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  1. You certainly picked one of the oldest fossils to use as your first step into MMOs. Welcome to the game!
  2. Kikori

    Hit Event 2019!

    I'm forced to work through the weekend and all adjacent days coming up. Can I get some wiggle room on times?
  3. Kikori

    Hit Event 2019!

    Hell, I'd be okay with just dropping one of the 30's and not getting anything in return.
  4. Kikori

    Hit Event 2019!

    - Any specific dates and times? - Will a photon sphere + 1 photon drop be acceptable as 100 PDs to avoid spending ages converting spheres to drops?
  5. MA4DMD sounds like it, though it's a touch different than you remember. - 4 Zu - 3 Dorphons + 4 Astark (1 Dorphon on the ravine) + Bootas - 2 Zu + Dorphon + Bootas - Dorphon Eclair + Astark + Bootas Same total, different split. If you're solo, the platform with the teleporter is a relatively safe spot (enemies get caught at the laser gate and building), but Zu are prone to dying over the empty space and drops vanishing.
  6. That, and enjoying using what you've hunted. No real argument there. The problem is the mountainous speedbump in the way of getting from 0 to 60. Most new players I come across are HUmar. How do you propose they go about their first steps into Ultimate? Farm a Red Sword, maybe a Bloody Art, perhaps a Dragon Slayer? On the off chance an upstart HUmar gets a 50/0/0/0|50 Dragon Slayer while in Very Hard, they're still going to get their asses wrecked up and down the Forest by mere Bartles and Barbles due to often missing two of the weakest enemies on Ultimate. With a dwindling population, it's unrealistic to expect "Just farm in a party" to be the answer. Same with "Just buy something better", as most of the "better" drops are collecting dust. Half the luck here is in getting a party made to even attempt the hunt for more than one single run, or getting a lucky handout. That's not a healthy trend.
  7. If that's true, it raises a follow-up question. Do you recognize that the changes you made unintentionally still make it difficult for a person to perform well without having extremely good luck with drops, or DT-boosted (i.e. Hit-boosted or Special-added) gear?
  8. A middleground would be nice. Full-on vanilla foes vs Ultima's arsenal would make for the most boring gibfest possible. But the current system reeeaally makes it rough to get up to speed here. The EVP boost they have is very annoying, since it's the biggest promoter of pay-to-win. The resistance boosts are slightly less annoying but still bleh, as they force a heavy weapon focus (e.g. a near inability for techs to solo or carry a run outside Ep.4). The ATP/ATA/DFP boosts they have are actually somewhat fun, since it puts a layer of challenge and risk back against players. If I were to suggest a middleground, it'd involve separating monsters into tiers to scale down stats appropriately. - Fodder monsters (Booma, Gulver, Goran, Lilies, Mothvert, Canabin, second tier foes...) given a 75% reduction to the bonuses between Vanilla and Ultima stats - Leader monsters (Gigobomma, Melqueek, Canune, Ba Boota...) given a 50% reduction to the bonuses between Vanilla and Ultima stats - Threat monsters (Sinow series, Delsaber, Hildelt, Pan Arms, Dorphon, Zu, Baranz...) given a 25% reduction to the bonuses between Vanilla and Ultima stats - Rare / Miniboss monsters (Hildetorr, Gibbles, Gi Gue, Pazuzu, Dorphon Eclair...) given no reduction This kind of split wouldn't nix the usefulness of maxed weapons, but would allow lower level people and undergeared folk to still have potential to contribute everywhere, without going under Vanilla stats anywhere across the board.
  9. This sounds like an absurdly twisted, in-depth plot to mess with your system that goes very far beyond the original assertions you thought we were responsible for...
  10. Makes me curious what your baseline for high is. Dual Bird's post-grind ATP is like 300, right? Sonic Team Frame (Frame) All classes, +250 DFP / EVP (+50 DFP / EVP bonus possible), +40 to all resistances Flowen's Armor (Frame) HUmar only, +300 DFP, +100 EVP, +15 to all stats +15 EFR/EDK L&K76 Assault (Shot) (Photon Booster upgrade of L&K36) All classes, 175 - 275 ATP, +50 ATA, Berserk special, Combo locked, fires 7 bullets per shot (within same time as L&K36's shot)
  11. This was fun to host. Hopefully everyone got what they wanted. Thanks for contributing! o7
  12. Skyly was already confirmed as a normal dropper. Thank you, though! Zanbacon drop added. Everything should be caught up again.
  13. Basically, a male equivalent of Vivienne? Edit for Saber's attention: I think he's after something that doesn't require events to farm up.
