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  1. Official Max Stats Guide

    I know I made a topic about the max stats calculator and bugs associated with its calculations of certain items before, but looking at the calculator and how it works out now, a different question comes to mind. I think it pertains to this topic more... Do the stat bonuses granted from shields and armor contribute to the stat limit? Or do they allow you to bypass it? As of me typing this on a FOmarl calculation... -Units behave as normal, raising and lowering the Current and Difference values as expected. -Kroe's Sweater is showing 10 ATA in the Armor column, but no change to the Current or Difference. -Red Ring shows its 20's across the board with stats in the Barrier column, but only adjusts the Current/Difference of MST and Luck. All costumes behave the same. It leaves me wondering if it's a calculator error, or if the formula is actually to max stats before adding on armor/barrier stats as a bonus.
  2. Confirmed Valentines Drops 2018

    I saw it happen earlier today, Ultimate difficulty, but couldn't confirm from which monster. Dark Bringers were present in the MAX S, so it's a safe bet which.
  3. Well, it's a relief to see you posted, at least. With the long silence, I was honestly starting to get worried for you. I'm really glad you were around when I started up, though. Incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to join others to try hard or just have fun? You'll be missed.
  4. Valentine's Event 2018

    Add difficulties to your confirmation posts, too.
  5. Is there a way to combo lock to two hits instead of everything being just one or three?
  6. I dunno, I enjoy it. It gets enough good stuff for helping gear up new toons that I get use of its table.
  7. Well, yes. That's why Fyre's post an hour ago referenced a few noteworthy drops from certain ID's. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/droptable/drop-tables/ For clarification, the drop depends on the Section ID of the room owner. You can have three Pinkal in a room run by a Purpleboze player, for example, and the Purple drop table will apply even if the Purple player never does a point of damage or moves from the spawn point.
  8. I thought about putting D/Battle's speed in place of the +level perk. I figured V101 is a common enough goal for any class that it covers the swing speed and stats. Would +1 from Hylian and +1 from the theoretical V802 not add up to a 28 -> 30 scenario? And I was told a few times that the difference between 29 and 30 on non-Grants/Megid techs is small enough to not fret over anyway; to me it would be more of an "easy" cap than a free ride to casting zenith.
  9. V802: Decreases cast time by (V801 value), restores TP by (TP/Revival value), reduces TP consumption by 10%, and raises all tech levels by 1.
  10. Using a Guilty Light is the reason I got as into RAcaseal as I did on the Gamecube days. Since getting into it here, Striker of Chao has become a favorite go-to.
  11. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/calculators/max-stats/ Kroe's Sweater is currently calculating as granting a bonus +10 to MST instead of +10 to ATA in the calculator. Correct in-game, but for calculation... well, I didn't pay attention once and have the wrong mag build for it, heh.
  12. goodbye

    At least your hands will be hurting less when you take it easy wherever you're going. c: Thanks for being around while you were. It was nice getting to run with you when we did.
  13. So far, "Feelings" is a pretty nice jazzy tune. The Ark is calming as heck.
  14. Goodbye

    I'll still keep collecting Hildeblue heads for you. If you ever pop back on for visits and lobby chats and enjoying company, you've got gifts waiting. Alright? Enjoy what you do, take care of yourself, and knock school out with style. You deserve it. c:
  15. We have "What the [sound], let's do it like Donald Duck" and a Robot Chicken-esque bwuk song. Meme lobby music is totally a thing.