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  1. Hidden gem right here. Perhaps equipment that strengthens as the wielder's HP drops could negate regen while worn?
  2. Beg your pardon? Speak for your own generation. Still working on a 0/x/x/0/x Panzer Faust, let alone my first Dark Weapon or STA or costume. :V
  3. Added. Though Bluefull getting the C/Tech chance still gives it a clear edge for farming.
  4. Single-player Episode 2 quest where Lemon sells stacks of ten mag feedable items at an increased price.
  5. On that note, thank you for preventing a false entry! Now to (eventually) figure out what it does drop from. Astarks in PoD spawn next to quite a bit.
  6. Which would be a shame, V502 is way better! I do have to confirm, though. Ultimate difficulty?
  7. Trap search was already confirmed, but thanks for double checking! Added the next ID for Dorphons.
  8. After finally tracking down a run of the full quest (Thanks, @R-78 !) it does look like a good team of four would have an easier time rushing Epsilon through Weather Effects, and it'd be much more rookie-friendly. This one's gonna end up split for the hosting ID. Skyly for many more SJS chances, Greenill for C/Battle focus.
  9. I've never once run that quest, so I couldn't say. Sorry!
  10. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/item/&id=00070D Rianov 303SNR-5 looks like an old fashioned military rifle of sorts that pierces with its bullets. If it's the one, you're looking at a 1/102 Greenill chance of it dropping from Shambertin, one of three of Episode 4's big bossses. The most common one from the Point of Disaster quest.
  11. I love your signature cat. EDIT: Just got Mother Garb+ from Dorphon as Pinkal, so that's a confirmed normal drop. EDIT2: That reminded me of Parts of Baranz from Purplenum during a TTF. Also added!
  12. Nice! If Yellow drops it, too, that'd make Yellowboze a fantastic Episode 4 event farmer. C/battle from Kondy, and a great table all around anyway.
  13. I suggested it before too, once upon a time ago! :V I just figured V802 having a boost to tech speed equal to what C/Battle does for attack speed might be counter-intuitive outside of Episode 4, since only insanely expensive fully stacked FO can get their techs to match a good RA or HU's output over crowds. So a more ADEPT-ish boost still stands out to me.
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