  14. From a balance standpoint, it doesn't make sense. We have difficult rates on a few good items, absurd rates on novelties, and amazing items practically locked behind near impossible rates that happen to be softcore buffed when they're included in popular event hunts. We deal with having them, and they become a "Happy Hour is up, let's go for it!" target in between events, with very rarely successful results but never so rare to deter efforts. We're talking about a drop that would come from a boss; the trickle into the economy would be very slow. From a business standpoint, it doesn't make sense. More PGF means more Dark Weapons, means more incentive for people to purchase DTs for the hallowed +hit. I can see no alternative on the list of purchasable items that compares to a DW. More event drops to max out (even if only one or two a month) still means more money flow. Not even just for PGF and Dark Weapons, either. Dozens of 'em get maxed out and could apply to this logic. It's not like the whole server would stop hunting and quit just from getting their first of a weapon.
  15. Duly noted for next time! Ba Boota just confirmed normal drop on Ultimate, Blue Odoishi whatever it is.
  16. It's very likely Satellite Lizard, I doubt they'd split up the monster within the same episode like that.
  17. Questionable leadership doesn't make you a bad person, Larva. I stand by recognizing the difficulty and thanklessness of your position.
  18. There's one simple step that can be taken to make this server better. Take a step back and realize you're on a server dedicated to a nearly nineteen year old game that only attracts an incredibly tiny amount of people. This is a small community. I like small communities; people know each other well enough before long that you've got connections, easily recognized names and faces, support and comradery that can ascend further into real life friendships, all the stuff you don't find as easily in much larger places. All due to a very old piece of work, a game old enough to be considered an adult, that has basically fallen off the grid for what its original creators put their foot down on. This is the online version of a social club that gathers multiple times a week for board games, card games, movies, grill-outs, whatever club your happy and socially healthy elder relative may have talked about in the past. The only difference is it revolves around a game where teamwork is not only encouraged but expected, where time spent needs to feel rewarding, and challenges need to remain. It's safe to say, a lot of people here understand these three needs. After all, we've had no less than four topics about people trying to offer their two cents on the balance of one new item because the majority of them care about class balance, an item's worth, and the loss each other suffers when a change to an item wastes time and money spent on said item. Larva, I still don't envy your position because the head of a staff has to deal with the most crap and do the most thankless work. But how you treat the above facts is, as Mud summarized, hurtful to the community. The community cares. You make it a point to not include them. You offer no transparency about discussions. Then your exact opinion on the result happens. Not only that, but down to the letter. After promising a discussion, you mention your staff was involved in a discussion, but later make the changes on your own whim and cause one to play catch-up in figuring out what you changed. During the conversations about the item, you lose your cool and shitpost, proceed to mock others, and rebuke more "shitpost" from someone calling out your offense. I quote one Julius Campbell to Gary Bertier: "Attitude reflects leadership, captain." We have an entire topic devoted to improving the server, but for the sake of really removing one of the big problems the server has to keep players around, my two cents? Events. They're wonderful because people come around... for a week or two. Then people get the one thing they want once it's found out, and they're gone for a while. Then another event, everyone's back for their item upgrade, buy the base, new item... and gone. There is no reason whatsoever every single item can not exist as a static drop year round. We have a 1/10000 chance sword for a single ID against a creature difficult to kill en masse. Is a 1/10000 chance for a PGF from Falz for one uncommon ID year round so detrimental to server stability? 1/15000 chance for C/battle from Epsilon for one ID? Serene Swan is now basically an in-between of mid and high grade pistol, it can probably keep the 1/1500 drop rate from Sorcerers for one ID (still making it harder than Spread Needle and Panzer Faust combined, upgraded to superior items anyway).
  19. Did we just witness Larva hinting that Lemon doesn't care enough to make an active effort to improve the server, after all Lemon's done?
  20. About as hard as it would be to leave a topic open to gauge the balance suggestions from educated community members to find a reasonable average for stats and specs for the gun. I think we only got two posts in at that stage before the topic was locked.
  21. As I said in the shoutbox, I'll wait to see if there's an "Oh s**t, sorry, I toggled the classes backwards" fix before joining the rally.
  22. Welcome! Having just finished failing to kill my party with a 300 gnolls vs. 100 kobolds + a few NPCs + party, it's always nice to see someone else who likes D&D around.
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