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  1. Another quick sketch, still thinking on what to do for Summer event-
  2. FALC0N

    10 Anniversary Ultima

    Ah yesh, I totally forgot about that xDDD
  3. FALC0N

    10 Anniversary Ultima

    I'm glad I can help you guys with the banner, I hope I can keep doing it, it's the best I can do to help you guys right now :')
  4. I'm glad I could help with the banner, if you need more for the next events, I'll be really happy to help!
  5. Finally updating this fanart post with the banner for the Triforce event! Hope y'all like it! I'm probably going to accept requests and open a Patreon soon, so I'll be doing my best to improve!
  6. Haha thank you a lot!
  7. And it's finished, hope it's good enough :')
  8. Captain Falcon, huh? One of my favorite characters from one of my favorite games, okay! (Though he has nothing to do with PSO xd)
  9. Hey everyone, my name is FALC0N (UsurpDr7 in game, cuz I was really edgy 3 years ago), and I love to draw. I'll be posting here fanart of characters from different episodes, my characters, and if anyone wants to, requests from other users. Hope everyone enjoys what I do! The first one i'll be posting here is the nurse from Episode 2. I died once, and couldn't revive, so, when I went back to Pioneer 2 and saw the nurse, I just decided to draw her. Yep, nothing interesting. If anyone wants to make a requests, just PM me!
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