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  1. You certainly picked one of the oldest fossils to use as your first step into MMOs. Welcome to the game!
  2. Kikori

    Hit Event 2019!

    I'm forced to work through the weekend and all adjacent days coming up. Can I get some wiggle room on times?
  3. Kikori

    Hit Event 2019!

    Hell, I'd be okay with just dropping one of the 30's and not getting anything in return.
  4. Kikori

    Hit Event 2019!

    - Any specific dates and times? - Will a photon sphere + 1 photon drop be acceptable as 100 PDs to avoid spending ages converting spheres to drops?
  5. MA4DMD sounds like it, though it's a touch different than you remember. - 4 Zu - 3 Dorphons + 4 Astark (1 Dorphon on the ravine) + Bootas - 2 Zu + Dorphon + Bootas - Dorphon Eclair + Astark + Bootas Same total, different split. If you're solo, the platform with the teleporter is a relatively safe spot (enemies get caught at the laser gate and building), but Zu are prone to dying over the empty space and drops vanishing.
  6. That, and enjoying using what you've hunted. No real argument there. The problem is the mountainous speedbump in the way of getting from 0 to 60. Most new players I come across are HUmar. How do you propose they go about their first steps into Ultimate? Farm a Red Sword, maybe a Bloody Art, perhaps a Dragon Slayer? On the off chance an upstart HUmar gets a 50/0/0/0|50 Dragon Slayer while in Very Hard, they're still going to get their asses wrecked up and down the Forest by mere Bartles and Barbles due to often missing two of the weakest enemies on Ultimate. With a dwindling populatio
  7. If that's true, it raises a follow-up question. Do you recognize that the changes you made unintentionally still make it difficult for a person to perform well without having extremely good luck with drops, or DT-boosted (i.e. Hit-boosted or Special-added) gear?
  8. A middleground would be nice. Full-on vanilla foes vs Ultima's arsenal would make for the most boring gibfest possible. But the current system reeeaally makes it rough to get up to speed here. The EVP boost they have is very annoying, since it's the biggest promoter of pay-to-win. The resistance boosts are slightly less annoying but still bleh, as they force a heavy weapon focus (e.g. a near inability for techs to solo or carry a run outside Ep.4). The ATP/ATA/DFP boosts they have are actually somewhat fun, since it puts a layer of challenge and risk back against players. If I we
  9. This sounds like an absurdly twisted, in-depth plot to mess with your system that goes very far beyond the original assertions you thought we were responsible for...
  10. Makes me curious what your baseline for high is. Dual Bird's post-grind ATP is like 300, right? Sonic Team Frame (Frame) All classes, +250 DFP / EVP (+50 DFP / EVP bonus possible), +40 to all resistances Flowen's Armor (Frame) HUmar only, +300 DFP, +100 EVP, +15 to all stats +15 EFR/EDK L&K76 Assault (Shot) (Photon Booster upgrade of L&K36) All classes, 175 - 275 ATP, +50 ATA, Berserk special, Combo locked, fires 7 bullets per shot (within same time as L&K36's shot)
  11. This was fun to host. Hopefully everyone got what they wanted. Thanks for contributing! o7
  12. Skyly was already confirmed as a normal dropper. Thank you, though! Zanbacon drop added. Everything should be caught up again.
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