeit)
  14. Ah, thanks a lot Larva! That last drawing sure was hard but oh boy I loved doing it! I'll be uploading another one in a few minutes too!
  15. Ah, thanks a lot! I'll make sure to post more often here then!!
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