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  1. Ahhh, thanks a lot Pthalo!! :' )
  2. Aaahh, thanks a lot!!! ^^
  3. Hey there!! I finally did another drawing, this time to participate on a contest, hope you like it!!! Not PSO related but I'm proud of it ;; v ;;) I'll post it on Facebook later today!! Help me sharing if you can ; w ;)9
  4. More drawings! Actually I've been drawing not too much, or at least giving updates here, anyways I hope you like it, not PSO related but still- Anyways, I'll probably have a link for my PayPal accepting donations, hopefully gonna do some commissions too, since I think it's too early for a Patreon, or idk
  5. Finally finished my drawing of the FOnewearl! Had some problems with my internet, but I'm finally back, hope you like it! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2634521163235284&id=2578396952181039 (This is the Facebook post)
  6. Working on the next drawing!
  7. Have this drawing while I do something PSO related! Quick preview for my next drawing in my status! Also thinking in opening a Patreon, maybe I'll open it later today or in the weekend, don't know yet, as I still don't know about rewards and that stuff, the main reward would be super high definition drawings (the PSO one is on an A4 format, 600dpi, resolution around 7000 × 4000), but in case I do anything I'll tell you all here, gonna have to deal with lower res pics thanks to IG and FB for now-
  8. Aaah, thanks a lot!!!
  9. Aaaaaaa, thanks a looooot! I really like to try my best and make my drawings look dynamic, I'm glad it works!
  10. New drawing! Actually I've been drawing quite a lot but forgot to say stuff here- Hope you all like it! PSO fanart once I finish with all the request I have to do- https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2612928778727856&id=2578396952181039 (Facebook is not displaying but it's the same pleaselikeit)
  11. Ah, thanks a lot Larva! That last drawing sure was hard but oh boy I loved doing it! I'll be uploading another one in a few minutes too!
  12. Ah, thanks a lot! I'll make sure to post more often here then!!
  13. Another drawing, this time got the idea while listening to Point of No Return, part of the Eschatos OST- Enjoy!
  14. Not PSO related, but still feel like I should share it here, I also created a Facebook page in case anyone wants to follow my drawings there, still gonna share PSO art and sketches soon!
  15. Force Newman, PSO2 style! Hyped to finally see PSO2 on NA too :'')
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